Move over Wii, The Sony Playstation Move has Arrived

After so much rumour and speculation Sony have finally unveiled their motion controller, named the Playstation Move.

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GR8 13056d ago keep hyping this crap sales will not improve. Is this what u call Innovation or a Rip-Off.
Because it's certainly no Innovation.

idlelimey3056d ago

Sony hypes, as with every other manufacturer - I don't think you can blame a news sight for that. Maybe every website is guilty in participating in hype? As for innovation, it will interesting to see where the 3 main players go with their new motion controllers - the innovation will be in the software.

3054d ago
Gambit073054d ago

At least the Move puns won't end anytime soon.

LinuxGuru3054d ago (Edited 3054d ago )

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the superb, flawless motion tracking accuracy of Sony PlayStation's what the WiiMote wants to be when it grows up.

Finally...might be able to play some ping pong that actually friggin' reacts to your real paddle swings with perfect accuracy...because ya know...not all of us have room for ping pong tables in our houses lol


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