MAG Vs Battlefield: Bad Company 2 "Honestly. You wait months upon months for a decent team-based FPS, and then two absolute crackers come along mere weeks apart from eachother. Zipper Interactive's MAG was a ballsy gamble that only a format zealot would agree hasn't paid off, and DICE's Bad Company 2 is probably the definitive title in their hugely prestigious series. But which is better?"

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darx3053d ago

Please, BF:BC2 hands down. Footsteps! What does that have to do with overall audio?

-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

But MAG is a great game too. Some of the graphics are horrendously bad-- for example, APCs that look like they came from a poor Twisted Metal game are really bizarre. But the open environments all have a distinct feeling to the PMCs and overall the graphics are fine in light of the number of players.

The gun animations and the way they fire feel a little stranger and if not a little underwhelming compared to something like firing an LMG in BC2 or using an assault rifle and feeling the awesome kick in K2, but simply getting a kill in MAG feels amazing to me. It's like collecting souls in Demon's Souls. Especially when I get frago points. Every point is worth so much because it really is the only way you are going to rank up and get better. Compare that to MW2 where you get points for anything you do and the upgrade system in MAG feels so much more rewarding because you have to earn your upgrades.

And though you will more than likely see just about 20 people on screen at a time, the concept of 256 players and relying on your other team members in other squads really makes things exciting. It's a team effort and I've seen more communication in MAG than I have in BFBC2. Then again BFBC2 decided to stupidly limit communication to three people in your squad. Seeing every other squad push to the pumping stations while your squad is still struggling to get a cooling tower creates a great sense to want to win. Victory just feels so damn good. As long as you have a good team you are set. Unfortunately both teams have to be somewhat good in order to have an exciting game.

MAG is great, I've enjoyed it a lot.

Of course I love BC2 too and I still think that BC2 is the better game. The graphics are obviously better, the sound crushes nearly any game out there, and the battlefield is immense and captivating. And of course it has a story mode so we can't really compare the two titles.

Overall I enjoy both games, but BC2 is the stronger title in terms of graphics, sound, and all those typical components. The MP in BC2 has so much more variety than most games out there and not Since Halo 3 have I enjoyed the sheer amount of ways to kill people. The rock, paper, scissors formula of a BC2 game is great. You don't need more players in a game to make it better but MAG certainly proves that it doesn't hurt. One thing is fore sure: Modern Warfare 2 and IW have been shamefully booted.

raztad3052d ago

BC2 beta didnt do for me, so to get the retail game was a no-go.

I only can say MAG is awesome. Game is no perfect, no very good graphics, some weak sounds and sucky animations, but still MAG pushes FPS gameplay to another level. Chain of command. Attrition war. Teamwork is critical for success. As of now everybody is used to the game mechanics so the experience is a lot smoother.

I love MAG but which one is better depends on your taste.

-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Why don't you believe me?

I'm around a level 25, PM me for my ID if you want it so bad. I play as SVER and am looking for more friends to squad up with, hit me if interested.


Why, what's at level 40? I'm actually level 27, playing MAG right now after the 1.04 update that just came in :)

zootang3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Level 25! Wait till level 40!! i'm 5 levels away from some Aviators. I think they look badass

Valor Hoo-Rah!!

JackBNimble3052d ago

BFBC2 has a good single player game.... that's it that's all it has nothing else on MAG.Since I have finished BFBC2 there is little replay value for me because I prefere MAG for my online game play.

As far as online game play there is no comparison, MAG easily rules the online FPS genre.

-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

In my opinion:


-Better sense of organization
-Better communication
-Requires great team work and effort
-Has a good setup
-Sway for sniping
-Great party support
-Simple, but good clan support


-Best sound in any FPS game
-Better vehicular combat
-More variety in gameplay
-Great team work isn't completely required but it does help a lot
-Destruction 2.0
-Bullet drop
-Great class dependency

Cons for MAG:

-Graphics can look very bad in some areas (like the way APCs look and the tunnels like in Raven's HQ)
-Vehicle gameplay sucks a lot
-Can get tedious if teams aren't evenly matched
-Guns lack a good feeling like in K2 and has average sound
-Controls can be a little clunky
-Vote kick system is used by douches-- if your squad is full of another clan team they can easily kick you out for no reason which is unfair

Cons for BC2:

-Conquest mode is TDM and doesn't feel the same
-Sniping is way too easy and should have sway like in MAG
-Lack of communication/restricted communication
-Can only invite three people to a party (wtf?)
-Limited private match settings
-No clan support whatsoever aside from clan tags like in COD
-Knifing is terrible
-If we are talking about story mode, it's very average

Like all games they have their pros and cons but they are both great and both offer satisfy the FPS fan and saves them from the Titanic disaster known as MW2.

captain-obvious3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

i love them both
but they are different
each of those games got its own style

in MAG its all about the team
in BF:BC2 you can go on your own and kill a lot of ppl with no problem at all

BF:BC2 dose got some team work but its not as big as it is in MAG

ThanatosDMC3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

I'm SVER. Just hit lv56 an hour ago. I'll be vetting soon.

MAG > all fps multiplayer games

I had no idea that the knife upgrades were so awesome. 6 knife kills in a row in poison gas!

I have almost 60+ hrs on MAG. I'm not really an FPS gamer either and MAG has a very weird effect on me. I normally stop playing an FPS game and rarely touch it afterwards but with MAG i keep coming back for more.


Both games are different...But For me ...MAG just cause i live it...RAVEN VS THE WORLD

kneon3052d ago

For me MAG wins. BF:BC2 wins for Audio and visuals but value and gameplay go to MAG. I finished BC2 in just a few days on normal and hard setting, got all the single player trophies and collectables and M-COM units. It was really short and really easy. only a few sections were even mildly difficult. The online is ok but after 60+ hours of MAG it's too slow and dull by comparison. I've aleady moved on back to MAG.

And someone above claims BC2 has the best sound of any FPS, I would argue that Killzone 2 beats it and every other FPS is that department. I was playing it again last night with the surround sound cranked, awesome is an understatement.

Another point for MAG is that after spending many weeks playing MAG I am suddenly much better at other FPS games. I had been stuck in veteran mode on World at war and Elite mode on Killzone 2 for quite a while. But I wanted to play some single player and went back to these 2 old games and I was able to get by sections that had me stuck for ages.

BattleAxe3052d ago

BF:BC2 is my pick. I skipped MAG after being in the beta, cause it just didn't capture me. Personally I like a bit more of an intimate game experience, thats why I like Socom, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, CoD and Battlefield.

ThanatosDMC3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

SVER FTW!! Raztad... i hate Ravens.

^ Btw, the early beta and the retail game are completely different from each other.

FrankDrebin3052d ago

Anyone that has played both games knows that Battlefield 2 is 10 times the game. Forget the 256 player count of Mag. That means nothing really. Do yourself a favor and go get Battlefield. If you have already purchased Mag, trade it in. ;-)

-Alpha3052d ago

I agree, I like more personal games too. It's a great game of trying to adapt and outsmart opponents in more personal games and you don't get that experience with bigger games.

ryano232773052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Just edging on level 60, vet & go SVER.

I've played a little bit of BFBC2 and there are elements of BFBC2 that are outstanding, but the community in MAG is why I am addicted.

BFBC2 conquest map felt very huge, but a little empty after playing MAG. But I also put that down to me not really understanding the maps etc.

1 thing I love in BFBC2 over ALL FPS games, is the amount of shots required to kill someone. 1-2 good shots is all thats needed.
Graphics are better in BFBC2/MW2/KZ2, but not once have I ever thought MAG looks bad.

BFBC2 has a very short single player game & just like MW2, has been built as an online 1st game.

@ ThanatosDMC - hell yeah the knife upgrade. I avoided it for 56 levels and now I go hunting with my knife

ThanatosDMC3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

I know! I throw smoke or gas first then have my first aid kit and rush into the cloud of death. I still havent manage to get 30 knife kills though in one battle. I wonder if i could get a Combat Ribbon for it...

^ MAG has smaller battles too like a 1 vs 2 type of fighting. Especially during those times when you run into an enemy that got past the front lines and he's planning on blowing up Triple A and you're the only one present to defend it. If you fail, a lot of your teammates will die and all the bunkers would be crushed and the enemies will pour from the skies... if you win, you can teabag his corpse or shoot it... oh yeah, there's always that self satisfaction but that happens every time you play MAG.

PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Now I know u have never played MAG ( never had a squad capture a Burnout tower)

-Alpha3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

What? How do you "know"? I know that YOU don't own MAG. See? I can do it too.

Biggest3052d ago

I play both in conjunction. I think I prefer MAG overall, but not by much. I actually like the knife kills in BF2. They seem like you're actually killing someone with a knife. Not the phantom flying slice like in a certain other game. And not like the misplaced paper cut from MAG. But I love the team aspect in MAG. For the most part, you might as well not use a mic in BF2. You can only have a 4 person convo anyway. The early days of MAG were very quiet. But since the MW morons already quit, most people have mics and are more than able to handle team/platoon/command chat. Look me up if you're with SVER. Run away if you aren't.

[PRO]BiggC lvl60 SVER

-Alpha3052d ago

Glad you understand my point. Not too hard to make baseless assumptions now, is it? ;)

darkmurder3052d ago

How many deluded PS3 fanboys are here? MAG is just a poor man's battlefield.

SPACEBALL 13051d ago

mag is garbage... not even in the same league as battlefield.

HighDefinition3051d ago

My only problem w/ Battlefield is it feels empty, huge maps not enough people. Battlefield would be AWESOME w/ even 40-64 players. Mag is addictive as hell when your playing w/ a good talkative team.

pimpmaster3051d ago

see this is the problem with ps3 fanboys, theyll back any piece of sh1t as long as its exclusive. LOL ,please BC2>>>mag i played the beta for that and omg the audio /graphics/ animations/ special effects were lacking. the graphics are almost rivaling ps2 graphics, but i guess its the price u pay for having 200 players who you never interact with. just watch ima get like 10 dissagrees

Tachyon_Nova3051d ago

Yeah, I cant believe they gave MAG the win for Audio, because you can hear footsteps (you can actually in BC2 as well btw). BC2 has the audio tech that MAG desperately needs.

pixelsword3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

After playing MAG, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 just felt a little empty; as so do a lot of shooters now.

Battlefield just has a bunch of noise going on to simulate like a bunch of stuff is going on, but when you can walk or run to a lot of objectives from your starting point and not get shot at once, it really sets in that there's not a lot of people playing, even if Battlefield is full.

MAG's sound effects are also great (if you have the sound system to get the sound, that is) but if you don't, the guns sound weak and tinny; but you start to feel the overwhelmed and thrilled when it starts to set in that there's a whole bunch of idiots out there just like you just figuring out that there's a whole lot of people playing.

They're both good, it's just that Battlefield felt empty; at least the demo felt like that after a while: because after some gamer-style soul searching, I decided that it's not worth buying yet if it didn't feel like a great investment. My brother disagreed, but that's only because he can pretty much own in any game.

To sum it up:

Sneaking by a crowd of four, a chopper, and a tank in Battlefield: Makes you feel like a sneaky guy and is fun.

Sneaking by a crowd of forty, a chopper, and an APC in MAG: Makes you feel like a Ninja and is thrilling.

decreeofj3051d ago

Footsteps is nice when you don't wanna get shot in the ass. Just IMO :P

I play both games, and while I don't think this article looks at the most important factor, which game is the most fun, I agree about the draw. Both games have qualities that I would love to see in the other.

Make BF:MAG and we are there!

ThanatosDMC3051d ago

"Sneaking by a crowd of four, a chopper, and a tank in Battlefield: Makes you feel like a sneaky guy and is fun.

Sneaking by a crowd of forty, a chopper, and an APC in MAG: Makes you feel like a Ninja and is thrilling. "

Yeah, gotta repair Triple A to push back the front lines. I hate it when i snuck through perfectly and a teammate without Sensor Jammer comes close to me and we end up getting found out by the enemy. Since i have Motion Sensor too i could see a mass of red dots coming at me... i could tell im gonna die in mere seconds.

Lord Vader3051d ago

BFBC2 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better... MAG's not that bad, BFBC2 is just that good.... lol, what r u ppl smokin' ?!?

I traded in my MW2 b/c of BFBC2, something I thought I'd never do... but I sure wouldn't have traded it for MAG...

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jmmurillo863053d ago

Not only great but the best modern shooters. MAG has been strongly underrated. Just one thing, BC2 has the best sound design to date.

40cal3051d ago

It's a hard one because both games have strengths and weaknesses on complete opposite ends of comparison.

Overall, I think Battlefield is a great game with a much stronger presentation, but MAG is also a great game, there is just something awesome going on all the time, so much that can be done just in the course of one battle.

I would recommend playing both, I can see myself coming back to MAG for along time though.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213052d ago

Hmm, not a bad read. I actually agree with this guy. I have both games and I love them just about the same. They're both are very addicting and I really wish that I had more time to play both. Right now, school is killing me so I have limited time for gaming as in like for an hour per day :(

Bea Arthur3052d ago

Haven't played MAG. I tried the demo and wasn't into it but apparently it turned out to be a decent game. I love BC2 (as long as I am in a decent squad). I think what we can all agree on is that both games are better than MW2.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

Honestly, I hated the beta/demo. I ended up buying it because my friends kept bothering me to get it. That and the fact that every beta that I played, I didn't like any of them but ended up loving the final game. For example, I did not enjoy Resistance 2 and SOCOM beta but I actually bought the full game and played them to death.

D4RkNIKON3052d ago

I didn't play the beta either, downloaded it and played for like 10 minutes. When the game released, I bought it day one. Love MAG!

Pennywise3052d ago

The beta was a turn off to the game for me. Final game = Most of my gaming time of 2010.

ivant3052d ago

Yes, let us all agree that MAG & BFBC2 are better than MW2.

Once you play either, you never go back to the confined, spawnfests of MW

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Socomer 19793052d ago

Once youve played a battlefield game youve pretty much played them all.
battlefield is pretty formula where as MAG is a brand new experience that i really enjoy. The communication and gameplay is ferocious.

MAG is all about headshots.