IGN: Medal of Honor Preview

IGN: Medal of Honor is not a new name for shooter fans, but with the upcoming version the franchise is entering new territory. It's being moved into a modern setting as US forces tangle with hostiles in the hills of Afghanistan. The single-player portion is being handled by EA Los Angeles, which has been in very close contact with the US armed forces to help craft a product that looks, sounds and feels authentic. The multiplayer portion, which we don't really know anything about yet, is being worked on over at DICE, the studio responsible for the Battlefield franchise. Looking at that studio's track record of creating some of the most thrilling online shooter experiences around, then that has to mean good things, or so we all hope. The focus of this preview is the campaign mode, a small portion of which was shown off during a recent demo session.

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ImmortalLegend3171d ago

I'm a big fan of the MOH series, so let's hope they get it right.