Final Fantasy XIV receives a ton of new screens/ artwork

The Lost Gamer writes "Square Enix's upcoming MMORPG title, Final Fantasy XIV, has today received a whole array of new screenshots and artwork."

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carreirabr3117d ago

Looks so much better than FFXIII. Let's see what SE is doing with FFvsXIII. That will blow FFXIII in any possible way.

GrilledCheeseBook3117d ago

that whole gimped thing is retarded
the visuals maybe but the gameplay, story and the whole no town thing was probably already as is before announced for the 360.
I really don't think they would make that many changes to the game after deciding to make a 360 version that late in development.
two FFvsXIII hasn't even been shown that much and three this is a MMO, not that great of a comparison.

I don't have a 360. I'm a PC PS3 guy but enough with the crying

Syronicus3117d ago

I hope it is as addictive as FFXI but I also hope that if they add Trophies that they don't make one where you have to advance all classes to max. Let's keep the game fun and make it look especially good for an MMO.

silkrevolver3117d ago

...It looks like it will be better than XI, but I hate MMO’s... so I don’t know if I’ll ever actually play this game.

Raoh3117d ago

i dont know about better than ffxi, i didn't like WoW because i felt it was dumbed down and too easy...

ffxi offers a level of complexity when it comes to sub jobs, stat placement, party make up etc.

and SE's track record lately is to dumb things down.. even making every class soloable. which defeats the purpose of an mmorpg..

i'm interested in FFXIV but i'm containing myself until see more for myself..

whatis3117d ago

Yeah, but does it have towns?

CotieD3117d ago

Looking forward to this!

I have been a long time FFXI fan and I'm really hoping to get into the beta. I'm just not sure if I want to use my FFXIII code to get into the PS3 version or the keep my luck with the PC version. (And linking it to my FFXI profile)

ThanatosDMC3117d ago

I'm curious about how much it'll be per month. How much was the monthly fee for FF11?

nefertis3117d ago

im curious to know too. Playb3yond

Myst3117d ago

30 Day free trial first, then 12.95 after you purchase your first content ID [ which is essentially a slot that will be used to make your character.] After that it's a dollar more just to make another character. Tetra Master [ the game on playonline] was a dollar to.

So basically the starting point is 12.95 and it's really your option to stay there or move depending on what you plan to do in FFXI. Such as have a mule character or not, or even play Tetra master.

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