Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Game of the Year?

Is Ubisoft's forthcoming stealth action game already worthy of Xbox 360's prestigious game of the year? Msxbox goes deep with their hands on preview.

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FangBlade3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I think Mass Effect 2 will take the Xbox 360's GOTY.

Overall GOTY will probably go to God of War 3 or Gran Turismo 5.

Bea Arthur3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

I don't think even Mass Effect 2 will be able to topple Halo: Reach. With a rebuilt engine and the following it has I have trouble believing that anything will be able to beat it out for 360 game of the year. I'm not saying it will actually be the best 360 game this year but it will probably be considered the best 360 game of 2010.

t850...when was the last time you saw a PC exclusive win game of the year? think it will outsell Halo: Reach? And don't start with the conspiracy theories about people being paid off because you know I am right. Look I am not saying that a PC game doesn't deserve to win or that Starcraft 2 won't be great but my question was legitimate; when was the last time a PC exclusive was a game of the year winner?

t8503173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Well Me2 & Splinter cell conviction on pc top the xbox version.

Game of the year will probably be starcraft 2.

Halo reach will be xbox goty, personally halo doesnt impresss me though, just your average shooter.

@Bea thur... oh you are right, pc exclusive wont win cause micro and sony will make sure to buy out the press. But i will bet starcraft 2 outselling everything short of nintendo titles. not only that it will out live any game this generation.

Halo's been milked to the point of no return, do we really want the same game with different maps being game of the year? dont think so. Starcraft 2 is outselling halo reach for sure.

Convas3173d ago

If we're talking about Xbox 360 GOTY, then Halo Reach is almost a shoo-in. There's no way Starcraft 2 could topple Microsoft's Biggest Game of the Year. Sorry.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

Umm, I'm going to have to go with Alan Wake, thats what my money would be on with that bet. Plus it is an actual exclusive...

blind-reaper3173d ago

One more vote for Mass Effect 2, I see really dificult SCC beat ME2 but if happens GREAT!.

ExPresident3173d ago

Are you serious? The U.S. is Microsoft's biggest territory. Starcraft is huge worldwide. The fact that its an E-Sport where players make serious money in Korea lends huge credit that Starcraft 2 has the easy ability to be GOTY or beat out Halo Reach.

ProjectVulcan3173d ago

If sales mean game of the year, then yeah, reach will probably take that crown. But if gameplay and originality means a jot then theres a host of other games i would cast my eyes at before reach appears.

I enjoyed Mass effect 2 on Pc and look forward to this on Pc too, along with Starcraft 2 and CNC4. Its actually looks like a superb year for most platforms.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3173d ago

GOTY will go to one of many MS exclusives, GOW3 will win PS3 GOTY because it's all they have

Convas3173d ago

Sorry, dude, Starcraft cannot beat Halo: Reach, Alan Wake, and Mass Effect to the GOTY. That's just how it is.


People actually think Gran Turismo will win GOTY?

Bea Arthur3173d ago

t850...what does being milked have to do with what will win game of the year? GTA has been milked and it won. There have been a lot of sequels that have won. But you go ahead and think that Starcraft 2 is going to be game of the year if that helps you sleep better at night.

beans3173d ago

It's going to be between Reach,Alan Wake, TLG, GT5 and Mario Galaxy 2.

theEnemy3173d ago


and they also thought LBP will win GotY.



I would have easily thought LBP would win GOTY before it actually did. You want to know why? Because the game brought innovation to a CONSOLE. I don't see that happening with a race car game...seriously.

StanLee3173d ago

I don't anticipate another game being more highly rated than Mass Effect 2 this year. Even Halo: Reach wont see anywhere near a 96 metascore, so Mass Effect 2 seems like a solid lock for Game of the Year. It's good that they think Splinter Cell Conviction can be part of the conversation. That says a lot about the game.

King_of _the_Casuals3173d ago

Sorry but Mass Effect 2 is one of the GREATEST games ever so it will be a travesty if it doesn't win. Playing God of War 3 right now and although it is REALLY GREAT and a worthy contender, Mass Effect was just that much better. But regardless, how lucky are we as gamers right now huh??

Rockox3173d ago

I could care less if Splinter Cell is GOTY. As long as it's a solid game and I enjoy it, that's all that matters to me.

And besides, how's about waiting until games are released before talking about whether or not they're GOTY contenders? Just sayin'...


Crackdown 2 may even win for the 360. We can't really tell right now what may win.

PrimordialSoupBase3173d ago

There are more GoTY awards given out than there are the number of titles deserving of the honour. Nearly every 'good' game can usually lay claim to the top spot so debate is absolutely pointless.

Arnon3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

"Mass Effect 2 will win."

"No, Alan Wake will win."

"Are you kidding me? Halo: Reach has it down."

"Idk man... Splinter Cell: Conviction looks awesome."

"Crackdown 2 may even win"

"Fable 3 could totally win."

This is the first year this gen where I've seen people having such a diverse opinion on what will win GotY, while all of the games people are nominating are on a single console. That's crazy.

otherZinc3173d ago

1. Halo:Reach
2. Mass Effect 2
3. GT5
4. Splinter Cell:Conviction
5. Fable 3
6. Gow 3

smash10313173d ago

Gran turismo for GOTY? It doesn't even have release date yet and it's GOTY material. Hopefully we'll get to play it this year.

Immortal3213173d ago

but overall a Sony exclusive a will be GOTY most likely.

NeoBasch3173d ago

I actually have more faith in Conviction than I did for Mass Effect 2. Matter of fact, not only do I believe Conviction will beat ME2, I think SC will pull it off in style. And no, Halo Reach won't even come close. Though I wouldn't mind ME2 winning. I love that game to death.

edgeofblade3173d ago

Splinter Cell? Reach and ME2 will probably be the front runners, and everyone knows it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3173d ago

I don't care about the title of Game of the Year, as it is relative to the number of quality games that year.

With that said, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition of this game! Can't wait!

ME2 earlier this year, now SC:Conviction then Alan Wake, Halo: Reach and finally Natal. It is a stellar year!

I haven't even started on playing any of the great games on the PS3 yet. Uncharted 1 & 2, GoW 1&2 Collection and then of course GoW 3.

arny3173d ago

its probably going to be alan wake the game is awesome!!!

arny3173d ago

its actually funny to see some people talk rubbish
1. Starcraft 2 is only famous in Asia.
2. GT5 is a racing game and most console gamers are FPS lovers
3. Mario Galaxy.. lol maybe the Kiddy GOTY

Bravo43173d ago

If "Agent" comes out this year, then I'm putting my money on that. The Last Guardian also seems a pretty good contender.

FamilyGuy3173d ago

Anything could happen this year. There are so many blockbusters with 2010 release dates that this year might be the first year in a long time where gaming sites and magazines really split the GOTY choices all over the place. I basically think goty will be an extremely hard decision to make an agree on this year for everyone in the industry.

Ch1d0r13173d ago

lol GOTY haha
PS3 still have the last guardian, and 360 has Reach

WildArmed3173d ago

I'm most excited for this game on the 360 side.
I had it preordered since Jan as I wanted to start playing this in Feb.

But April will have to do.
Atm it's my potential 360 GoTY.. just coz I love SC and the gameplay looks amazing.

Christopher3172d ago

Why is it that practically every single exclusive game put out on either console suddenly gets described as GotY? Why don't people at least wait until they're released before they start calling them this?

WildArmed3172d ago

simple, it's like calling the superbowl.
If i think i know who is going to win, i'd bet on it.

Ofc on N4G all you grow is your e-pen lol

x5exotic3172d ago

u cant compare ME to GOW since they're in different genre's but u can compare the fun....and fighting gods and some other creatures are much better than just goin throuh galaxies or something :S

yes ME2 has the biggest chance to win GOTY cuz of its meta score
but it cant get anywhere near GOW3....its GOTD

still both are good,both got many 10s so i hope 1 of'em win goty
that'd be fair...other than that(heavy rain,halo reach) is just fked up biased >.<

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Tompkins3173d ago

I'm well encouraged after reading that although some SPOILERS in the preview. Maybe this will be Xbox 360's GOTY.

Cueil3173d ago

MASSIVE SPOILER! I don't really care but if you hate spoilers you'll be hunting these effen people down to do some Sam Fisher moves on them

WildArmed3173d ago

lol I hate spoilers. Which is why I tend to not read previews fully.

But i do love video reviews.. which SOMETIMES have big spoilers in em xD

Nicholas Cage3173d ago

im more of a metal gear solid fan myself, but this looks like a good 360 game. if were talking goty for all 3 consols i have my doubts.

MaximusPrime3173d ago

possible xbox 360 GOTY.

not overall GOTY. I would hand that to GT5 (if it releases this year) if not, then GoW 3

Bea Arthur3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

You do realize you are giving out an award for two games you haven't played. One of which may not even come out this year. can't give anything game of the year yet because the year isn't over. You can speculate but you didn't speculate you said you were giving it to GT5 or Gow3 which aren't out. I don't think Splinter Cell will be 360 game of the year because it has stiff competition but I don't know one way or another because I haven't played it. Kind of like how you haven't played GT5 or GoW3. The only game I can say so far (because I have played and finished it) that deserves a game of the year nomination is ME2.

MaximusPrime3173d ago

same goes with Splinter Cell Conviction. it hasnt been released yet...
So you implying that i cant give Xbox 360 GOTY for Splinter cell?


I don't see how a racing sim would win GOTY.

PirateThom3173d ago

I don't see how an FPS could win GOTY either, but it happens.


I can see a racing game winning goty for its respective genre, but winning overall, against several other genres, not a good bet.

Eamon3173d ago

PirateThom, that comeback was so weak.

My predictions:

360 GOTY nominees: Halo Reach, SC Conviction, Mass Effect 2, Fable III, Portal 2
Winner: Halo Reach

PS3 GOTY nominees: FF13, God of War III, GT5, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain
Winner: God of War III

Overall GOTY noms: Halo Reach, GOW3, ME2, Zelda Wii, Portal 2
Winner: Halo Reach (because its awesomness and hype will be unmatched)

RagTagBnd4453173d ago

The only reason Halo:Reach would win GOTY would be because of it being released just before the end of the year.

Still GT5, GOW3 and Starcraft II got a bigger chance i think.

PirateThom3173d ago

That wasn't a comeback, it was a statement of fact.

Every FPS is the same thing, yet they consistantly get nominated and win that award, while I fail to see the appeal.

My point was, a driving sim should have as much chance as any other genre if it's truly worthy of the title.

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krias3173d ago

There's a ton of better exclusive games for both platforms.Forget about this game.

Gimped Hardware3173d ago

Splinter Cell:Conviction
Alan Wake
Mass Effect2
Metro 2033

Super Mario Galaxy2


And my money's on Halo:Reach