LEGO Universe Closed Beta Invites Begin

The first invites for the LEGO Universe closed beta have been sent out, and those lucky enough to receive one can download the client ready for the first playtest later today.

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Maticus3120d ago

Yay got mine, can't wait to see what it's like.

Cogo3120d ago

Bit shildish perhaps?

Also, I know how to spell "childish", but the word filter thinks you can't be a bit of it. :P

Leord3120d ago

Haha, that is hilarious! :)

I must say, I am generally against filters of this kind everywhere.

Cogo3120d ago

Hehe, indeed.

Well, as for Lego, I suppose I can understand people who bring a childhood massive interest to adulthood. I guess we all do it.

Leord3120d ago

Thank you! :)

As for N4G, they apparently want people to be a LOT childish, as it's not good to be a "bit" of it :)

toaster3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

This sounds like a cool idea! Good way to get the kids into gaming, but without all the ultra-violence and with cutesy LEGO dudes.

I love LEGO. I have probably spent well over $1000 on LEGO in my lifetime. Still collecting now as a matter of fact, but only sometimes do I actually keep the stock sets. Most of the time I break them and build my own stuff.

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Fyzzu3120d ago

Eee hee hee this looks awesome :D

Dorjan3120d ago

This will be the MMO of the year, for sure.

Leord3120d ago

This is FANTASTIC news. I mean, seriously, I am an adult but I love lego, and the lego games.

Rt00273119d ago

I'm liking it so far, refreshing to see something new and not a WoW clone sort of thing. Though I guess it is more geared towards a younger audience as the achievements don't seem too difficult...