New Medal of Honor Screens

EA revealed new screenshots for it's upcoming FPS Medal of Honor. Get them all through the link.

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StanLee3055d ago

This game really looks lackluster.

cyborg69713055d ago

It looks better than MW2. Not that it would take that much.

PS360PCROCKS3055d ago

agreed stanlee, the graphics for this title do not look good.

DecoyOctopus3055d ago

why must every game that comes out be compared to Call of Kids: Noob Warfare 2?

DJKGBYF3055d ago

Because most people that play Call of Duty don't realize that it originally came out in 2003 and that Medal of Honor has been around since 1999. I guarantee that most people that play Call of Duty now have never even played the original or played Medal of Honor, so it's easier for them to say Call of Duty did it first and all other games copy it.

CoderDunn3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Good times, I remember trying to get as many groin shots as possible, because it tells you at the end of each mission.

Also, the dogs were awesome because you could throw a grenade, and the dog would go fetch it and bring it back to his master =)

Kastanaras3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

So looking forward to this. Hopefully it has an actual storyline people can follow and understand.

Yes I'm talking about you MW2 :)

theEXPATRIATED3055d ago

I'm really glad to see this franchise being revitalized.

I had such a blast playing Medal of Honor: Underground back in the day. It's great to see the MP portion being spear-headed by DICE as well.

Hoping for the best! BFBC2 is an awesome game...can't wait to see what they do here.

3055d ago
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