Critical Gamer: Just Cause 2: demo impressions

Critical Gamer writes: Open world games are very good at instilling a general level of madness and carnage as it can feel as though everyone and their rabid dog is out to get you. GTA often sends wave after wave of suicidal policemen your way who appear to have no desire to experience their children growing up, and Far Cry 2 has an entire nation of people turn against you for no discernible reason.

These seem like tame experiences full of cuddling and playful nudges however, in comparison to some of the madness that a few well placed bullets can rustle up in Just Cause 2.

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Jim Crikey3197d ago

The original got a lot of flak, but I really enjoyed it. This one should do better.

scruffy_bear3197d ago

Just Cause 2 demo was alot of fun

Jockie3197d ago

didnt like the first one at all, but the demo for JC2 has got me pretty excited.

IDesertFoxI3197d ago

If only I had a parachute that could be opened up an infinite amount of times. Then my lifestyle would not change very much, but I would have the piece of mind to know that I could fall from buildings/planes/Godzilla's clutches and land safely.

Bea Arthur3196d ago

Liked the demo but this one is going on the back burner for me because of all the other games coming out.