PlayStation Move has "impressive", "intense" vibration

"One element of Sony's Move that was not clarified during Sony's stage demo has now been confirmed from on-floor testing: it vibrates, and quite intensely."


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GR8 13200d ago

That doesn't change the FACT that it's a Wii copy and it's games are really the exact the same as Wii. The only difference is the graphics and even they are nearly the same, not exactly good graphics just average. You fanboys can't admit that your disappointed, don't worry buy a Wii it's got the same but better games.

moegooner883200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

So for 400 bucks, i get a blu-ray player, and a HD Wii, can u spell WIN.

3199d ago
Nicholas Cage3200d ago

this will be a good thing, gamers will get motion control and dualshock, it s a win win!.

FishCake9T43200d ago

And the women..... they will get something else.

nbsmatambo3199d ago

ill make sure to keep this away from my it may be the only thing that she wants when i game

zootang3199d ago

Do you think the thought of a free dildo will be the difference between a women buying a wii or move?? I wonder if sony thought about that??

I know alot of you guys are young and naive. Like men have porn, women love there dildos. Those guys that say that their women doesn't need it. They do have one locked up somewhere it's just a shame she's using it by herself.

LukaX233199d ago

What a sad, lonely and pathetic world we live in... Anything shaped like a you know what, is a YOU KNOW WHAT.

Raf1k13199d ago

Now you can pleasure your girlfriend while you beat her up on Motion Fighter.

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ProjectVulcan3199d ago

I was laughing my ass off reading the comments from parents about the harry potter broom 'even my 17 year old daughter seemed to love it'. This isnt quite as good as that LOL

young juice3199d ago

when sony says "It only does everything" they weren't kidding

zootang3199d ago

Pleasurestation 3
It only does orgasms

van-essa3199d ago

Haha... almost took the bait. That's some nice trolling you got there.

StanLee3199d ago

Obvious. Comments are obvious.

xabmol3199d ago

What does this look like to you sex deprived teenagers?

WildArmed3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

If you spend a lot of time obsessing over something, most likely you'll see it in everything else too.

You'll see examples of that all over N4G ;)

Aquanox3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Long, big headed device that vibrates "Intensely".

Sony really knows what their fanbase likes lol.

JeanPool3199d ago

Despite its design, Sony suggests you don't stick it in your butt-hole.

evrfighter3199d ago

Even the fanboys here at n4g I'm sure have their bottles of KY at the ready.

10 bucks says there's a fat sony logo stamped at the top of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.