Gun Kata

Critical Gamer writes: I just want to shoot him. If I can feel like I actually shot the bullet, all the better.

I've played first person shooters for years now. While I am not even remotely good at the electronic sport, I continue to fancy it, because there is almost nothing more rewarding than feeling your bullets flatten into an unassuming n00b's skull.

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Jim Crikey3083d ago

Interesting article, but slightly disturbing to see how much he wants to kill people realistically...

scruffy_bear3083d ago

Nice read but I wont be inviting Adam for tea :)

IDesertFoxI3083d ago

If you want awesome guns in a game I would recommend Battlefield Bad Company 2. Whilst it offers a slightly more arcadey feel as a shooter, the guns in it sound like the best boomsticks ever. You can also see the damage they cause against the environment which is a nice immersion filler. Recoil comes as standard.

dredgewalker3082d ago

You can always play airsoft and shoot people to your hearts content without killing them. I once tried to do a grammaton cleric move with pistol and got riddled with bb's which was a painful experience. When im not playing video games, i play airsoft which is a much better experience for me than playing FPS games.

dredgewalker3082d ago

Fun and painful at the same time. Sometimes even dangerous, a team mate of mine got shot and the bb went through his cheek although i think its his fault for not wearing the proper protection.

bigboss9113082d ago

Haha I play airsoft as well. Team deathmatch with no respawn is so much fun. What gun do you have? Here is mine took the little orange thing off though (I know its not legal now) but it looks so real with it off. It can be painful, but im not a wuss i just wear eye protection and normal clothes. Come home bruised,bloody,and tired, just as fun as a FPS vidya game too! its alot cheaper than paintball and there is not a mess so you can play most anywhere without pi$$ing off neighbors with paint all over their house lol.

dredgewalker3082d ago

I have an mp5, mp5k, m4ras, m4 stubby and a g17 gbb. Im forced to wear protective gear because our playsite's fps limit is 450 but there are people who play with 500fps guns so i really have to be well protected. You can visit or, they have some cool stuff on gunsmithing, modding and reviews on guns. Aeg's in my country don't have orange tips and have metal bodies. Unfortunately its the election period so there is a gun ban enforced and even airsoft is included in the ban for 6 months. Its irritating not being able to play for 6 months but i still have my video games to fall back on. My callsign is also Dredgewalker there if you want to look for me.

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