Dragon Age Could Be MMO

IncGamers has learned that the Dragon Age franchise might very well become an MMO.

Speaking to producer Fernando Melo, IncGamers' Tim McDonald asked whether or not the game developer would consider crossing the genre lines.

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thetamer2906d ago

I don't think I'd like Dragon Age as an MMO

Terrice2906d ago

I can see potential...

CoderDunn2906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I hate MMO's, grind-fests with no (interactive) story, and no impact on the world. Unless you play with friends, they are extremely boring IMO.

EDIT: Also, it would suck losing the ability to pause the fight at any time and strategize/queue up actions.

Tony P2906d ago

No. Screw a MMO.

The lore may be rich and all that, but once a fantasy MMO enters the market it's just WoW with new paint.

Besides, make it an MMO and you likely lose many of the features that attracted the fanbase in the first place. Just concentrate on improving SP DA:O.

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Leord2906d ago

It certainly could do very well. Rich world to build from!

Fyzzu2906d ago

Not surprising, really. The world's definitely big enough and fleshed-out enough to support it. Really happy to hear that it's under consideration though.

Terrice2906d ago

Agreed, though hardly surprising it would be nice if one was created.

Cogo2906d ago

This is not a bad idea. Any competition in the MMO space is good competition!

Leord2906d ago

WoW isn't actually the biggest MMO. However, it's an absolute dominant player in the subscription type MMO market.

Maticus2906d ago

It's popular, BioWare can make MMOs, of course it's a possibility.

Leord2906d ago

Have they done the Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO?

Baka-akaB2906d ago

No Bioware hasnt touched a D&D game since neverwinter 1 .

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The story is too old to be commented.