Final Fantasy XIII: massive screen tearing for PS3 SDTV gamers

Critical Gamer writes: Final Fantasy XIII has been the source of much sniping between Sony and Microsoft fanboys, long before the English language release. Those in the Sony camp may have recently thought that they had 'won', now that it is generally accepted that the Xbox 360 version is inferior on a technical level. This includes the fact that the PS3 version runs at a higher resolution; but this seems to have turned out to be a poisoned chalice.

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Jim Crikey3121d ago

Great, so both versions have technical problems. Thanks Square Enix.

twoface3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

You made the choice clear. Get PS3 version if you want to play in HD.

Julie3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Funny how a forum topic with 6 (six) posts (as for now) becomes news! only on N4G! :)

When these "juvenile" console wars will stop? one can only dream ... meh

EDIT: on the 7th and last post (as for now) a dude fixed it changing the PS3 to 480p , see i found more news!

gaffyh3121d ago

@1.2 - So basically these guys don't have their display settings correct i.e. game is fine. Also go buy a HDTV you cheapskates, if you can afford to have a PS3 or 360 you can afford to go and get a small HDTV.

Blakzhuk3121d ago

Looks like the 360 version is the definitive version to buy.

scruffy_bear3121d ago

It's on a lots of forums, I've ran every setting you can on a scart lead and nothing works at all, the only fix is to run the game throught ether a Component Lead in 480p or HDMI but this doesn't work on SD tv as they don't have the ports

FishCake9T43121d ago

Lol true. This game cant get any worse. I might just buy myself a 2nd hand PS1 and FF7 with the money it takes to buy FF13. The game is a failure, dont care how much it sells.

BattleAxe3120d ago

I've got no love for SDTV users.

Mr_Bun3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

LOL....360 owners can't play it in HD and PS3 owners can't play it in SD

Obelisk923120d ago

Please... just... just stop... my head hurts...

Harry_Manback3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I had planned on digging my old 19" Sylvania out of the closet this weekend to play some FFXIII.


Foliage3120d ago

This is BS. I'm 10 hours into the PS3 version and have never had any tearing what-so-ever. Tearing is something that will bother me greatly, so I would have noticed this if it were true.

His TV is probably messed up.

morganfell3120d ago

PS3, the next gen HD console for next gen HD gamers.

BTW, Lens of Truth > criticalgamer

Solidus187-SCMilk3120d ago

you can dl FF7 from the ps store if you have a ps3.

ThanatosDMC3120d ago

Wait... people still have SDTVs?

PS3 = HDTV = Inferior?
360 = SDTV = Superior?

Did we miss something here?

exnihilonihilfit3120d ago

I haven't had a single experience of screen tearing on my 1080p t.v. so looks like some folks need to upgrade.

Pennywise3120d ago

This is a HD game made for a HD console. Go out and spend the money to play on this console like it should be played. SD TV's are outdated. They are obsolete. I don't even think Walmart has SD TV's on display for sale anymore....

I know you guys are desperate for negative PS3 news, but this is not the answer.

IN OTHER NEWS: Players are experiencing problems connecting to the PSN with dial up internet. Can't Sony get anything right!?! lol

IdleLeeSiuLung3120d ago

Then again, how many SD TV users are there on the HD consoles? Especially on the PS3!

rexus123453120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

need some pictures as proof

RagTagBnd4453120d ago

My Friend plays on a PS3 with SDTV, no problems at all.

Baka-akaB3120d ago


In other news i also heard some people complains their game are ugly and aliased when playing in 800*600 on their pc .
It's outrageous since they can't afford better graphic cards , and shouldnt be punished for it !!

raztad3120d ago

Sometimes I wish I had a SDTV to play my PS2 games.

morganfell3120d ago

For their next article criticalgamer will whine about the lack of game support for Windows 95.

DarkAzureIIIX3120d ago

Yes it is if you broke. anyway get a HD TV dammit even I can't afford a HD TV but there are over 20" 1080p computer screens for around $150 that has hdmi hookup Like I have. And I have my 360, PS3, and PC hooked up to it.

Hakimy3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

bear in mind that america is not the world.if you think HD has become mainstream worldwide then you are wrong.even in the US many studies reported that the number of households with Hd tvs in the US range between 40-34% and that "On a global basis, HDTV service remains limited to a relatively small number of countries, primarily the U.S. and Japan." now as a ps3 owner with sdtv myself,I should feel a little worried about this news.of course this isn't the PS3 fault but mainly SE's fault and people should questions SE about this yet you guys act like this because it's related to PS3.we should really question SE about this if it's true that is.hopefully a patch will fix this though I'm not sure of such thing.Hopefully when I'll get my copy in May I will know for sure.all I can say now is that you guys with HDtv are very lucky.not just because of this issue,but because you can enjoy games in all their glory.I can't have HDtv for reasons I won't mention for now ;)

@Baka-akaB: the problem is most of the guys here talk like having HDtv is like saying "who doesn't have a tv?" it's not the same.for example,I'm a uni student and I got a ps3 because my bro who will study here as well came with a ps3 and we are in a bad country at the moment.obviously we can't have HDtv.and it's not just us.I have another friend who study and has a ps3 but no HDtv.I have 2 friends who work and they have ps3 yet no HDtv.What I'm trying to say is,just because some of you have HDtv doesn't mean that everyone will be surprised of how many people with ps3 don't have point is,we should ask SE to address this problem if it exists instead of ignoring it just because some of us don't have it ;)

Redempteur3120d ago


playing a HD game on a SDTV setting is idiotic at best ... a 1080p screen cost like what? 200$ ?

is it that hard to get a job and buy one ?
oh noes! my HD and FULL HD game doesn't work well in SD !
get over it ... just like the issues with text ... the only fault lies within thoses playing HD games on a SDTV ..

also screen tearing never killed a game

2cents3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Man, way to much emotion is thrust at this game for all the wrong reasons.
Its a stunning JRPG (if you dont like rpg thats fine, dont need to hear why)
It runs better on the PS3
It runs on the 360!
Its not recommended to play in SD, being able to output 1080p.
CG is divine
In game is directed and purposeful
combat is addictive
Story is wonderfully & ridiculously woven

FFXIII be there or be Square (enix)

Baka-akaB3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


1 . Well apply your own point and logic , not all of us folks here are american ...
And seriously if living in a country where hdtv are innacessible , then hd consoles are most likely as tricky .

2 . I wouldnt call us lucky . We decided to either buy an hdtv , be it immediatly or through economy .
And then there are those like myself who made the choice of using vga box .

Most people here probably got pc access , and thus can often at least plug a box . With a quick google searches , i was even surprised to see it's even cheaper now ... i found 5 at 29$ already ...

At some point some peopel can only blame themselves .

What kind of person is bothered by screen tearing so much , yet isnt by the sheer ugliness of SD games , and most of all the blocky and ugly texts ?
In such conditions i'd say that that screen tearing is hardly the worst part

Tony240ZT3120d ago

As far as your studies go they are looking at people as a whole, not gamers. We're talking about elderly that have tv's just to watch cnn and re-runs of MASH. The only reason why they even have a DVD player next to their VCR is because their children bought them one for xmas and hooked it up for them.
As someone said, if you're a gamer and don't have the money you can play on a ~20 inch LCD monitor for about $150 if the one you have doesn't have HDMI you can get a HDMI->DVI adapter for $6 at I do this when I want to play in my computer room, then take the original cables that came with system and hook up the RCA sound out to my PC speakers.

Baka-akaB3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


Yet again do you have a pc screen ? If so , then you have access to hd gming on ps3 if you truly want to .

And no , of course not everyone has hd access .. , it's hardly a surprise .
But do they come to moan like some posters here ? No they are well aware it's no fault but their own or their circumstances .

To do otherwise is again as ridiculous as complaining that current pc games arent pretty in 800*600 , because you somehow couldnt afford a good pc or graphic card .

Video-gaming was never a right , it's a form of entertainement , and as such pretty close to a luxury .
You either adapt , find a trick (like again vgb box) or you deal with it

Hakimy3120d ago

@Baka-akaB: ummm what does having a pc got to do with HD gaming? me and my bro have 2 laptops.we got them for study purpose only and to use the of them is so bad that it only has 256 mb of ram!! XD and the other is good but it's not for gaming that for sure (old btw).and I have a Portuguese friend who wants to buy an xbox360 just to play fable 3 yet her pc has 128 mb of ram!! I know this is off topic but having a laptop or a pc and HD gaming has nothing in common.unless you thought that they were totally new and expensive then maybe :P

Redempteur3120d ago


if you have a PC ( desktop computer not a laptop) you can use a HD VGA BOX ( cost more or less 40 $) to have access to 720 to 1080 p on your desktop screen .

HD gaming for consoles is easy to have access to if you only wish to look for it ...

Having a desktop computer screen
( even old ) should let you have access to at least 720p without problems

Hakimy3120d ago

@Redempteur: ohhhh I was just trying to figure what does having a pc have to do with me not having an sdtv XD too bad I have a laptop,not a pc.well I will try to save money or convince my father that we should have HDtv in whether here on in our home.problem is,some people see that spending that much money just to have better display isn't a convincing reason.they'll say "if we can watch whatever we want on sdtv without any problem then I don't see why I should spend that much money on HDtv" and believe me,unless you like tech stuff that much,many will share the same view here :P

kwicksandz3120d ago

what i want to know is

Does the PS3 version support 1080 upscaling?. alot of ps3 games will ONLY run in 720 or 480p even if you force the console to output 1080 from the video settings. Anyone know?

The Lazy One3120d ago

People without HDTVs are in n o way cheapskates. I play exclusively in SD. I just don't care about the extra pixels. 460 is plenty good for my needs. It has nothing to do with me being cheap. It has to do with me rather wanting to spend the $500-$2000 on something that will provide ME useful benefit for MY preferences.

Buy a private jet you cheapskates if you can afford to go on vacation you can afford a private jet.

a lot of game companies I'm finding are getting stupid with testing their games on standard def TVs. Kinda pisses me off as an SD gamer.

Darkstorn3120d ago

There's no love for us SD gamers anymore.

As for those who assume that HD is the norm, not everyone's made of money you know - I'd rather feed myself for three months than buy a slightly upgraded screen.

Remember, outside of North America, Europe, and Japan, HD is still quite rare.

FamilyGuy3120d ago

Why are people buying thing out of order anyway? It's called an "HD console" for a reason.

I won't defend the screen tearing, SE just didn't care, they didn't care about SD gamers and they didn't care about 360 gamers.

Redempteur3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


PS3 version :
the game is 720p and the movies are 1080p .

so i guess there won't be any problem if you're playing 1080p ( like me )

@darkstorm and the lazyone
sorry what's the use of a HD console without a HD monitor or a HD capable output device ( whatever it is ) ?

You were able to get the console but not the tv ? How long were these tv availble ? How many years ? How long will you keep fighting against the flow and complaining ?

Choosing to not buy one is your choice , but complaining when you know what you have to do silly AT BEST

it's like a lancer evolution 6 with a 1990 engine ..sure it will race ..but don't expect to race well ... i mean it's a racing car right ?

All you have to do in order to game well is to ensure you have the right condition to enjoy your game ...and since 2006 , HD is the way to go ...4 years have passed since then .... Is it square fault ? i don't think so ...
PS: As i've said before you can play in HD for 40$ ... i'm not rich or something cost less than the price of a game

DaTruth3120d ago

If playing in standard definition doesn't bother you, why would screen tearing???

ProperFunked3120d ago

.....they still make SDTV's?



God_Of_Epicness3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Lemme' ask you one question bots. Who the hell plays a PS3 with a SDTV? I know i don't and most of my friends doesn't too. Anyway, if they wanted to play FF13, they'd buy a HDTV or 3D tv so what is all the fuss about saying "we're equal" cos we're not.

Alvadr3120d ago

So the moral of the story, if you have an inferior tv, buy an inferior console.

Haha, couldnt resist.

Syronicus3120d ago

Hello? The 1900's called and they want their TV back.

The Lazy One3118d ago

Sorry I'm not made of bucketloads of cash. It was either get a 360 and continue paying off my student loans on my perfectly acceptable SDTV, on which I can see everything I need to tell if I like a game, or I could get an HDTV and not have the electricity to run it or any games console in a couple months.

SOUNDS AWESOME TO ME. Maybe I should move to these places where toilet paper is all $20 bills so I don't actually have to work for my money anymore.

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DigitalAnalog3121d ago

And why would you play the game in standard definition on HDTV's?

-End statement

scruffy_bear3121d ago

Because maybe you've already got two or three HDMI devices plugged into the TV, with no spare sockets?

vhero3121d ago

Maybe because the game like nearly all games these days was made for HD this happens when you play in SD. The textures are HD textures and not designed for SD. This is probably not the first game this happened on. People are nit picking as they are gutted about the ps3/360 differnces. This is complete fanboy crap. They are looking for bad points wherever they can. I bet it does the same if you play in SD on a 360 but of course only PS3 was tested.

scruffy_bear3121d ago

First of it doesn't happen on any other PS3 game. I play most games on SD TV and no problems but FF13 is a mess with huge black lines running all over FF 13 making it unplayable on SD TV

I dont have a Xbox 360 so Cant test it

xoxideu3120d ago

That's like saying I bought a car but I only use my bike.

Get a HDMI splitter. done.

Also take a look at the approvers. LOL.

nycredude3120d ago


Let me get this straight. you have a Ps3 hooked up to an hdtv via regular cable because you ran out of hdmi slots. Get a new tv cause most new hdtvs have at least 3 hdmi slots or get a receiver. Sheesh. It just seems like a total waste to have Ps3 hooked up to an hdtv that way. problem is most likely your tv. alot of hdtvs look bad when playing a ps3 or hd console on it in sd. this is not the problem of the game it's the tv.

bokharij3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

but if I play split screen games and there are black boxes I switch to SD 4:3, this fixes the black box problem. Otherwise all single player or no black box split screen games in HD.

Mr_Bun3120d ago

What can you possibly have plugged into your HDMI slots that is more important than the PS3? At most I could understand if you have a 360 in one port and the PS3 in unless your tv only has 1 port....

exnihilonihilfit3120d ago

PS3 is both your game system and your blu-ray, so what else are you gonna plug in other than an Xbox. If your Xbox is plugged in, but not your PS3, why wouldn't you just get the Xbox version? Or you could just get up and switch out the plugs maybe.

Baka-akaB3120d ago

Well even if he couldnt let the ps3 hog a plus constantly , it's only a fault of his own if he'd rather be in sd , than going through the tedious task of unplugging something and switching for the ps3

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scruffy_bear3121d ago

So the Story lame because it only happens SD TV what about the people that don't own a HD TV or can't afford a HD TV.

What are they not allowed to enjoy FF 13 because they don't have the a HD TV

Topshelfcheese3120d ago

Basically in today's world, if your a gamer you can afford a HDTV, they are cheap now. Its another story if your too cheap to buy one. I honestly don't know anyone that has a gaming system and still uses a SDTV.

radphil3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

There are HDTVs out there that are cheaper than the systems. It doesn't even have to be a big one. I got my TV that can go up to 1080, and I only had to pay $250 for it, plus has HDMI slot, and even then I got it through QVC, ALSO through small payments as well. I'm not trying to sound rude here or anything, but if you have a PS3/360 and not feeling like you want to scrounge up for a HDTV, there's a little something wrong about that.

We're talking about essentially HD systems.

Granted this IS an issue, it's not as if it corrupted data or something.

MorganX3120d ago

You absolutely cannot make that claim without any facts whatsoever. All the users with PS1's can get a new console for $200 or $199 but CANNOT get an HDTV for that amount.

In July 2009 50% of Gears of War 2 players didn't have HDTV. Now, prices have fallen through the floor. Estimates are that 82% of US households will have HDTV by the end of 2010. Of course, that estimate was probably before the current economic crisis became public. I say public because its been brewing for a decade.

I'd say 2012 you can chastise those who still have SDTVs.

xLordOblivionx3120d ago

You know what scruffy, shut the hell up. This is a false article and is complete bullshit. I've been enjoying FF13 on my perfectly fine SDTV and I'm about 14 hours into it. There is absolutely no noticeable screen tearing, at all. That's it, end of story. Stop being such an asshole.

radphil3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


There's one proof of this situation. If people do research, they can get things cheaper than the average market price. That's not the definite search, but you can look at more of the stuff. When I mean people can get HDTVs, you don't have to pay in a complete sum. I mean if you managed to do that with the systems, you can manage small payments with this.

Edit: On the side note, I tried the game in 480 on a SDTV I also have, and didn't experience this on the PS3 honestly.....I don't know what else to say at this point.

Redempteur3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

i got my new tv last month . 240$

it has 2 hdmi ports
- a yuv port
- a rgb port
- a DVI port
- 2 SCART ports
- a vga port
- one usb port
- an one extension port so i can add more later ...
- the regular tv port

Seriously if you can't play HD it's your problem ..
i play 1080 my games fine, no problem and it was cheap're a gamer and you're playing SD ?all the problems you're facing are yours ..

if you can't pay for a new tv can get a HD VGA BOX for 50$ !!!
Or is that hard to get ??

i'll say it ..those who can't afford to play games regulary in HD are morons's cheap and easy to do .

Darkstorn3120d ago

I don't know a single PS3 gamer who has an HDTV. Then again, I live in a working class area of Northern California.

I'm assuming most people on this forum are suburban - suburbanites have higher HDTV adoption rates due to increased wealth.

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Nicholas Cage3121d ago

hasent everyone now got a hdtv? jk...but really its the same as the 360 576p (not hd) and their not complaining, why should ppl playing in sd complain?

Model3121d ago

you assume that everyone has HDTV because you have one ?