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Nicholas Cage3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

its more of a hardcore style of game anyways.

Varodor3175d ago

Wait, that now was are joke?

GR8 13175d ago

A reason why (MOVE) is gonna be a Flop.

TOO PAWNED3175d ago

Do you even go to sleep, serious question?

yoghurt3175d ago

So now we are going to see an article for every game that DOESN'T support move?!

TOO PAWNED3175d ago

i guess so. I am seriously considering leaving internet for a year or so. So much junk. I am lucky if a can find one decent article in a whole week. Also to be honest i am tired reading fanboy rants on every single site, every single forum.
When i go over to GB read "hands on with move" comments bellow are ridiculous. 95% from Nintendo and 360 fanboys, and even some PS3 fans b..ching how Sony let them down or whatever (talk about spoiled brats).
Same on 1UP, here, GS, etc.
I am tired of it 2 be honest.

TOO PAWNED3175d ago

He called it a "gimmick". Ok, will he say the same for Natal or will MS pay check change his mind?

Baka-akaB3175d ago

If a future modern warfare title implement Move or natal or both , they"ll follow as expected ...

proudly_X3175d ago

Don't leave,cos m working on my Site, and the site mission is to put all these fanboy gibberish to end.

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THC CELL3175d ago

who cares Move will be integrated into most other games and sony will push

Nicholas Cage3175d ago

dont feed this kid. he is depressed.

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The story is too old to be commented.