Only in Dubai: God of War III banned and leaked

The God of War series has traditionally been banned in the UAE by the National Media Council, as it contradicts the country's cultural beliefs and values. A direct result of such banhammers is that nobody actually cares except high street retailers, so people who actually want to play these games can get it from smaller shops or just import them directly from US or UK.

One of readers in Dubai has shown his recently-acquired copy of the game, a full week before official release date. A full week before the UAE NMC actually has a chance to ban the game.

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What Would Kratos Do3121d ago

This is getting silly.
What games CAN you buy in a high street games shop in the UAE?

GamesLatest3121d ago

FIFAs, PESs, anything else similar to those two titles :)

frogdefdaa3121d ago

GOW III got banned in Kuwait also as i have been told by Sony distributer.

Games got banned if they have:
- Sexual content and nudity
- extra violence
- content against religion or local believes

captain-obvious3120d ago

yes i was going to buy one about 3 hours ago
but its damn over priced, i don't have the cash

i'll wait
hopping that those greedy PPL lower the price

Fishy Fingers3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

So basically all the good stuff.

Hakimy3120d ago

actually all games are released there.the only difference is that "banned" games are more expensive than the regular the people there, a "banned" game means that instead of 49$,it will cost almost 110$.at least this is the case in Abu Dhabi,the capital of UAE. though no one buy games from high street retailers even if the game isn't banned XD

Darkstorn3120d ago

Once again, religious dogma begets entertainment...

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coolcut1353121d ago

all games that do not include references to killing Gods + MAss effect 2

_vx3121d ago

damd that luck dude got the game ufffff

xg-ei8ht3120d ago

There is no god, move on and enjoy life.

Realize you are just lucky to be alive and be good to your fellow man.

There is no spoon!

CaptainMarvelQ83120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

become a always get banned in UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia

and they still get sold by secret

IMPORTANT!!:everybody stay away from the open zone,apparently there's some no life a$$hole spoiling god of war 3 and ruined the ending for me :(

DelbertGrady3120d ago

I hate those guys. Should be removed from the site straight away. I got the whole story to Gears of War 2 ruined the same way.

Hakimy3120d ago

you know,mods should delete the name of the poster as well as the post itself.what's the point of deleting the post if the spammer can just write the ending in his nickname knowing that it will be shown to everyone even if his post got deleted?

rucky3120d ago

Problem is the games being spoiled here are story-driven single player only games. In Gears 2 you can pretty much just get it for multiplayer and still get your moneys worth. Either way posting spoilers is foul against gamers. There are some things you just don't do.

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The story is too old to be commented.