Is EA snubbing the Xbox 360?

Over the past few months EA have appeared to be leaning more and more towards the PS3 and away from the Xbox 360.

They are using it more and more as their initial development platform and are then migrating over the 360 while at the same time releasing demo's and beta's on the PSN before the XBLA.

However when it comes to the motion controller stakes it appears that EA is completely freezing Microsoft out.

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Cueil2904d ago

I think the Natal lack of announcements is due to Microsoft holding everything for E3. As for the recent leaning towards PS3 there is some logic to it and some strangeness. NFS:Shift was competing again Forza 3 and didn't really have a chance so focusing it for Sony's platform helped them to build up numbers for it. However the idea that you would focus a FPS game like Bad Company 2 on the PS3 seems ludacris and borderline insane. You can't challenge Moder Warfare's numbers unless you challenge Modern Warfare's main platform. Though they may have been scared off to the PS3 and the fact that Reach will cut it's fun short in May... ok... so I see the logic in that to... EA is smarter than me :-p

vhero2904d ago

I dont think its just E3 I think its because of how Natal works. With the "move" they can make the games eaily for both wii and PS3 as the controls will be very similar however NATAL works completely different and something like EA sports active probably wouldn't work very well on NATAL anyways. TBH though it works both ways NATAL will get some unique games that would be hard to port to wii/ps3 motion controls because of how they work. It's not about picking a better console here its about ease of porting and control system. People don't realise how truly different NATAL and "move" are. MS are gonna struggle with NATAL and no doubt counter that by throwing a crap load of money at it....

My worry is NATAL will only be used for mostly hardcore gaming controls and then it will flop as hardcore gamers want a pad simple as.

StanLee2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Well firstly, leading development on the PS3 is more necessity than allegiance. It's just the better strategy to make sure the product is comparable across both platforms. With regards to motion controls, EA are opportunists. 2 years ago they threw a lot of money into marketing products on the Wii and it failed miserably. They just see an opportunity now to reach an audience with the PlayStation Move and they'll fail again. They just don't know how to forecast well. Even the products they've thrown money behind have been mediocre. Dante's Inferno and Army of Two: The 40th Day come to mind.


Are they basing this off of the Bad Company beta?

DatNJDom812904d ago

The kid seems really disappointed...........

RedDragan2904d ago

I think EA realise nobody wants to look like a retard when playing games. I can only imagine people doing the Secret Signal from Team America when playing an action game on Natal!

You may have to google the gif files on the net if you haven't seen the signal.. it's hilarious!

DelbertGrady2904d ago

Cause playing with a Wii rip-off that looks like a glowing sex toy is that much cooler.

Bigpappy2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

They are not snubbing 360. That is a stupid assessment. Natal uses a completely different control scheme and requires the games to be made differently. Don't expect to see ports between Natal and Move.

On the Natal for hardcore part? That is incorrect. M$ has already stated that their focus for the launch of Natal will be casual games. My view of Natal and hardcore games, is that Natal will be used to add features to hardcore games. It will be used with the controller, not in place of it.

As far as starting on PS3? The developer need to try all of their options and do what works best for them and the gamers. This is a weak attempt at trying to start a fanboy fight. I haven't read the article, but it sounds like something an N4g fanboy will write to get some attention.

King_of _the_Casuals2904d ago

Sadly, I often question the intellect of us Gamers when I read articles like this. It's quite obvious MS has asked EVERYONE to hold back on any Natal related news. If any company is all about the money it's def EA so there is NO WAY they would ignore MS when they have by far the highest attach rate.

And the PS3 as the lead platform is also a money issue because it's a known fact that it's better to develop for the PS3 first then port over to the 360.

UnwanteDreamz2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Pay no mind to Soda. Everything looks like a penis to him. He just has d*ck on the brain. Other things that look like a member to him include


WhittO2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

It may be a "rip off" of the Wii, but the playsation move is alot better than the Wii controller.

Thats like saying Firefox is a rip off of IE, does that mean IE is better because it came first?

lol I think not.

PoisonedTea2904d ago

"However the idea that you would focus a FPS game like Bad Company 2 on the PS3 seems ludacris and borderline insane."

I liked how he spelt "ludicrous" the same way as the name of a certain rapper...

PR0X12904d ago

Yes people you heard it here first on n4g!!!!111~~!!!11

xbox 360 sells 50% more games than the ps3. Ea sells games.

Now go do this extremely hard math.

Mike134nl2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Just like Ubisoft both companies already looked into this technology before natal ever was mentioned and will be supporting it.So I quote:

EA (Riccitiello), Regarding Natal: "We were looking at a camera system. In fact we were looking at the camera system they ended up going with. That technology's pretty compelling."

Riccitiello said EA is working with dev kits and ready to move ahead. Specifically of the familiar Natal tech, he said, "We've been working on this kind of stuff before Microsoft had a commitment to this kind of stuff… we're relatively far down the path of understanding how the technology works."

Either way don't hope they focus too much on motion control.

evilmonkey5012904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Ea has been making more money off the ps3 version of games it produces.
Show me where ANYONE has said the xbox makes more money for ea than the ps3.

Blakzhuk2904d ago

Move will be nothing but sloppy seconds of Wii games in HD.

2904d ago
EVILDEAD3602904d ago

Lol @ pretending that the Boom Blox team layoff had something to do with snubbing Microsoft..idiotic..

EA sells more games on the 360 and that is fact..

It's been brought up..but Shift did come at an inopertune time..the comp was just too much on the 360 side..

Snubbing the 360 wiuld be suicide for an EA company grasping to get back to the success of the ol' days.

Showing some love to the PS3 clearly does not have to be some console leverage issue that website cling onto for hits..


Sheikh Yerbouti2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

You're right, but as far as motion controls the fact that Move is essentially the Wiimote means games are being produced faster for the PS3 since devs are more familiar with how to develop for it.

Little good it will do us if it is shovelware.


Where do you get off calling AoT:40th Day a flop? It sold well into the top 20 games for January...right?

harrisk9542904d ago

"xbox 360 sells 50% more games than the ps3. Ea sells games." LOL

Try doing some simple research:

Both PC and PS3 prove more profitable platforms than Xbox for EA in quarter ending June 30th
Whilst it was the Wii, thanks to the success of EA Sports Active, that really shone for EA in its latest fiscal quarter, just as big a surprise is the fact that the publisher’s PS3 returns far outstripped those coming from Microsoft’s Xbox 360.
Wii revenues lead the charge at $161m, up from $109m in the same quarter last year. Next up was PC, which courtesy of The Sims 3, bought in a considerable $124m.
Next in line was PS3 with total revenues of $121m, markedly higher than Xbox 360, which generated $73m for EA. The PSP was also a surprise victor over DS with revenues of $38m compared to DS’ $28m.
North America remained EA’s most lucrative territory, producing $343m of revenues. In comparison, Europe generated $258m with Asia at $43m.

Immortal3212904d ago

massive bias journalism. The 360 isn't moving forward but in circles.

bioshock12212904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Well It's always been this way EA seems to be a Playstation fan just the way it's always been. They always praise sony yet say things like we have maxed out the xbox 360 for no reason.

Exclusive DLC like for Mirrors edge and exclusive beta for the ps3 fixing most bugs on ps3 games first and then xbox 360 games for example they are fixing the servers on BFBC2 on ps3 first.

So yeah EA obviously is more of a fan of the playstation than the xbox if you look at the past and the way they treat both platforms they favor the PS more but it's no big deal. It's sorta like Activision treats the xbox better.

Consoldtobots2903d ago

"Pay no mind to Soda. Everything looks like a penis to him. He just has d*ck on the brain."


vhero2903d ago

Wow all those 360 fanboys are quaking in there pants eh?? Saying ps3 owners getting wii ports in HD?? HAHAHA.. Look at current wii games that are multi-platform right now. There is no way they are ports purely because theres a massive difference between making a HD game and an SD game for a console like the WII. Ask S-E if you wanna know what I'm talking about. They are gonna make them separate simple as and EA are not porting existing games over EA sports active is an example i shall use. The sequel is out for wii and ps3 not the original. Nothing will be "ported" Then again PS3 users are used to getting HD superior versions of thats are only SD on other consoles I mean we did get Final Fantasy XIII didn't we? :p.

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Nicholas Cage2904d ago

i believe since the ps3 right now is doing extremely well ea is looking forward to working with the ps3 even more, it would be good if maybe they make a bluray game, that would be intense. in my opinion i think they see microsoft as losing momentum right now, the "move has been taking all of the spotlight and may untimately be the best selling motion control device ever. and when gran turismo comes out, i believe no other racing game will dare compete with it. gran turismo is just that good.

Dev8 ing2904d ago

That and EA have said that the PS3 makes them more money.

deftangel2904d ago

I don't agree at all. I think the Tiger Woods miss is more to do with timing (As EA themselves have said) and possibly with the recent technical re-specification of Natal (i.e. moving processing to the 360 itself).

As for EA Sports Active, I think a Natal specific product is being held back for E3.

Given the 360 market position in the same markets where EA are strong, they would be mad to "snub" the Xbox 360. They've just released a massive 360 exclusive in Mass Effect 2 for starters.

GR8 12904d ago

EA snubbing the Xbox 360 i don't think so it takes time to get use to NEW INNOVATION like NATAL. PS3 motion controller is nothing new does exactly what the wii does.

Nitrowolf22904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

yeah and NATAL pretty much does what the eyetoy been doing for years now
to me none of them are that innovating

mrv3212904d ago

Wii=Motion controller
PS3=Camera and motion controller

azazin2904d ago

Ironic that you say that it takes time for developers to get used to technology (exactly what happened with the PS3, yet you bash the PS3)

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RedDragan2904d ago

HAHAHA! But that is a great picture used for the article. It beats mine!

The big problem with Natal is that most people don't want to look like a total retard doing the super secret signal from Team America!

Narutone662904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

the secret signal:
Looks a lot like Natal game play.