God of War games to get Move support only if it's not "hokey"

VG247: Sony has said in the past that some of the games already present in the PS3 catalog will get PS Move support.

Will this include the God of War games? Only if it's not a "hokey" thing to do, says design director Todd Papy.

Speaking with VG247 during the God of War III event in San Francisco, Papy told us that the new motion controller and 3D tech are both something that will be pondered heavily before being incorporated into a God of War title.

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FangBlade3175d ago

What's the difference between an orgasm and a God of War game?

The God of War game lasts longer.

maskedwarrior3175d ago

I'm glad they are not tacking on the motion controls.

Bereaver3175d ago

God of War is one of those games that motion control wouldn't matter too much to me. I'd rather have a good old controller for the doing.

Sony Always Wins3175d ago

What does it mean God of War games? There is only one God of War game on the PS3? Is this a hint a GOW4? lol jk

3175d ago
bioshock12213175d ago

I thought they weren't gonna do any more GOW games??

infamousinfolite3175d ago

Santa Monica does not rest; two more games are being developed