God of War III DLC and more Kratos a "possibility" says Sony

VG247: The God of War team is currently talking about DLC right now, or at least the possibility of it – so hold your horses there Spartans.

Don't get too excited just yet.

Speaking with VG247 at the God of War III event tonight in San Francisco, design director Todd Papy told us that while the team is currently on a much needed break, it is still discussing the possibility of more content for the game.

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FangBlade2907d ago

What's the difference between an orgasm and a God of War game?

The God of War game lasts longer.

WildArmed2907d ago

Seems like they might just put up all those crazy skins they are giving away with Ultimate edition and preorder bonuses on the PStore for 99 cents each after a month or two?

Anyways, Can't wait/

bioshock12212907d ago

Of course its going to have DLC practically every game has it. Its like a priority to developers to provide DLC for games now

NaiNaiNai2907d ago

yet when a game gets DLC announced before release it has 400 comments and people insulting MS left and right.

T_T so yea this is totally the same.

RedPawn2907d ago

Give me a Kratos & Zues skin in Uncharted 2. :)

cyborg2907d ago

Hmm, DLCs would def make this exp last that wee bit longer. New arena unlocks and more weapons and secret areas will make me a happy man. :)

ThePlaystationFour2907d ago

To be honest.. God of War 3 graphics isn't as amazing as the story. You get HOOKED.

zaz122907d ago

graphics are the best i have ever seen in any CONSOL game

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