Engadget: PlayStation Move first hands-on (update: video!)

At last, we've felt Sony's long awaited motion controller, now at last officially known as "PlayStation Move," in our unworthy, sweaty hands. We have a bunch of videos on the way, but for now you can revel in our first close-ups of the controllers in the gallery below. Here are some of our initial thoughts:

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I just found a problem.

My hands are very big. But in other technical things, I don't see any problem at all.

Well, maybe, the ''Sub controller'' will not be included with the Move Controller as some sources declare that.

prodg523114d ago

and is interchangeable with the DS3 or Sixaxis

vhero3114d ago

Luvely... SOCOM 4 looks great too compared to previous games looking more like Battlefield than previous games. Dunno if the Move will work good with it but so far so good.

thereapersson3114d ago

People lambasted NATAL for having unacceptable lag (100+ ms in most applications), so for PS Move to have any sort of perceptible lag isn't going to go over very well amongst the fanboy community.

Pillage053114d ago

wait..does this mean people will be able to use the move online in Socom4? Wouldn't that make it kind of unbalanced for people who don't wanna go out and buy the move, or dislike motion controlling....I'm not liking this.

Mike134nl3114d ago

Wonder if the light ball/bulb is easily removable, in case I manage to break it.

Oner3114d ago

It's almost positively LED which means better power savings during use, better brightness, better longevity & increased resistance to shock/damage. I doubt you will ever have to worry about changing the "bulb".

JackBNimble3114d ago

I don't understand why you think there would be any unbalance, you just have another option for how you control the game.

morganfell3114d ago

SOCOM looks far better than the videos have shown. The environmental destruction is surprising. As soon as we finish this talk on Player Behavior with Mark Zynga we are heading to see MoH. Btw, Crysis 2. Looks great.

King_of _the_Casuals3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

The Lag isn't an issue for me because I know the final product will have that all corrected.

My issue is with the application of the thing. The fighting game requires 2 wands (not nunchuks...wands!) to enjoy the full experience. So I'm guessing we're gonna need 4 wands to be able to play versus someone else! Damn you Sony, trying to go hard at my pocket with this one!!!

morganfell3114d ago

Clarifying my typo, the speaker was Mark Skaggs from Zynga

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3114d ago

I had my doubts about the MOVE but after watching the tech demos and hearing the GDC presentation I cant wait to get my hands on the new controller. As gimmicky it may look on the Wii, Im sure Sony and 3rd party developers will come out with outstanding HD/next-gen games for the casual and hardcore players. Plus it seems if most titles will have the ability to support PS MOVE/six axis/ D.Shock, so their is no need for anyone to panic about user mobility.

Socomer 19793114d ago

Its what all those pc snubs were complaining about with console shooters. Here! In your face SOCOM 4! Its so Hardcore!

i cant wait. I also cant wait for some table tennis anyone? Ha!
Mainstream this Sony before the media picks at it until natal embarasses them with its presence.

kwyjibo3114d ago

The mouse means you don't have to wave your hands around like an imbecile.

But the PS3 technically supports a mouse, it's just that developers always ignore it.

sid4gamerfreak3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

"Its what all those pc snubs were complaining about with console shooters. Here! In your face SOCOM 4! Its so Hardcore!"

Btw we r not pc 'snubs' those r only present in the console fanboy community. Second,hate to break it to u since ur so hopeful, the mouse is still wayyyyyyyyyyy more precise than this controller. And u dont have to wave ur hands like a retard. So, ha.

Back on topic, im not a big fan of natal or the ps move, but the move is certainly shaping up to be good for ppl who bought a ps3 and always wanted a wii.The fact that sony has not forced it on us and is a luxury rather than a neccesity is a good thing. But still, im rather inclined not to go for natal or the move yet, im happy with my normal joystick, thank you.

shadow27973114d ago

Did either of you watch the conference?

There was no "Waving around" during the Socom demo. In fact, it looked like his hand actually moved less than if he was using a mouse.

ImmortalLegend3114d ago

Although I'm not a huge fan of the 'Move', it's good to have the option to get one of these in case I have a change of heart. This is good news for people that have a PS3 and may have wanted a Wii.

Jeff2573114d ago

I did want and still want a wii but more so now for the games I wont find on the PS3. Games like Tiger Woods and some of the party stuff Ill play on the PS3 with Move. Im definitely looking forward to Move and cant wait to see more of these games in action. Im sure we will see newer builds and more games announced at E3.

dredgewalker3114d ago

If they're gonna make a new Tiger Woods game i think there will be mini games like after the tournament Tiger goes into town to get some ho-hoes and then the Move will have another function besides swinging the club.

dredgewalker3114d ago

Sony isn't forcing anyone to buy it. I like the idea that its more like a luxury than a necessity for the PS3. What would the haters say if it succeeded again? Isn't it just better to wait for it to fail and then gloat than have it succeed and then look like a moron for saying all that bs that wasn't true? When will people ever learn. Where are all the people saying the "PS3 is Doomed", no games, bluray not needed, expensive and all that jazz...

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