Official Sony "Move" Screenshots & Videos

The Official Images from Sony for the upcoming motion controller "Move" were recently released at GDC '10. These images detail both the wand and some of the games that were made playable to both media and developers at the conference.

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Sony Always Wins3201d ago

This looks great. I love the no lag part about it. This will surly beat out the competition.

C_SoL3201d ago

I made fun of it of looking like a sex toy that a girl would enjoy ;D

But now that I've seen what it can really do, I'm impressed.

Good job Sony.

Now I wanna see what Microsoft can do which I don't expect much.

WhittO3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

No lag is not only a good thing, it's ESSENTIAL if you want to play a game that requires any skill or precision at all.

Not just waving your arms around hoping to hit something.

math3201d ago

There is room on my gaming shelf for all three. My Move will sit right next to my Natal and Wii chucks. Unless I'm playing it that is.

Sony Always Wins3201d ago

The thing is it will be hard to see Natal cause of all the dust on it.

FanboyAttack3201d ago

I guess we'll have to wait for E3 to see what Microsofts got. The screenshots look good I watched the conference, looks good, I don't know if I'd buy one right away. I think Sony is definitely targeting a casual audience. Socom looks cool, that's definitely on my must buy list, I just wonder how tight Move can be in a shooter that's hectic. No hardcore shooter fan is gonna give up the sixaxis for that, unless its greater than or at least equal to the standard controller.

Both Natal and Move are only coming out to try and capture the Nintendo audience.

Redempteur3201d ago

how is sony targetting a casual audience when you've got support for RE5, LBP and socom 4 ?

math3201d ago

It's really the same gripes that people give Natal at this point. The games look kinda kiddie. There's probably gotta be some time before both the controls and the games can match where they are now. Does it look fun though? no doubt.

C_SoL3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Some pretty innovative stuff can be made with natal though I'd prefer to use hardware as a controller.

We'll wait and see...

3201d ago
poe3201d ago

Why does every articles comments section start with somebody flinging poo at one console or another. Crazy. I hardly doubt dust will be settling in on the natal, but since it's hands free maybe you're right.

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