Go! Gaming Giant: Globulos Party Review

From the review:

"Originally a free online multiplayer Flash game, Globulos Party is a turn-based physics game that is very proud to use only the DSi stylus. The developers, GlobZ, able to accomplish this by providing a game with an incredibly simple interface that doesn't demand much of the player. The game screams "pick up and play" and boasts a number of fun minigames that anyone can learn and master, regardless of gaming experience. It is an undeniably cute little game that is certainly worth taking a look at, but is it actually worth buying when its free counterpart provides such a similar experience and is still available with a fair number of competitive players at any given time? If you have recently taken interest in this bouncy new title, that question has likely crossed your mind, and this Globulos Party review will hopefully be able to answer it for you."

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Murgatroyd73199d ago

Great game, but I really wish it had all of the same features as the online version.

LukeA3199d ago

I think I might just pick this up. Thanks for the info.

omicron0093199d ago

this game looks really fun