EyePet to support PlayStation Move, hits North America holiday 2010

Sony announced during its GDC 2010 press conference that the upcoming US release of EyePet will feature support for its motion controller, PlayStation Move. The game will allow players to manipulate toys and also play games with their EyePets. Furthermore, it's even possible to create new toys. The promotional video during the event showed off a child using the Move to draw a car on some virtual paper, which then jumped off the page and became an object that players and the EyePet could then interact with.

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Slient Knight 93119d ago

is that why sony delayed eyepet in usa so get more hype for the "PS MOVE"

WildArmed3119d ago

Seems likely.
But if you look at what you have to hold in the Eu version, it's quite understandable.

The bundle might actually include Eye pet as the game. It'd make more sense that way.

I wonder if they'll patch Eu with PSmove?

Pennywise3119d ago

So this means Move is delayed until holidays?

WildArmed3119d ago

they already said PS Move got delay till Fall quite awhile ago

TomMcBaum3119d ago

The "magic card" did almost everything the Move did in terms of allowing you to interact with the EyePet (except you had to draw on a real piece of paper, woo), so I will be annoyed if the remove that functionality for the North American EyePet release.

Pennywise3119d ago

Import it if you don't like Move.