IGN: Motion Fighters PS3 hands on

IGN writes:

"During this afternoon's reveal of PlayStation Move, there were a bunch of demos. One after another, an oh-so-cute game that ranged from smushing flying insects to playing table tennis was showcased. Then, Motion Fighter came up in the rotation and the gathering was treated to watching a shirtless dude bash a biker's face in.

When I first started playing, I dropped my hands to my side to see if the shirtless man would, and he didn't. When I put the biker in the headlock and started punching with my left wand, maybe every third punch was registering as an elbow strike on the screen. It definitely wasn't one-for-one, and it was a bit maddening."

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2FootYard3121d ago

I have no faith in this product but hopefully they can get the problems worked out for the people who are interested in this thing.

Vincent VII3121d ago

way did you make i post if your not interested ?????

dustgavin3121d ago

Because he feels the need to let the rest of the n4g community know just how much he is not interested. Funny considering most would ignore something they are not interested in.

2FootYard3121d ago

I agreed with you two because I honestly don't know why I made the post. But be sure you call out everyone else who makes a similar post to mine. Get busy cause there is quite a few.

dustgavin3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Nah. Just the people I notice while reading articles about products I find interesting.

In fact, say what you want.Imaging how boring it would be on here if we all agreed with each other and acted polite. I mean...this is the Open Zone after all.

2FootYard3121d ago

I don't know why you're interested in this thing. These stupid motion controls are going to end up pushing me away from one of my favorite hobbies.

dustgavin3121d ago

That is your opinion and feelings. I happen to be more open about new technology and find all these products interesting and promising. PS3+Move+3D could be a unique experience worth checking out.

Try to be a bit more open before you swear off a hobby you have probably been involved with for many years.

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Blaster_Master3121d ago

Again, IGN proves that they are as ignorant as they are ugly. The game that was supposedly not registering 1:1 was a Heavy Rain type of game. Its called software. Its made to do what you want it to.

You could make the dudes arm go all the way down, but just like in Heavy Rain, why would you drop your hands while your trying to beat someones face in? Its not realistic. Just like it seems as unrealistic as the degrees that the IGN staff supposedly has. Where they go to community college?

mikeslemonade3121d ago

The sky is the limit as far as potential goes for MOVE. I'm actually excited for the games. As far as the motion technology for Wii or 360 I can care less.

Christopher3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I enjoy that IGN took the ONE game that showed limitations (due to programming...) to report on instead of the various other games that showed all of the free movement he was looking for.

Ah, American marketing.

Edit: @disagrees, I'm not really rooting for PSMove here, but you can't look at all they showed on the stage today, pick out the worst one that obviously has programming issues let alone PSMove integration limitations and then promote the heck out of a Natal clip that shows half a second lag on the same freaking brick breaker game that's only played for half a second at a time. All I'm saying is that it's obvious they don't know how to be journalists, only opinion servers. Today's gaming journalists are like those hours on Fox news where it's not news, it's opinion.

I'd love to have it go back to the day when people reported the news rather than their opinion of the news.

Anon19743121d ago

I'm really not interested in how a game in this early a stage is shaping up. Show me something when it's closer to 80% complete. It's nice to get an idea of what they're working towards, but code this early doesn't require an in-depth analysis in my opinion.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3121d ago

Maybe the guy at IGN just doesn't know how to throw a punch?

JokesOnYou3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

"There's a lot of time left for Motion Fighter as Sony was touting today's games as titles to accompany PlayStation Move's launch, so the controls could be made more responsive and satisfying. However, as it stands, every person I saw play the game devolved into the same frantic swinging I equate with Wii Boxing." -IGN

-IGN isn't here to report news that makes you feel better, this was a "Motion Fighter Hands-on" and all they did was give their impression so far, as you can see Yes so far it doesn't sound like they were blown away at this point, lol but they rightfully acknowledge its still very early and obviously UNFINISHED, what's funny though sony loyalists love to make final judgements about Natal so early but when anybody comments on ps motion controls then they scream "OMG its not finished" like babies. Get over it.


socomnick3121d ago

The playstation move will be the biggest flop in playstation history. It has a high price point, little support, and above all its being marketed to a hardcore consumer base. This thing has fail written all over it. Not to mention there is little to no hype, I have yet to see this on tv shows, on morning television shows, on wired magazine . This thing is going to be a disaster.

bviperz3121d ago

sorry bro, I just cannot take you seriously with that avatar! ...I ...can't ...stop ...laughing!

SullyDrake3121d ago

The graphics in those screens look decent.

badz1493121d ago

"When I put the biker in the headlock and started punching with my left wand, maybe every third punch was registering as an elbow strike on the screen. It definitely wasn't one-for-one, and it was a bit maddening."

may be he forgot that he was holding the 1 wand at each hand, and not having 2 wands attached 1 each at the fist and the elbow! the PS EYE detects the wand's movement, not your elbow's, you dumb! what about you try throwing the wand at the EYE! I'm pretty sure it will register that movement as the KO-level punch!

but what can I say, that's IGN for ya! almost always 1st to downplay anything PS3!

Army_of_Darkness3121d ago

and yet it looks better than any wii game I've seen so far and much more responsive than natal even though it slightly lags at the moment.

here's their other game( looks fun)

fear883121d ago

You're saying its a flop because of a lack of hype (straight-faced consumer lying)? LMAO. You would buy a MS product if it was a rebranded my little pony toy. THATS HYPE. Buying a product based on what you are told, not the factual proof that make it stand on its own.

Oh and if Move has little support why do you think Move has 3 TIMES the developers backing it than Natal?

PS Move has 36 confirmed 3rd party developers with, not just devkits, but actual confirmation that they will release those games. That does not include Sonys World Wide Studios support of 20+ games either fully dedicated or controller supported.

Compare that to Natals limited 12 developers. Who have devkits BUT HAVE NO GAMES IN THE PIPELINE. Not to mention that there are only 12 LAUNCH TITLES between BOTH 1st and 3rd party developers.

Sonys World Wide Studios offering completely dwarfs that of ALL NATAL SUPPORTED GAMES.

So would you rather have all show or SUBSTANCE?

HolyOrangeCows3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Good ol' IGNorance, choosing the one game that isn't designed for full movement to complain about a lack of full movement.

King_of _the_Casuals3121d ago

I need to buy a separate wand to play a game???? So for a true fighting experience with another person I will need 4 wands??? No THANK YOU!

raztad3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

IGN is not worth a read anymore. Down the toilet it's where that site is going.

I dont like the idea of needing TWO controls to play a single player game. They have to use the Sub controller instead. All this motion fighter sounds like a workout :) Socom 4 got me a bit more excited. High precision (and effortless) aiming right there.

Montrealien3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I just want to say that you guys are so cute, getting all worked up over some better looking Wii like casual games, on the PS3. It`s a little ironic.

vhero3121d ago

Honestly I would wait until E3 before we see anything decent demoing for the Playstation Move. Everything is still in prealpha as the controller has only just been finalized so all thats been really done in these games right now is the main parts of the game not the control scheme. Developers will still be incorporating this. It was the same with NATAL back at the MS last show. Saying that though Sonys games made to show the power of PSM (playstation move) look better than anything MS have shown for NATAL. I am not including games like Alan Wake here nor including SOCOM 4 etc.. I'm taking about motion control games only not dual control games.

SeanRL3120d ago

This game sucks, the gladiator one is way better.

RememberThe3573120d ago

I want to hear about Socom and the gladiator game.

HolyOrangeCows3120d ago

Btw, putting your hands at your sides in the middle of a fight is obviously a genius fighting stance.

specialguest3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Everyone's complaining about IGN being honest about the product at hand. I would much rather get an honest opinion on the experience, even if it's unfavorable, than a fanboy opinion. This opinion isn't about ripping the Playstation Move, but more on the Motion Fighter game, which they did mentioned was only 20% complete. Some of you people are just way too sensitive on a hands-on unofficial review.

catguykyou3120d ago

I am reminded of the BAM moment with Natal and the avatar foot.

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jack_burt0n3121d ago

Yeah fact is if you did it 1:1 you would actually have to punch with force so it would look good on screen and have impact, it would descend into b*tch slaps for most people lol, the movement looked great though the swaying was accurate so dodging is obviously 1:1.

Just watch the table tennis tho that is true to life control and it looks great.

Bigpappy3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

This thing is very similar to the Wii. It is Wii for PS3 owners. They are directly completing with the wii. I don't see them beating the Wii unless they design some really good casual games. The tech is not bad. It just is too much like the Wii and the name is annoying.

IGN don't seem very impressed, but I am sure some one on N4G someone at N4g will be able to tell me if there are reliable or bias.


The problem is how they will say NATal will be the next revolution in gaming when clearly it has issues

Hisiru3121d ago

To tell you the truth I was impressed by the Socom 4 demo. I can't say that I am expecting a lot of hardcore games coming from this thing, and I don't have high expectations, but let's wait and see.

I don't think Sony will be strong in the casual market.

Christopher3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I was very impressed by the table tennis demo. That's far from what you see on the Wii with tennis and the such. I do see a lot of issues with getting used to swinging a paddle-less remote rather than something I can see and feel in my hand.

Unfortunately, it was the only demo that truly interested me at this time, so not enough to make this a consideration for purchase by a longshot.

I think there's some potential, but I'm thinking they need to kick up their game programming up a notch or two when doing 'hardcore' games revolving around the PS Move. The fighting game definitely had some issues and wasn't as free flowing as all the other games. As I said earlier, perhaps it's intentional, but doesn't really sell what they're saying the PSMove is capable of.

bjornbear3121d ago

you guys? us guys? YOU GUYS

everyone need to keep expectations on a low.

Move is limited, and its not meant to revolutionise anything but give quality motion controlls using a PS EYE

but so is Natal...actually, i'd be more concerned about natal than this, since we've seen this works, and well, whereas every Natal demo has been dubious, extremely controlled and hooooorrrible

Difference is, Move is move, no one's making it out to be the biggest thing in gaming, it just does what it does and it does it perfectly (and quite cheaply considering the current estimated price for 3 things)

Natal however is being SO over hyped, it will fall further down since its climbed up the highest

how many fanboys have said "Oooooh Natal is a game changer it will revolutionise gaming!!" when all its bringing is voice activation...everything else HAS BEEN DONE, just like Move has been done before too =)

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and they are calling it bad...???