Micromania reviews Santa Monica's God Of War 3

The studio has focused its attention on the form, and what a splendid result ! True to tradition, GoW starts off to a glue wheel and slammed monumental. Beyond its intrinsic visual quality, the game benefits from the Titans to play so delirious with scales from open combat to a close on Kratos to a global view when it is little more than a fly s 'shaking on the shoulder of Gaia, facing a sea serpent These passages remain outstanding but are like jewels, set with sumptuous surroundings and magnificent architecture that we surveyed with wonder, increased by d' haunting soundscapes. So much for the killing of mythological creatures, but see Kratos furiously extensively on humans already disturbed ground. Without doubt this is why the ubiquitous narrative periodically reminds us that the gods have inflicted on the Spartan through scenes very aesthetic.

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Whoooop3054d ago

I wonder if Kratos can actually sleep with RAGE mode on indefinitely.

His blood pressure must be at 300 over 270.

Can't wait.