PlayStation Move "nunchuck" doesn't detect motion, must be charged separately

Many are rightfully comparing Sony's "Move" controller to Nintendo's own Wii remote. Not only does the wand device function similarly to Nintendo's controller, it even connects to another controller device that serves the same general purpose as Wii's nunchuck controller.

That said, there are some notable differences between Wii's nunchuck and Move's nunchuck.

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DasBunker3199d ago

do we need an article for whatever feature "move" has or lacks?

anyways im glad theyre gonna use it on hardcore games too like socom.. and not just try to clone shovelware ala wii.. like others..

WildArmed3199d ago

The article that has all the feature CLEARLY states that it is just a convenient replacement for the dualshock 3 controller.. and if you dont want to use the 'sub controller' you don't have to, you can just use the DS3.
They basically cut the DS3 in half for the PS move as some ppl found it extremely awkward to hold a DS3 in 1 hand and the PS move in another.

Sony Always Wins3199d ago

I think Sony is "moving" towards the wrong direction with motion controls. Leave the kid stuff to the Wii.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@Sony Always Wins

I think you are Misinformed and like other bunch of users.

Move Controllers also will have games for Mature people, not only for kids.

Sony clearly said, Casuals and Hardcore. They demostrated 1st the Casuals.

Also, will be compatible with other games like Resident Evil 5. Killzone 3, maybe Resistance 3, and others. Those games are not even Casuals.

krisq3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Move and Natal are both aimed at casual gamers. If you think otherwise, you are wrong. It's clear Sony and MS will try to please core base somehow by throwing some advance games at us but the reality is, they want a chunk of Wii pie which is casual market. Almost every hardcore gamer says he will not use motion controls so why do they still do it?

Mike134nl3199d ago

is the online aspect, gamers with move will have a big advantage over gamers who are using the dual-shock controller.
On the plus side this advantage to move players will promote higher sales.

krisq3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

...but I don't see any advantage from using Move in fps/tps games :/. I'm sure I will be much more precise and faster with DualShock than with motion control. If you're thinking Move == mouse, you're wrong. It's nothing like it.
What about the fatigue? Ater one hour of playing with Move I will have enough.

DatNJDom813199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

the media has to show the masses how Sony copied the Wii (well, it kinda did), but will praise the fukc outta natal as revolutionary. U know natal.... the eyetoy wannabe with voice recognition, body movement recognition, and lag. :)

palaeomerus3199d ago

Playstation Eye is a miked webcam that is now getting a light peripheral to allow it to use depth data and a motion control wand. Natal is a miked depth sensing binocular webcam that focuses on heat sources to know what to look at, and via software recognizes the position of relevant elements of the human form.

It's clearly more advanced than the Playstation Eye which is common webcam and a microphone added to a console. All the eye does is define a 2d boundary representing the human form. It has no 'knowledge' of limbs. It just looks for the edge of your 2d shape as seen from the camera and computes detection of whether the interior of that 2d shape collides with 2d vectors of a virtual object and then a light to track the heading and facing of a "weapon/tool" with depth. Unless you are willing to put lights on your limbs and torso, it will probably not be able to accurately discern the motion of elements of the human form and convey it's 3d motion to an onscreen model. It will just use your 2d shape as a crosssection of 3d motion (meaning a silohuette to detect the detect the edge of) to make some gusses about what you are doing. Even if people do wear a light-suit it will still use software to do the 3d data and so will probably have too much processor overhead to use in complex co called 'AAA' games (which the complaint people are leveling at Natal)

Personally I think both Move and Natal are a huge waste of time and energy but then I was wrong about the Wii. We'll see how things work out soon enough. I am somewhat concerned about camera placement, lighting difficulty, and calibration issues that could make both Move and Natal harder to set up well than they should be. And of course lag may be an issue as well.

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tunaks13199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"anyways im glad theyre gonna use it on hardcore games too like socom.. and not just try to clone shovelware ala wii.. like others.."

LOL, im not even going to entertain that question, the Wii launched with Zelda, just think about that for a second, and yes IR control is amazing for shooters, ironically PS3 fanboys have denied this fact until now, go and play MP:3 and you'll see.

Anyways not having motion in their nunchuk thing might be a plus, sometimes but not always, 3rd party developers miss use the motion controls on the nunchuk.

-Alpha3199d ago

And Sony wants to be affordable with it.

I think that it kinda sucks that it wont support motion because it pretty much means you will need two wands to do the cool things like dual wielding weapons or anything like that, and that can be really expensive and not worth the money.

I'm a little disappointed, but I suppose it's a marketing move. It's like with Natal and how they dropped a feature or something to make the product cheaper.

At least with the Arc you can buy two wands if you really want to do something like shield and sword.

BRG90003199d ago

Is the sub controller included in the $100 package? The articles I've seen that discuss it so far seem to imply that it doesn't. Maybe it's not even decided yet.

Mista T3199d ago

well it's obvious. the nunchuck doesn't have the orb on top. It's for shooters, and you'll be using your left hand for the nunchuck for forward, backward, left, right, etc. movement. the right hand will be used for the aiming and camera control

Ikanago3199d ago

...the thing is, now you know you need two Moves to control a game like boxing or swordplay as seen in the demos, since the sub-controller has no way to recognize movement in space.

I wonder how many Move wands will come in the pack. I'm hoping two, otherwise this whole thing is going to get quite expensive fast.

Bibto3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

They made the sub controller so you could have an analog stick for movement, but if you're using two Move controllers to play (i.e for a sword and shield), you again don't have any analog sticks.

I hope they put motion sensing in the sub controller too. You can have your sword and your shield and still have an analog stick for movement in the world.

The Great Melon3199d ago

They might as well add the orb and motion sensing to sub controller. I don't see how that would hinder it in anyway. The gyro sensor might make it cost a little more, but the orb shouldn't add too much to its price, it's just a light.

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