Likely: PlayStation Move Retails for $99


"The peripheral formerly speculated as "Gem" or "Arc" was today officially unveiled as "PlayStation Move." There was no clear indication of price except that it would be under $100.

From my years of experience following consumer unveils and "target price points," though, a $99 price for Sony's entry into motion gaming (Move, Eye, and game) seems likely given the company's choice of words."

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JoelR3174d ago

and that price is for the PSeye and the controller (it may actually launch for even less - we are trying)

It's also less if you buy just the controller - if you have an PSeye already.

Mista T3174d ago

Day 1, what we saw today was pre-alpha. It can only get better folks

jack who3174d ago

100 - 99 = 1

yup its under 100 guys woooho

FlameBaitGod3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

yup 120GB drive for 360 $130 bucks
yup 500GB drive for PS3 $75 bucks

Its more than 4 times the size and almost half the price woooho

SixTwoTwo3174d ago

They said under a hundred for the Move/Eye/Game bundle so $99 is the likely price. I hope one of the bundles comes with the table tennis game. I can't believe I'm looking forward to this but I am. Day one.

JoelR3174d ago

table tennis is part of "Sports Champion"

FlameBaitGod3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

lol same, i though they where gonna show games like the wii and wasnt expecting anything much different from the wii, but the fighting game and the other one where you have a sword and a shield i liked a lot, theres a lot of potential there. I liked with the birdy got killed with the fan too... lol xD.

jack_burt0n3174d ago

After watching the gametrailers footage they had me @ table tennis that was perfect, true to life controls are tight.

Sevir043174d ago

the table tennis looks awesome too.

Sold as i've been Screaming in everything MOVE related..