Fail Fantasy!

"Since I haven't had the means to collect a new FF since IX, and only briefly played X, I was very excited when I finished paying off my new Final Fantasy XIII! It looked beautiful and the characters stunning, as all Final Fantasy's should be. I was astonished to find it was not the grand adventure I had been hoping for and I was completely furious." Loading Reality's Chelsea McLelland describes her experience with the new Final Fantasy.

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moegooner883079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

For those who are hesitated whether to buy the game or not, personally and even though some idiot(on N4G) spoiled the ending for me, i still find the game awesome and addictive, note that it starts a little bit slow and then picks up later on, but if u r a final fantasy fan, u will be blown away by every aspect of the game, but remember be patient and u will be rewarded later on.

Myst3078d ago

I agree the game drastically becomes better in the latter portions I believe I am either on Chapter 8 or 9 and still finding it hard to put down. Some of the battles that need to be done though I could see some gamers getting mad at, but they serve their purpose and aren't just carelessly thrown in.

I don't want to say it for it may be a spoiler, but it deals with Snow, Ice, and he is alone in this. Hopefully that isn't spoiling anything :/

MajorLs3078d ago

OMFG I am absolutely LOVING and this game right now.

It is truly epic.

The further you get in and the better it gets. Chapter 7 is truly the breaking point and it still gets better from there on.

CrAzYbRoS3079d ago

I guess I just have to get used to FF not being turned based. It's going to be something I'm going to have to grow into, since it's something I've grown up knowing as a truth.

I still like the game, but would have preferred turn-based gameplay.

Bea Arthur3078d ago

All franchise evolve over time. As long as you are not a hardcore FF loyalist this game will appeal to you. I have always been a FF fan (all the way back to FF2) and I am enjoying FF13 so far. I'm only 5 hours in but I find the characters engaging, the story has me interested and the new combat system is pretty fun so far.

Baliw3079d ago

If FF Versus XIII don't fix this... then fire Wada!

RPG players are hardcore gamers, so don't throw this crap at our feet.
WE love CHALLENGES, open worlds, not too obviously linear, chance to level-up, magic points, towns to be bored with...

I would exchange all those so high tech-so beauty CGs for all of the above content with my eyes closed and my hands tied at my back.

Bea Arthur3078d ago

You do of course realize that most FF games are relatively linear compared to other JRPG's or RPG's in general. FF13 is just a little more linear than previous installments but it does it for the sake of the story.

_vx3078d ago

try playing FF6,7,8,9 and tell me they are linear

IrishAssa3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

They are linear anyway, world map is the only differance and in the end its the same, move from point A to B while fighting monsters, what ffxiii needs is more minigames and more places like chapter 8 where you just don't fight, it's just fighing the whole way through when the gameplay hits

RedPawn3079d ago

Final Fantasy xiii, is every bity worthy of the name. Go play Last Remnant, or Last Rebellion, if you don't want any type of unified production and consistancy.

VileAndVicious3078d ago

I had mixed feelings about ff13 at first but the more you play the better it gets. Its a damn shame they dont give the player just a little more freedom in the begining, but Im about 20 hours in and its really picked up. This article is a little childish IMO. I dont think the game is a failure just different.

I swear... people hate you when you dont change anything and when you do, they threaten to come burn down your house.

Its a good game. So far Ive enjoyed it more than 8 or 10 ( which I actually hate), people just need to be a little more open minded I think.

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