EyePet GDC screens

Sony has released new screens for EyePet at the Game Developers Conference.

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Julie3204d ago

Aww such a cutie! :3


lelo2play3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Wasn't EyePet released already? Last year?

Corrwin3204d ago

Welcome back to last year!

I have no idea why SCEA decided to delay this game. It's been patched once to make the gestures less annoying, and has a ton of wardrobe dlc (most of it free).

Candlestickmaker3204d ago

I hope the European version is updated with motion controller support. The "magic card" that comes with the game is way too fiddly.

Corrwin3204d ago

I imagine it would.

Since the adverts already show EyePet working with Move. I'm not sure how it will work though - the Magic Card is has a shape on it pointing top the top left, this is how EyePet knows at which angle you're holding it.

I suppose with the gyroscope, the Move could tell the game what it's angle is though, it just requires a bypass of the "card recognition" code, which is a shame because that's what they've based the entire game around.

I'd hate to be the guy who tells the developer "Uh, yeah, about this code you've written over the last 2 years... we need something different" *screams* *sound of a chainsaw and shotgun*