How The PlayStation Move Is NOT A Wii Remote

Kotaku writes: I just played SOCOM 4 with the newly-named PlayStation Move controller. And now I know how the PlayStation 3's motion-sensitive controller is not just a me-too Wii controller.

Fewer buttons: The Move controller is actually even more streamlined than the Wii Remote. Nintendo's Remote still offers/confuses a new player with a d-pad, plus, A, minus, 1 and 2 buttons as well as a home button and B trigger. The Move has its own home button and underbelly trigger, but just five other points of button input. That makes the controller actually feel a little naked and therefore likely even less daunting to a new player - unless they need their controllers to look like TV remotes.

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Cajun Chicken2995d ago

Little bit of hope there then.

TOO PAWNED2995d ago

if it comes from kotaku, then...

callahan092995d ago

"A smarter controller: I played SOCOM 4, a third person-shooter, with the Move pointed at the TV like a gun and the sub-controller in my left hand to command character movement. Wii games that were controlled with Remote and Nunchuk could be befuddled if the player pointed the Remote away from the screen. If you were playing a shooter and aimed just off the screen, the game's camera might start spinning or the game would pause and ask for the player to point at the TV again. The combination of camera sensors — the Sony Eyetoy on top of the TV detects the presence of the Move — and a gyroscope prevented SOCOM 4 from getting confused. When I moved my controller to point off of the TV, the gyroscopic sensors kept track of my movement. The same thing happened when a SOCOM developer blocked the Eyetoy camera. The precision of the controller diminishes in these situation. but the PS3 doesn't lose track of the device."


"No wire!: The Wii Remote and Nunchuk are tethered by a short cable. The PS3 Move and its subcontroller are not."

Also great. I hate that damned nunchuck wire, when you're doing fast motions you slap yourself in the face with that wire sometimes, or it just feels like it's in the way. Glad that this whole device and subcontroller will be wireless. Also, awesome that it's all rechargeable out of the box.

-Alpha2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

One thing I'm somewhat concerned about is the nakedness they mentioned. Less buttons? Anyone know what exactly it has? What's it missing from the Dualshock?

I am assuming one trigger, X, O, S, and Triangle plus that weird sensor for the Wand?

And on the subcontroller another X, O, analog, D-pad, and another trigger?

How are they going to make up for lack of L2, R2, L3, and R3? I suppose that's done through motion too? Does anyone know if the sub controller has motion too? Because that's the only way I can imagine the shoulder buttons being integrated. Imagine R2 for throwing nades in K2. Instead of using the Wand (which is used for movement) would we use the subcontroller? But then how do we crouch?? Argh, so many questions.

Regardless, good to see the controller has the Sony quality standard. I'm very excited and trying to find that Socom footage if it exists.

ProA0072995d ago

so we need to convince people it's not a Wii Remote now? lol

SeanRL2995d ago

Where can I find the socom 4 footage.

Sevir042995d ago


The corner stone of PlayStation Move, PlayStation Move motion controller combines advanced motion sensors, a dynamic color changing sphere, vibration feedback, and an easy to use button interface. Equipped with three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer and terrestrial magnetic field sensor, PlayStation Move motion controller tracks the precise movements and the angle of the controller. The PS3 system also detects the absolute position of the controller in 3D space by using PlayStation Eye camera. Highly sensitive movement tracking can be accurately traced back to the game, allowing intuitive gameplay as if the player is within the game.


o Works with PlayStation Eye camera to accurately track player positiono Includes action buttons of DUALSHOCK®3 and SIXAXIS® wireless controller for direct input

o Sleek and Wirelesso Built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteryo Advanced motion sensors in the controller precisely track both fast and subtle movementso Color of the sphere’s light provides visual feedback during gameplayo Vibration feedback is felt during specific actionso Bluetooth® technology supports wireless gaming

o Simultaneously use up to four motion controllers with a PS3 systemo Charge the controller and automatically pair it with the PS3 system via a USB cable (Type A – Mini-B)"


PlayStation Move sub controller is a supplementary controller, developed to further expand the experience that PlayStation Move games can offer. It can be used in most PlayStation Move games that require navigating an in-game character as it replicates the control features of the left side of DUALSHOCK 3 and SIXAXIS wireless controller into one’s PlayStation Move experience. PlayStation Move sub controller adds an analog stick, directional buttons and two face buttons into the PlayStation Move’s control scheme. In addition, the sub-controller contains the L1 button, L2 button and L3 button for actions and commands common in advanced gaming.


o Wireless control completely untethered from PlayStation Move motion controller

o Intuitive navigation of in-game characters

o Easy and intuitive XMB™ menu navigation

o Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery

o Charge the controller and automatically pair it with the PS3 system via a USB cable (Type A – Mini-B)

o Sleek curved body design that easily pairs with the motion controller

Note: DUALSHOCK 3 and SIXAXIS wireless controller can be used in place of the sub controller for all games that are compatible with the sub controller"

It has everything the DS3/6AXIS controller has, just spread across the 2 controllers

-Alpha2995d ago

That's PERFECT, thank you!

gta28002995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I got exited for this when I realized just how much more awesome the Move will make MLB the Show. I would buy this just to Play MLB with it.

Edit: This may also be the perfect thing to get my girl into gaming. She loved the High Velocity Bowling using the sixaxis controls so I think she might have more fun with this :)

shadow27972995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

"The PS3's version of the Nunchuk, does not have a motion sensor, according to a developer I was speaking to. There's a chance that is not final, but that is the case with the controllers at Sony's showcase event today. But that's why two-handed boxing-style games were shown with two Moves."

This worries me. It sounds like you have the choice of either one hand tracking with analogue stick, or two hand tracking on rails. So if you're looking for a Zelda-like game where you can run forward, pull out your bow and arrow, and shoot something: It's not happening.

The sub controller should have a ball and gyros, IMO. In fact, I'd like it if they both had analogue sticks, but I'll take the one over nothing. The second ball might cause problems, but at the very least it should have gyros like the Nunchuck. I'd prefer it with both though.

To the uninformed above, The Move has PS, X, O, /\, [ ], Middle Button, and T (Trigger). The Sub-controller has Stick, X, O, L1 and L2, D-Pad, and another PS Button. *And L3 thanks to above*

I assume the D-Pad can be used to substitute for other buttons, similar to the PSP.

So, if using the Move - Sub controller (They should call it the "ment" or "mint", Move-mint =D) combination, there's a total of 15 available buttons (not including PS). There's 16 on a regular DualShock (including Select and Start). You're really not losing many buttons.

I'm still not sure how they'll communicate which O or X to use though. Are we going to have LX and LO, and RX and RO? I hope they send separate signals. Two X's and Two O's that do the exact same thing would be pointless.

Edit: Just read the press release above.

If it's compatible with the left side of a DualShock, that tells me that LX and LO send the same signal as RX and RO, because there are no face buttons on the left side of a DualShock. The only exception I can think of is if Start and Select are counted as face buttons on the left side. So there might be hope that they send different signals yet, but it doesn't look good.

And if THAT's true, then using a DualShock instead of the sub controller is going to be a huge pain. Most likely, X and O are the same no matter what controller you use. Which kind of sucks.

And I just realized, that means the sub-controller will never have motion or gyros because you can't do that with a DualShock. So basically, Sony isn't forcing you to buy the add-on, but in the process, they're crippling the Move system. I honestly don't think anyone is going to use a DualShock. It's simply too uncomfortable. Just make the "Mint" the best it can be, please.

Bigpappy2995d ago

It is the Wii for the PS3. The games will have to differentiate it from the wii in a major way.

ReservoirDog3162995d ago

I really like the sound of that. I got the metriod prime trilogy for the wii and it really is annoying when you accidentally point away from the screen and it tells you to point at the screen again of it starts spinning. But if that's not a problem with the "Move" then I just might be interested.

Especially if LittleBigPlanet supports it like that video we saw awhile back (I love LittleBigPlanet till this day).

mikeslemonade2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Thanks for the beta test sheep. This is the definitive motion controller. I'm buying it day one for sure. SOCOM is like my favorite Sony franchise.

avengers19782995d ago

Far superior motion capture, and the wireless nunchuck. Plus what already appears to be much better games for both casual and hardcore gamers. Socom played amazing with the Move, and both sports champoins games looked good. I really liked the barbarian fighting, and even that street fighting game looked like it might be good.

King_of _the_Casuals2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Sorry, but I'm disappointed. This thing seems too similar to my Wii....just a super upgraded.
Then to add to it, I'ma have to buy additional controllers if I wanna play with other people?! I mean, buying 4 wands to experience a true fighting experience versus someone else??

Sorry, I think this makes my decision to go with Natal easier. It's way different then the Wii, and it won't require additional purchases to play with others.

iforgotmylogin2995d ago

awwe man above:D
thank you for saying that i agree.
site filled with hypocrites that claimed it to be garbage
everything they said the wii couldnt do they praise this.

let me get this straight
let nintendo brave the controversey and the tsunami
get nintendo moses and clear the path and then sony runs across the parted seas.

blatant rip off of wii idc if it has 4 extra features.
the nunchuck teather made the wii feel good. this is gonna be like 2 remotes. and its gonna break sony tvs i hope they have a warranty.

i hate microsoft but at least they did something... different...
lol pitty that this is a fail idea. if the controllers dont cost 30 or less. then the games.

shame on you sony i usually reserve that line for microsoft but today you stole the cake.

2995d ago
N4g_null2995d ago

What is funny is this shows kotaku is just a pr mercenary for those willing to pay for it in the form of a blog. Why do I say this? Well you can turn off that problem on the wii. It was in the conduit and mostly every game afterwards. If you play red steel2 you will see what I'm talking about you can swing your sword while not pointing at the screen yet you can just point at the screen to shot gone is the spin of death thanks to the extra gyro.

Metriod prime does not use motion plus yet other m does. You will see the difference. Most people won't simply because they just plain refuse to play games on the wii. That's fine and I hope you guys enjoy your controller.

This is why dynamic slash is going to be so much fun. Any motion game not using motion plus will be inferior so it's great to that Sony did this. I'm wondering if nintendo will make wiimotes that have motion plus built in now with option wireless yet that may kill the batteries.

The only disappoint thing here is lack of new features and the no gyro in the nun chuck is really lame. Along with that ball. This just feels like the 7800 from atari all over again it only did every thing also.

FragGen2994d ago

Bring on the casual shovelware!

solidt122994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

SOCOM 4 online with Move is going to be my game!!!!!!!!

tizack2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

with dual move's i think the idea would be that, the motion part would take the place of the joystick. so using both wands you would have all your buttons to do tasks while movement and the direction are controlled by motion on the left and right move controllers. for instance the left motioning would control movement, and the right motion would control turning left right and up down. kind of like how the two analog sticks are used now... just a thought. I think it would work great personally. Can't be done on the wii because the nunchuck doesnt have enough accuracy like the regular motionplus wiimote.

EvilBlackCat2994d ago


Nice joke... dO_Ob

from kotaku?

LOL!!! Nice Joke... d^_^b

"How The PlayStation Move Is NOT A Wii Remote"

well then somebody have the right to post

"How The Xbox 360 NATAL Move Is NOT AN EYE TOY Camera"

Fnck N4G is the best place to find Soap drama on internet!

N4G is da sh1t! PS3 loyalists are the best melodramatic "gamers".

Why i dont go like this against Xbox 360 fans?

Because they are not loyalist melodramatic fools.

This guys are full of sh1t! Hey mod! ban me!

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tunaks12995d ago

"And, hey, the Sony person showing me SOCOM didn't even make me wear the controller's wrist strap. A Nintendo person would never let me get away with that."
This article is quite I dunno, pointless

Greywulf2995d ago

Its Kotaku, they can't do a Sony article without taking jabs.

maniacmayhem2995d ago

What jabs did they take at Sony?

poindat2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Really. I read Kotaku regularly, and its a decent blog. I remember as early as late 2008 you COULD say that they were heavily 360 biased, but that really isn't the case anymore. The articles are more intelligent and the authors are more professional than much of these so called "gaming journalists." And its a blog for christ's sake. Hell, the commenters on there are more intelligent then 80% of N4G commenters. I don't understand why people yell "bias" when there is clearly none present. Like what you're doing Greywulf; they never made any unnecessary "jabs" at Sony. You are fooling yourself.

Now Destructoid... THERE you have a reason to be calling someone "biased."

Eamon2995d ago

It basically is a Wii remote but a lot more precise and requires no motion sensing bar.

But at least this time, party games will be more fun due to more accuracy. It was a pain playing Wii Sports with friends because of how inaccurate the motion sensing was.

As for shooters, I think they should keep the controller. Motion + shooting is never a good combination.

The street boxing was pretty accurate. But you'll need two Move controllers for one game though. Will Sony provide 2 Move controllers with each console or will you need to purchase another Move controller for a single game.
To prevent something like this, they should make the nunchuck/side controller motion sensitive too. It will annoy people if they are made to buy another Move controller to play a single player game.

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Sonyslave32995d ago

after reading this article, it is apparent that the ps move is exactly like a wiimote and the sonyfanboys are already on damages control.

TOO PAWNED2995d ago

sonyslave4,5,6,7,8, coming soon, until then stay here in open zone where few just throw their eyes at this section for banned retards, just for comedy sake

LordMarius2995d ago

360fanboys are already on damages control.

/fixed and GTFO

So Easy I Can Do It2995d ago

using the name SonySlave#; by using that name, you are actually a MicrosoftSlave.

Sony Always Wins2995d ago

haha... xbots pu55ys are wetting up as they get hard on the amazing PS Move cause natal sux

NYC_Gamer2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

natal=eyetoy clone with some emo kid named milo

avengers19782995d ago

It is very much like the wii mote and even nunchuck, though that is wireless witch is cool. The difference I noticed is in the motion capture and overall look of the games. The wii is has terrible controls even with the wii motion plus. I don't see a need for damage control, besides the name, the presentation was great and it worked well with socom 4 and LBP.
Anyone who says the name sucks, I agree with you
Anyone who thinks it didn't look cool, I disagree

Noble Spartan2995d ago

Nintendo Wii! Oh wait whats that?!

Straight rip-off from wii its ashaming really.

Noble Spartan2995d ago

Sony Nintendo Wiimote

Wii motion plus owns this crap. They did this ages ago. Lame attempt to Nintendo Wiis Glory

hoops2994d ago

Want to have some fun?
Go back in the archives of N4G.COM when NATAL was announced at the electroincs show. See how many Sony fanboys BASHED NATAL when MS announced their motion controls in the forum calling it a Wii rippoff and Motion controls are a gimmick and crap....
Then the following day when SOny was on stage they annoucned their motion controls and watch at all the SAME VERY people that were bashing motion controls just 24 hrs earlier, PRAISING SOny's version.
Lets not forget how MS fanboys bashed the Wii remote for years like SOny fanbys did prior to any announcement of their motion controls.
Hypocrits folks. Hypocrits

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jack_burt0n2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

hope!? lol thats a god damn seriously "glowing" hands on its kotaku!

socom 4

Jamie Foxx2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Socom 4 blew me away (thanks for the link) knowing it works with hardcore demanding games is a win,an no batteries is a big plus,it looks like all sony products...sleek,my interest has 100 percent peeked.


I don't see anything bad in the gameplay.

The Accurate is very good, and still in development, game and controllers.

So, I don't see anything bad in both things.

Sevir042995d ago

And it worked Just the way It was suppose to work... I want it for my self....