Splinter Cell Conviction Extra Modes Revealed

Splinter Cell Conviction has been in the works for a long time, but it's finally almost here. Set for an April 13 release date for Xbox 360 and PC, Conviction is reinventing the entire series with a faster pace, all-new cover system and the ability to upgrade weapons.

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swiftshot932996d ago

5 hours for single player? Ill be playing the co-op story as well but the other modes dont add anything for me. I would much rather have had them focusing 100% on single player and then co-op story.

StanLee2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

5 to 7 hours for the main campaign is a bit disappointing. It should be noted that the writer only played 4 levels, so how he drew a conclusion as to the game's length is beyond me.

dgroundwater2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I say 5 hours is far too short an estimate. This guy is playing on easy "journalist mode", using little strategy, just shooting around, and looking for the nearest door I think. A stealthy Sam will take at least 7 hours to do a decent job.

Blaze9292996d ago

Game Director Patrick Redding says with the single and co-op combined you can expect 12 and 16 hours and that's not even counting deniable ops.

Christopher2996d ago

I would have preferred a much greater focus on the single player game entirely, but some of the modes sound pretty nice and stick with the SC concept of stealth and combat.

bioshock12212996d ago

Didn't ubisoft say it would be over 16 hours?? Anyways the hunter mode sounds awesome can't wait to get it.

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2FootYard2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

I kind of feel like this isn't going to turn out very well. Please don't let me be right Ubisoft! I wanna love you but my heart will be broken if you don't deliver!

KILLERAPP2996d ago

Judging by the four levels I played, gamers will be able to make it through the single-player campaign in 5-7 hours. What the hell!!???

Al Bundy2996d ago

I know right. 5 years of development and delay after delay and all they can come up with is a 5 hour campaign?

StanLee2996d ago

I think he's alarmed that the writer played only 4 levels and could make a declaration about the game's length.

Inside_out2996d ago

How does playing 4 levels make the game 5-7 hrs long???...5 or 7 is a big stretch...Still...the game looks amazing. A little disappointed no 2 or 3 players in versus. Big expectations for this title...can't wait...

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KionicWarlord2222996d ago

A little more then a month and its finally here .

I guess ill forgive ubi for those delays .

KILLERAPP2996d ago

Come on Al bundy, Heavenly Sword was only 5 to 7 hours and is still one of the most talk about games of the PS3, if the game tells a great story and play well, is good in my book beside there is a lot of coop in this game and like stanlee says we still don’t know if this is true since the writer has not play the game completely.

jdktech20102996d ago

While I agree it's a rental (never fan of the Sam Fisher games) never intended on buying it anyway....all I see you do is bash the 360 and anything it stands for so you can drop the act

hoops2996d ago

Let me guess? If this were a PS3 game you would not be complaining about the length. And is it confirmed to be 5 hours in length....

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The story is too old to be commented.