PlayStation Move Official GDC Reveal Trailer

AusGamers has the official GDC reveal trailer for the PlayStation Move available for viewing

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socomnick3085d ago

Looks like a combination of the natal video and the Wii motion plus trailer.

Once again Sony being unoriginal and just stealing ideas.

Blackcanary3085d ago

so hard to understand is that everyone copies everyone and then they improve it.

When it comes to that advert how else are they going to advertise if you can think of a better way send an email to Sony.

negrito2113084d ago

just had to tel you.anyways M$ is the one that almost always copies not in to the motion stuff really but i can see myself getting it for like fishing and table tennis etc,now im actully looking forward to it and i love the design

billythepunk3084d ago

I fail to see how Natal, a wireless 3D motion-tracking system is in anyway copying Sony, who clearly copied Nintendo even down to the inclusion of a Nunchuk - moreover, Sony clearly had to reveal "Move" at last year's E3 after seeing Natal at Microsoft's press conference, otherwise the plan was to show it properly at this year's E3 - that's called damage control, and they still looked behind the mark.

I like all three consoles and PC, but stating microsoft outright copies Sony is a bit ridiculous