PlayStation Move: Dukes Screens

One of the best looking games during the Sony conference was the title known as Dukes. Letting you duel it out against opponents in fist fights, Dukes will require you to swing with all your strength to knockout an opponent in this street fighting title.

Sony has released the first screens.

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Sonyslave33141d ago

Ssssssh lag is not possible on the ps3 lol

Silly gameAr3140d ago

Have you guys seen videos of the games in motion? Got links to any gameplay or anything because I would like to check them out.

All I can find are screenshots.

killyourfm3140d ago

Video should be coming soon once the Sony Conference gets uploaded & compressed.

i_am_interested3140d ago

this game looked freakin awful and it emphasized the major benefit that natal has over move + pseye which was the ability to track the body effectively

leeger3140d ago

the demo showed was laggy as hell! Worse than natal!

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