GDC 2010: Sony Targets All Genres With Move

Sony's Jack Tretton has announced in a post-conference interview at GDC that all types of games can be adpated for motion controls.

"There isn't a game that won't apply to this motion gaming," he said.

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syrinx3176d ago

I just hope all games don't end up like Wii games which are usually not that great.

Medievaldragon3176d ago

Which Wii games have you played?

Shadow Flare3176d ago

I got a feeling this may Move *wink* some consoles

Bigpappy3176d ago

Who will they market to? And why will the target buy a PS3 and the motion package over the Wii they probably already own?

TheBand1t3176d ago

Pretty much what I've been saying all along. Who on earth is going to dump their inexpensive Wii with it's inexpensive games for Natal and Move?

presto7173176d ago

Dude would you stop posting that image?!!! PS Move takes all the best parts of the wii and makes them better.

Plus Move is not replacing the ps3, just adding to its ever-growing awesomeness.

DarkTower8053176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I have a PS3 and a Wii for my son. After seeing the Move demo today we made the decision to sell the Wii and buy the necessary accessories for the Move when it comes out.

Sony and Nintendo are on 2 different levels. Nintendo has taken advantage of the public with shoddy games, shoddy graphics and poor controls. Sony is showing the world how to do motion control the right way. With a plethora of 1st party devs and all 3rd party publishers on board we're going to be seeing some great things.

Another thing that came to my mind during the demo was the great opportunity for online play. That's something that the Wii doesn't take advantage of.

So to answer your question, Sony is targeting Wii owners who are unhappy with a crappy product.

ryano232773176d ago

I too have really wondered where the market is.

Yeah there is a huge casual market out there, but with the X amount of Wii's sold and those particular customers buy ALL the same games (look at the top seller list, been the same for a long time)

I am one who has said that the PS3 doesn't really need the Move. However if the games that come with it, can go WELL BEYOND (no pun intended) what the Wii has done, then I'm all for it.

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Xulfxulf3176d ago

remember when games were made for, you know.... gamers? People with like, manual dexterity? Ahh, nostalgia...

Medievaldragon3176d ago

All type of games? How can you play Starcraft II with motion? I can see it working with voice commands + motion, but not entirely motion.

Elly3176d ago

I love the idea of a shooter with a motion controller, not so sure about voice commands.

Medievaldragon3176d ago

Just saying, not all games as Sony says fit the motion technology. Shooter games, that's cool. RTS games and MMO with all those buttons and commands? Now that's a bit too ambitious without adding voice-commands along with motion.

butterfinger3176d ago

You do know that they said it will also take voice commands right? It was in their trailer, after all.

Narutone663175d ago

where Sony demo the Move. The demo was about tanks where you can choose or group the tanks together and direct them to their next destination. I think that game play can be adapted to Starcraft.

RedPawn3175d ago

I highly doubt StarCraft 2 will be for consoles anyway.

Ilikegames763175d ago

See the demo back in E3 2009:
Fast forward to 6:39 and you'll see that Starcraft kind of game play is possible.

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GR8 13176d ago

Thanks Sony for degrading your well known company in the dirt and making us all ps3 owners look like complete retards.

Mista T3176d ago

you don't even own a PS3, so shoo

butterfinger3176d ago

if you think PS3 owners look like retards, just think about how absolutely moronic XBOX360 owners are going to look flailing their hands and legs without a controller. I can only imagine how stupid Natal is going to make people look. The guys on Jimmy Fallon looked pretty ridiculous when they were demoing it. If I wanted to drive a car without a racing controller, I would simply grab that imaginary steering wheel and close my eyes. No need to spend another hundred bucks or so.

awesomeperson3175d ago

Now your so DELUSIONAL you THINK you have a PS3?

Al Bundy3176d ago

Finally, motion controls that a hardcore gamer like me can get into.

butterfinger3176d ago

want to use these with Resident Evil 5. I absolutely loved playing RE4 on the Wii.

hetz153176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

At first,i didn't have any faith at all in this motion controller thing, but after today's conference i decided to get it 1st day. I was afraid it would turn out like wii with their annoying wired nunchuck and also little support for hardcore games like killzone 3 or socom 4. After I saw the socom's demo,i'd convinced myself to support sony in this motion thing. I just hope that they don't get distracted too much by Playstation Move and forget about other thing,like the "real" games. Casual games like those sport stuff is cool,but making them like what Nintendo does with Wii is unacceptable. My support on Nintendo stopped after Gamecube ( I don't have N64 either) because they forgot how to make great games and focusing too much on that casual games thing. I have faith in Sony as always. They never disappoint me since the day I bought PSX in 1996 :)

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