Video: Sony PlayStation Move Press Conference Recorded Version

If you missed Sony's PlayStation Move press conference from GDC 2010, the full video is now available in recorded form.

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Stationfan3197d ago

Looking forward to Motion Fighter, and ill give Socom 4 a try. One thing i notice is the guy demonstrating Socom. Moved his head alot left to right giving the impressions that head tracking was part of the Control Scheme.

You heard it here first gentlemen. Either Socom 4 has head tracking or the guy playing it has a neverous twitch.

Heartnet3197d ago

@Above why wud u need headtracking? when the crosshair is guided by the Move remote xD..

Shaping Up nicely.. Dont think ill be using it for online multiplayer though xD unless its real easy to use

Socom 4 looks nice.. looks way better than confrontation.. was the whole reason i watched this vid