PlayStation Move Official Specs

PSLS writes:

During tonight's GDC Sony press conference, the PlayStation Move motion controller was finally fully revealed. Tons of new information has been pouring in since. Sony has just sent us and update including the official specs of the upcoming controller.

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Trexman893118d ago

ok, im a little more excited about this

mintaro3118d ago has a pointer interface, comes with a nun chuck, and is going to be packaged with something called "sports champions".

Now let me see, where have I seen this before....

Sevir043118d ago

The MOVE comes out of the box, Precise, the Wii-mote cant claim that at all. Secondly the Sub Controller isn't connected by a wire. it's bluetooth wireless, and i basically an additional option to help bridge the daunting task of playing with both the DS3/6AXIS and MOVE.... as seen by socom 4.. and it works better that way too.

Wii nope...

Sev3118d ago

Sorry bud, but the Wii is just a toy compared to this.

I really don't care about motion controls, but if the PS3 is going to have it, at least it is good.

doctorstrange3118d ago

Built in battery! I hate changing batteries

Lifewish3118d ago

i am excited for everything but the name.. was Move really the best they could come up with?

West_Coast_G3118d ago

I kinda liked ARC, but Move has more mass appeal. But I agree, the name is kinda...meh.

user94220773118d ago

Looks awesome. Nice to see so many developers interested in it and will support it.

unrealgamer583118d ago

If you ask me it could have been ALOT worse.

It would have been kick a$$ if sony would have shown the 3D sshd. god I love that game

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