Tretton: 20 games from SCEA for Move, 36 publishers on board

SCRAWL: "Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said in a live video interview that at Sony alone, there are twenty games in development for the PlayStation Move platform."

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GR8 13082d ago

36 publishers on board YEAH right show me the the PROOF otherwise stop talking out of your ass Tretton.

Natal has 80% of developers making games E3 is just around the corner. Death will come swiftly for (MOVE) Gimmick and Tretton R.I.P

cayal3082d ago

Prove your 80% are supporting Natal, troll.

Death24943082d ago

noob. Of course they have 3rd party support, especially since Nintendo isn't supporting the 3rd party community. Stop go back to your 30fps Natal. Can't wait to see that online.

TOO PAWNED3082d ago

That table tennis game is what i liked the most to be honest

KR1ST0F3R3082d ago

....if the 3rd party stuff is made multiplatform.

ie a current 3rd party game gets released for ps3/360

will motion games get a move/natal release?

both are motion but they are very different. move has lots of buttons, natal has none.

if this is the case will the move buttons be ignored for parity across systems or will the natal game be left wanting?

or will we see totally different products on either system?

think i am one of the few "core" gamers quite looking forward to motion (as long as it isnt shoe-horned into everything - just keep it where it fits)

nycredude3082d ago

I am ALL over that motion fighter, Sword and Shield, table tennis and SOCOM 4!!!!!

LtSkittles3082d ago

I'd like to see Oblivion, or a game like oblivion with Move,Arkham 2 would probably be like RE5 if it had move support, and I'd like to see a fps game with move.