SOCOM 4 and Motion Fighter to be PS3 MOVE Enabled Games

SideQuesting - Sony confirmed during their GDC presentation that SOCOM 4 will be MOVE-enabled when it released in the fall. Also revealed was Motion Fighter, a one-on-one motion fighting game.

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GR8 13175d ago

Sony GDC presentation was such a big embarrassment i felt SICK i couldn't even watch the stream. Sony has definitely gone down hill in my books they have lost all faith i had in them.

2FootYard3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

You silly, you're the one who clicked the show button.

Karooo3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Much better than wii mote, cant wait to play socom with it.

infamousinfolite3175d ago

Unfortunately, your comment shows up as standard. But really though, your pathetic attempt of trolling is really starting to annoy people and it's showing how upset you are that Sony is having so much content being done to the PS3 thus showing it will be future-proof. Here I have a box of tissues for you want some. Don't worry, lagtal, I mean Natal will fa-sell.

infamousinfolite3175d ago

"I'd like to thank Nintendo for introducing Motion controllers, now we get to steal their fanbase and make a better 'Wii-mote'. With our superior,no lag online capabilities, web browsing, HD games (rendered in 1080p, native) blu-ray movie capabilities, and our other plethora of other multimedia features, we can take the gaming industry by storm."

Dev8 ing3175d ago

"I'd like to thank Sony for introducing the eyetoy, now we get to try and steal their PS2 fanbase and make a better 'eyetoy'. With our inferior, laggy online capabilities, lack of web browsing, and sub-HD games (rendered in 576p, native) dvd movie capabilities, and our other plethora of other multimedia features, we can take the gaming industry by storm."

Dev8 ing3175d ago

Can't wait to see the Microsoft presentation. What they don't have one? How are developers supposed to make Natal games if they don't get to see it.

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Nitrowolf23175d ago

i was really impressed with how well it went. The accuracy is so good, and it didn't even look like it laged

TOO PAWNED3175d ago

I agree but that is one ugly looking game for PS3 game.

BannedForNineYears3175d ago

But that fighting game looked pretty lame, they were preset swings and stuff, you're not actually moving the hands.
Only the body.

inveni03175d ago

On that fighter game, there was quite a bit of lag, but I think that's because it's gesture based and not 1:1. I'm sure it'll get some tweaking, though. It'll be cool to play games like that with next-gen graphics, though.

kewlrats3175d ago

Part of the issue is that we were viewing it either on TV or streaming over the web. The lag we saw could have been associated to that. I'd hold off any lag judgment until people actually get their hands on it.

Canucks233175d ago

As responsive at it is, i dont think anybody who's interested in a SOCOM game want's friggin motion controls. This announcement killed all hype i had for it.

inveni03175d ago

The lag I'm talking about wasn't sound vs. video. It was the dude on screen vs. the movement in-game. Streaming online wouldn't affect that, as there was only one video being streamed via the web.

Christopher3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

I'm wondering of they'll ever make it a free move game with free swinging limbs. I've never seen a boxing game that didn't force you into a default block stance and then have you mimic or press buttons to perform pre-programmed punches. If they keep it this way, I wouldn't put it out there as a trademark PSMove game, because it's really just a nicer looking Wii boxing game.

The other games looked fine otherwise. I'm hoping the graphics of SOCOM 4 were due to the early stage of the demo used to integrate the PSMove. I do wonder how much, if any, overhead the PSMove controls take when playing normal games, though.

Bigpappy3175d ago

It would be nice if they could get that fighting game more responsive. It is the kind of game that is suited for motion controls.

Chubear3175d ago

This is not meant mainly for the already existing core gamer base. It is supposed to be a tool for non-traditional gamers to be able to access all types of gaming including very traditional core gaming like shooters etc easier than them using a controller which may seem a bit too complicated for them.

It is essentially what the wii has tried to do but didn't really pull off so they kept with primarily churning out crappy wii party type games.

Hate me on that one all you want but you know it's true. This is what we thought the wiimote was going to be about and it wasn't. The Move has shown you don't have to have a recticle the size of your head to play a shooter.

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tdogchristy903175d ago

I couldn't agree more. I've always hated the motion control movement, I'm old fashioned and like my standard controllers. I was even more let down because if anything, IMO FPS needs the gun motion controlers like the wii. So now if i wasn't excited before, i'm even less excited now.

giovonni3175d ago

You know revolutionary. Like I said in an early post. What they introduced was already seen in wii demonstrations. To be frank, if you were truly impressed with what you saw with the move, the first time Will introduced their motion controls you should have wet your pants.
The socom demonstration to me felt like it forced you to like the move because it was working with a popular game everyone can't wait for. Which leads me to believe the excitement coming from certain people was based on knowing the game is coming, versus it working with move. There was absolutely nothing ground breaking (Yes its very early), but come on. I just didn't get those warm fuzzies maybe E3

horris363175d ago

I bet Nintendos inmpressed.)

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