Sony thanks press for positive Heavy Rain reviews

During the Sony's GDC 2010 press conference, Peter Dille thanked the gaming press for positively reviewing Heavy Rain.

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aaron58292838d ago

I thank Sony and Quantic Dream for releasing such a great game !

nix2837d ago

yup! yup! great game!

t8502837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

wrong post

bjornbear2837d ago

and proving that just because the game doesn't have a gun and space marines doesn't mean it won't be successful =D

execution172837d ago

i just haven't finished it yet, gets pretty difficult playing with a backseat gamer

zeeshan2837d ago

Thank YOU Sony for being so brave!

2837d ago
Aquanox2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

87% of metascore is good. Only 2 points below Fable II. Great and brave attempt.

NeoBasch2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Couldn't be more proud to own a copy of this beautiful game. I hope Alan Wake will be just as successful. Rooting for the underdogs here!

Also, if I was in charge of Sony's PR, I'd make sure to call out the bigots. Blacklist EDGE, Destructoid, GameArena, and TeleText. 'nuff said.

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DelbertGrady2837d ago

"Thank$ Everyone For $upporting Heavy Rain!"

thereapersson2837d ago

I'm not going to fall for it.

I'm just going to say....

"Don't be *that* guy"

bjornbear2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

thats so funny coming from you =) to think you give your money to a company that is infamous for its greed xD

you should be a comedian =) love the irony!

@ above - it's a "person"?!'s a "guy"? =S wow...reality check

Syronicus2837d ago

This coming from $oda, one of the biggest M$ supporters...

RedDragan2837d ago

How are you not banned for always trolling the Gamer Zone?!

soxfan20052837d ago

He has a point. What would the PS3 supporters be saying if MS started thanking reviewers?

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dredgewalker2837d ago

This statement might PRESSure the press to make fair reviews....................... ......................... Im ready for the rotten eggs and tomatoes thrown at me for telling bad jokes.

dalibor2837d ago

"make fair reviews"
Yeah that will happen when MGS4 finally gets released for the 360. The irony in that is would the PS3 fans like to see the 360 get MGS4 for in exchange of fair reviews and less one sided gaming sites?

thief2837d ago

Now get your act together and get some copies in the market. The 2 HMVs and Game outlet nearby were all out of stock last week!

Nicholas Cage2837d ago

man that game is trippy, best game ive played in a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.