PlayStation Nunchuck Named; Detailed

At this year's GDC Scott Rohde has confirmed that there will be a nunchuck like device for the PlayStation 3. The device has been a rumor since the PlayStation Move was first demoed at last year's E3, with several developers confirming the peripheral.

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_vx2928d ago

that gladiator fight LOOKS SO DAM HOT!!

Death24942928d ago

I was most impressed with the gladiator demo. I can't wait to see how that would work online? Good thing PSeye does 60fps and not 30fps like some cam(cough, Natal).

headwing452928d ago

No lag makes me soooo happy.

mintaro2928d ago

I love how fresh this idea is, certainly unlike anything we've seen before.

blasian2928d ago

id play the hell outta that gladiator fight.. now mayb some demon souls implemented and we might have a winner

xskipperx822928d ago

Ive never seen anything like this before! It looks amazing! Leave it ti Sony to come up with something as original and advanced as this!

Bathyj2928d ago

You're not that original yourself.

Your mock sarcasm has already been done by mintaro.

Bathyj2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

PlayStation Move Subcontroller.

The PMS.
Cant we just call it Sub?

tnator2928d ago


Does anyone think that games played with a wii mote is better than a conventional pad. Not talking about graphics of course but just gameplay. Call of Duty... don't think so. How about Need for Speed.... Guess not. What about something that' made for the wii. Tiger Woods Golf... Not bad, but better....nooooo.

How about Metroid Wii V Gamecube or Zelda Wii V Cube. All great games, but i don't think the motion controls add to either what so ever.

This is not supposed to be a anti Ninti rant, rather the fact that Sonys Move, or Microsofts Natal will add nothing to the gaming experience than a conventional controller already does right now.

Syronicus2928d ago


The biggest complaint I have with the Wii-mote is the wired nunchuck. This is awesome to see Sony moving forward with tech that should be mandatory for all console gaming peripherals. Also, the games are looking awesome and hopefully, as we see with Sony first and second party devs, somebody will come out with a game or two that completely shows off all the aspects of this controller.

Baka-akaB2928d ago

LOL at the sarcasm boys . If it's already done well then by all mean show us games with sword duels that involve more than waggling .
At best we'd find red steel , and that's not good enough .

Redempteur2928d ago

one thing natal NEEDS if they want my attention it's precision ...

it doesn't have rumble ( that means response to the players actions ..) so IMO it's not on a good path ....

WhittO2928d ago

I LOL'd when watching the conference and they announced the name of the second controller, seems "logical" to call it that, just seemed like they could have come up with a better name, a better name for Playstation Move could also be thought of? lol.

It's like Apple calling the iPad "iPad", really? Couldn't have used iSlate or something ?

Wh15ky2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Resident Evil 4 is considered to be one of the best games of the last generation. I had it for PS2 and it was indeed great, however not as great as the Wii edition.

The only downside to the wii edition of RE4 is that it was a bit too easy because of the speed and accuracy of the controls, that's an example of how motion controls can be better than a traditional controller. Who doesn't want extra speed and accuracy from their method of control?

I also don't agree with your statement about FPS games on Wii. I very much enjoyed how the Wiis controls added extra levels of speed and accuracy to the likes of Metroid Prime, Medal of Honour Heroes 2 and Call of Duty.

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Darkfocus2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

ya I liked arc a lot better. things just don't sound right when they're named after a verb :/

it would of been cool if sony had a contest where fans could submit names and then the top picks would be voted on on the blog or something.

Eamon2928d ago

You'd think they'd have come up with a more creative name than "Move."

I think Arc sounds a lot better.

BYE2928d ago

Move is much more marketable than "Arc".

People in US might like the name, but in Europe they would say "WTF is Arc?". Move is a positive word everyone knows.

Baka-akaB2928d ago

I disagree Eamon ... Arc didnt even make any sense to begin with . Nor does really resonate with anything game related .

And Gem looked like something that could only be bundled with the new hanna montana game , singtar rihanna , Barbie at the beach party ...

At least Move , while not my choice , leaves an idea of motion in most minds .

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user94220772928d ago

Man, Sony outdid them selves with Move. Can't personally wait.

doctorstrange2928d ago

They had a good showing for the controller

ThePlaystation3guy2928d ago

When can I pre-order my Move controllers?

Sev2928d ago

Not sure, I am going to keep a look out that is for sure.

doctorstrange2928d ago

I can't wait to see the final price

Redempteur2928d ago

i understand that under 100$ is for the pseye + MOVE + a game ..but what if (like me ) you already have the ps eye ??

what's the real price of MOVE ?

Wh15ky2928d ago

I reckon the PSmove will be about the same price as a wiimote if $100/£70 = PSeye + PSmove + game.

I would assume the game will be a collection of mini games rather than a full game probably with a value of £15-£20 when sold separately. The PSeye costs £25 in UK. So from the £70 for the starter kit that means the value of the PSmove when bundled is around £25-£30 possibly £30-£35 when sold separately. But then theres the cost of the nunchuck device aswell. So it may cost around £45-£50 for PSmove + nunchuck (if the nunchuck is priced similar to Nintendos).

This means that the PSmove + nunchuck could cost the same as the wiimote + nunchuck. Personally, I think it should be cheaper than this because we also have the cost of the PSeye to factor in.

But then again, I'm only speculating, it may well end up cheaper.

I'd like to see 2 sets of controllers + the PSeye to be about the same price as 2 sets of nintendos controllers.

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