SOCOM 4 and PlayStation MOVE teamup


Sony has just confirmed during there GDC Press Conference that SOCOM IV will fully support the PlayStation Move controller and Sub controller meaning you can play the entire game with the newly named motion controller.

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Sev3113d ago

I think Move is a "move" in the right direction in terms of motion controllers. It looks much cooler than I thought.

ryuzu3113d ago

Socom 4 is definitely the biggest potential in this announcement.

Metroid on the Wii was excellent with similar control style. Bringing a better level of control to SOCOM is quite exciting - hope they do a good job with it...


snaz273113d ago

it still looks a bit odd, but i know why it has to look like that, and its not a major issue... the nunchuck type thing needs a new name! i cant even remember what it was, hense why i said nunchuck lolm, it was playstaion move sub controller or something, not very exciting... all in all it wasnt too bad i suppose, socom 4 using it was obviously the big annoucement, however, i just dont know if id sit there using that, when i could just use the DS3, hmmmm maybe id give it a go... i think the pricing is sounding about right... GT5 coming this year? wow it bloody better had, it was supposed to come out this month in japan for god sake! so WHEN! WHEN! WHEN! id rather you just said nothing than insult my intelligence lol... i was kinda hoping or expecting some firmware news, as we aint had one in a while, nevermind. i thought maybe some news on the premium service would be good too, but guess they aint ready yet... for gdc it was ok, nothing really mind blowing. well gonna go to sleep now lol.

unrealgamer583113d ago

I love you're sight but for the love of god promise that will be the last joke you make.

on topic: The socom 4 gameplay looks superb, It was a show stopper for sure. For alpha it was so smooth, But i'd bet money it looks so smooth because naughty dog is helping.

snaz273113d ago

did everyone else laugh when the japanese guy brought out the move, there was just silence? lmao i mean come on "id like to introduce you to the playstation move" YEAH MAN WE KNOW!! just show us what it can do! lol... and they go on about how the wii croud will "move" (see what i did there lol) over to the ps3... but will they? do wii owners (casuals) care about precision? do they care about HD graphics? will they fork out for a PS3 to have it? when they already got their wii? i just dont see it sorry... i know over time it will defo sell, i dont think its gonna be a huge system seller though, i just cant see that happening, casual gamers just arent gonna know or care about this... even if they advertise it, their just gonna think oh thats like my wii, and move on... it kinda makes me wish that they focus on the hardcore gamer a bit more... but then saying that its not like were forgotten about so im not against the move, i have kids and i bet they will have fun with it, and i will certainly give it a go too.

TOO PAWNED3113d ago

I just hope they improve visual of Socom, it looked like PS2 game and other shooter with destroy it this fall if things don't change/improve.

spunnups3113d ago

Socom 4...Besides the trailer, is there other actual gameplay? If so, can you please provide a link?

NeoBasch3113d ago

Do you guys have a copy of the conference saved somewhere? Do you think you can upload it on your site? I missed the whole thing. :( Or better yet, does anybody know where I can watch it if it has been uploaded elsewhere?

mal_tez923113d ago

If my Wii has taught me anything, it's that regular controllers are far superior to waving your arms around.

ikkeweer3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

It looked alot like MAG, so maybe not the best looking game, but still a damn good way to waste ones time (lvl 50 and still loving it).

On topic: I'll try it on SOCOM, for the rest let the kids decide. They look fun in the dark though, these bubble-torches (sorry, still like mine better then Move)

@disagrees well it did look like MAG (played it for two hours b4 watching that show, so I guess I know what i recognixe). And move will be replaced by some other name by gamers real fast once it launches.

and @ too-pawned, noway that MAG sucks, just try to survive for a while, you'll start to like it

BattleAxe3113d ago

Looks like Socom is using the MAG Engine. You could tell by the white streaks from enemy gunfire.

Hisiru3113d ago

Damn it! Socom 4 looks REALLY hot!

snaz273113d ago

guess you didnt watch GDC then? yes they showed gameplay... too pawned is slightly exagerating though i feel, it looked pretty good i thought, and if hes referring to reach, well sorry but that doesnt look all that either, and your comparing fps to tps, the polish will be applied to socom tho i have no doubt, and K3 will brush off reach no worries lol... i do have to laugh at all my dissagrees, does anyway fancy elaberating?

TOO PAWNED3113d ago

No i don't give a F.k about reach or 360 (everyone knows that by now) i am refering to other shooters on PS3. That 2K shooter also TPS, Ghost Reacon, Resistance3, new COD, etc. Just saying not hating.
MAG sucks, i don't like it, i want Socom 4 to deliver. Love TPS games but like isaid many time i call it as i see it and atm it looks bad.

Echo3073113d ago

Wow, this is surprising news. Not the whole motion controller update, I think we all expected that; I'm surprised at the idea of putting motion control in to Socom.

For the last 6 months or so, I've been condemning Microsoft for this, thinking they would be the one that would try and force motion control on us by putting it in to an already well established "hardcore" franchise, and now I'm shocked to see Sony "officially" do it first.

Please, both Sony and Microsoft, do NOT push motion on us by building it in to already established franchises. These games have built their entire audience around the standard controller, and I hate the idea of either company trying to change it.

Hey, I'm an open-minded gamer that has no issues with motion control, but please, build new IP's for that kind of thing, don't try and force it on the hardcore boys by shoving it in such a highly touted franchise.

snaz273113d ago

yeah i say it how i see it too, and the game looked good imo... its not like its being released next month either is it? lmao they have time to polish it dont worry... and anyway if you think other games will be better, then well just buy those other games... its no biggy right? you dont like mag? thats cool, buy/play one of the other awesome ps3 shooters, thats what variety is all about aint it?

snaz273113d ago

like erm wtf is wrong with adding another OPTION to the way you play socom? i mean ok you dont wanna use move (even though you never know you really might like it), thats cool dont use it then, they are not FORCING it on you at all... they said BOTH controls are available on the same disk... because you dont like motion controls (im not that keen either), you dont want anyone else to have the choice either? isnt that a tad selfish?

Echo3073113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I don't think it's selfish at all. I've been a loyal supporter of that franchise since day 1. Socom wouldn't be what it is today without gamers like me that have bought them all and played the hell out of them.

With that being said, hardcore gamers have been speaking out negatively about motion controls for a long time, so Sony/Zipper's idea is to take maybe the biggest hardcore shooting franchise they have and build it in? I hate the idea.

Even if it is an option to use it, every minute they spend programming the game for motion controls, is a minute they don't spend programming it for the probable preference of the entire fan base that literally put the franchise where it is today.

I respect your opinion and I'm all for options when it comes to gaming, but like I said, build a new IP for it. Don't take the chance of pissing off one of your most loyal fanbases by shoving it in to a crowd that has expressed NO interest in it before now.

@YoMe: I know, I understand it's an option. Please re-read what I said above and hopefully my view will become clear the second time around.

YoMeViet3113d ago

lol @ echo
as snaz said, you can use DS3 too you know...

TheBlackSmoke3113d ago

Watch the full conference on g4tv

Shows a lot of the casual games planned plus a look at socom 4 with move (%100 precision).

TheBlackSmoke3113d ago

If you watch the conference they specifically mention how easy the tech is to implement whilst also being cost effective. They express that the move controller is seen as an option for the hardcore gamer not a replacement.

snaz273113d ago

im sorry but you cannot talk for the whole socom community! there is a guy down below somewhere who says hes a hardcore socom fan, and cant wait to use it! your just one little person, so you bought some gmaes, thats cool but sony are not about to develop what YOU want because of that... and your going on about development time programming for the move... man its just button mapping! i bet it took them no time at all, infact they even said how easy it was! and anyway sony wont just rush it out the door! it will be released when its ready! you can still play it how you like to play it so i just cant see the big deal... your making a big song and dance over nothing, so fo that reason im out (like the dragons den quote? lol).

andron6663113d ago

Wii has peaked in sales and now it gets motion control gaming competition in HD. Wonder how they'll counter that...

40cal3113d ago

Socom 4 looked good. But as of right now I think I am the most excited for Move Fighting. If they let me beat people down online, I will be crazy excited.

Echo3073113d ago

I give up. I'm not trying to speak for the whole community, but if you haven't seen the vast majority of the hardcore gamers here on N4G speaking negativley about the Wii and motion controls for years now, you obviously haven't been paying much attention.

As for you thinking I'm making some "song and dance"(?)over nothing, you're not seeing the whole picture. Why don't you go ask all the old Nintendo fanboys how much they play their Wii, or if they even bought one. Adopting a system like this is a VERY touchy matter that must be handled with extreme care by the core crowd. You think Sony (or any other company) would hesitate to abandon the usual market over a larger market of old people and kids (the usual motion crowd) if it meant more money? Because there's a LOT more of them than core gamers.

Closing thought: I am absolutley SHOCKED to see so many gamers in here acting like this is a great thing, after openly mocking the Wii and it's controls for years. Just because Sony does it, it's better?
If you or anyone else doesn't understand the ramifications of what this could possible mean to the crowd that has made Socom what it is, then you and I just aren't on the same wave length, simple as that. I'm sure you still disagree, but trust me, I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks for the debate boys and girls, have a good one.

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West_Coast_G3113d ago

im a hard core SOCOM fan, and I think this is seriously gonna push the experience to a greater degree of realism

ViciousBoston3113d ago

Socom 4 has a COVER SYSTEM. HOLY-HELL guys this is going to be intense.

Marceles3113d ago

That was huge news that a whole game can be played through with it, and already implemented too. I wish they had a better person playing the demo of it, but man that's awesome news.

gunnerforlife3113d ago

i cant wait to try this out it looked well good when the guy was playing it :) imagine playing uncharted with Move now that's gone siiiick