SOCOM 4 To Support Move

Sony have confirmed that SOCOM 4 will be playable entirely with the PlayStation Move.

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Ve3tro3000d ago

Looked pretty meh, rather play with the dual shock.

garos823000d ago

as long as sony soesnt force feed it down our throats ill be happy with it

that being said ill still give it a fair chance.
i think only sony is capable of combining the core gamers with motion controls but only the future can tell

FlameBaitGod3000d ago

I would use the ps move cus ill have more control of the aim and ill be faster, just like a mouse lol.

interrergator3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

i think that is crazy no killzone 3:(

tdrules3000d ago

Well I won't be buying Move for Socom 4 that's for sure.
The sword and shield demo however reminds me of Oblivion.

downwardspiral3000d ago

i'm pretty sure that playing with the dualshock will be an option

blusoops3000d ago

they said playing with "move" is an option for the entire game, and for those who feel more comfortable with a dual shock, that's an option as well.

I'm actually willing to give this a try, looks OK, but what i really want to know is, how does it feel???

NYC_Gamer3000d ago

i'm happy that sony will be pushing move with more than just mini games...

Takoulya3000d ago

I agree completely. I intend to buy the PS Move, and as long as everyone is not forced to use it, which I doubt we will be, I'll be happy. I'm glad that we are seeing potential with precise, accurate tools.

garos822999d ago

succesfully merge motion controls with core gamers