Gran Turismo 5 Racing to PS3 This Year

PSLS writes:

During the Game developers conference 2010, Sony has announced that it will be releasing Gran Turismo 5 this year.

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Sev3198d ago

LOL, yeah don't jinx it.

ryuzu3198d ago

This year calendar or fiscal?

Well it's been so long I guess it doesn't matter any more. I seem to have peaked on GT5 interest about a year ago and as it's gradually gotten further and further away I'm struggling to care anymore.

I hope it's so good it changes my mind, but right now I can't get interested in it - particularly with the NASCAR focus and damage modelling which we've yet to see.


zeeshan3198d ago

^ As soon as you see the release date announced and when the reviews start pouring in along with pictures and videos that Sony will release for marketing purpose, that GT5 craze is going to consume you till you can smell the burning tyres!

I guess it is safe to say that we will be seeing GT5 in 2010.

SOAD3198d ago

This game rapes real life.

Noctis Aftermath3198d ago

People actually thought it wasn't coming out this year? weird.

Also the PS motion controller was a good move by sony, it will help them slow down the Wii.

INehalemEXI3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

GT5 is so much eye candy. You know its going to feel right too it got everything it should and more under the hood. Glad we get tastes from PD now and then. This game has had more demo then you can waggle a move at.

When the the full game drop it will come in hot like bahamut summon that is all

PshycoNinja3198d ago

Other then that did anyone else hear about how "they have a few suprises up their sleve". I wonder what they are. Something tells me that E3 2010 will be one of Sony's biggest E3's.

Maddens Raiders3198d ago

for the hustlas, this is for the hustlas now back to the G's......

andron3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Anyway, a Gamestop shop where I bought BFBC2 recently, had GT5 up for a Sep. release. I asked the guy behind the counter and he said that's the last date they had received. Lets hope it's right...

2Spock3198d ago

I mean really they could have in "Real Life" Built all these cars and all these tracks in the time it took them to make this game.

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halojunkie3198d ago ShowReplies(1)
k-Lan3198d ago

Really? It's about time.

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