GDC: FF XIII Director - Production Drove Content Decisions, Elements Will Return

Gamasutra: At GDC, Gamasutra had the chance to speak to Final Fantasy XIIII director Motomu Toriyama about the game. Released this week, the game has drawn both strongly negative and positive reviews and fan reactions.

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Bea Arthur3177d ago

That doesn't sound good. So what it would have taken them a decade if they were going to have towns? There has to be a better way to develop a game if you are taking that long and still leaving out so much.

AAACE53177d ago

Translation... The 360 restricted the game! DVD 9 and bla, bla, bla...

You know no matter what anyone says, that will be the main blame to them!

AngryFork3177d ago

It just sounds like it's because it was their first time on HD consoles and they were making a new engine.

It sounds like because they have the experience (and the engine already built) if they make a new one before the end of this-gen it'll be much faster and they can include towns and stuff.

I don't think we'll see anything for FF15 until next-gen though.

Midgard2283177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

its true wat u say, the game is compressed, sub-hd, 3 disc long and just completley downgraded.....imagine if it had 10 discs lol

SUP3R3177d ago

I disagree. I believe we will see FFXV before the end of the PS3's life. Like Toriyama said, it was mainly building the engine that prolonged development as well as learning to develop for HD consoles.
After gaining the experience off FFXIII, FFXV's development time would be much shorter in comparison.

Also, we always see at least 3 FF titles following the numeric series on every Playstation. We had 4 on PS2 and we already have 3 this gen. It's still early, a 4th is possible.

evrfighter3177d ago

lol...the only thing HD about final fantasy this gen will be on my pc with ff14...720p is so last gen.

FanboysWillHateMe3177d ago

If you actually play the game, it makes no sense to have towns where you can just talk to random villagers and what not. You're branded as l'Cie, which are very much feared by the people of Cocoon. To have you just go into towns and talk to everyone for fun makes absolutely no sense within the context of the story.

It wasn't about not being able to make towns, it just didn't go with the story. Jesus Christ, that's all I see when I read these comments, people complaining about no towns, no towns. Really? Acting like it's a game-breaker, that's a shame cause it's nowhere near that.

Bea Arthur3177d ago

SUP3R...agree, the PS3 life cycle will probably go on for another 5+ years which is plenty of time for them to develop another game or two.

Myst3176d ago

You hit the nail right on the head, to have towns would go against the entire back story and some.

Noctis Aftermath3176d ago

@1.6: ah no, maybe if you listen you will understand that WE KNOW the story won't let you go into the towns casually whenever you feel like it, that is the problem, why did they want to make a story like that? why take out the freedom of the game to tailor to the story?

Also, if they actually wanted to let you explore towns they easily could of as they could just change parts of the story.

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ZombieAutopsy3177d ago

Lets just hope Versus13 has some sort of towns, i mean just about all RPG's this gen has had them so why cant FF games.

Midgard2283177d ago

dunno if u been up to date with the games news but the game has a worldd map, it has ships, cars, flying over oceans and mountains again.

they were gonna show it at e3 but changed the character models on the world map since they originally looked like ff7 (big head character) on world map. they r changing it to more of ff8 style.

ZombieAutopsy3177d ago

Wow that really makes me happy i'm so pumped for FFv13, i hate that they changed the character models though i think they were better before. But today i will go buy FF13 so i hope it can hold me over until Versus and Agito 13.

Bea Arthur3177d ago

ZombieAutopsy...just because everyone else has towns doesn't mean FF13 has to have them. Have you played the game? They are all fugitives, it makes sense to not have any towns. Do you really want FF13 to just follow the leader and do what everyone else does?

Saigon3176d ago

Your right a game does not have to have towns...but does it make you wonder if they were cast-outs...where were the other cast-outs...why couldn't there be a town of cast-outs...Seriously it sounds like they went that direction (specifically changed the story) to avoid adding towns...With no towns it does not seem like an RPG it seems like an action game with RPG elements...For me I am hoping v13 will be better...

Disccordia3176d ago

Nomura said they've had to rethink the world map for versus. I fear that too is heading to 360 and the change is to accommodate a more linear game to stop inevitable disc swapping.

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Midgard2283177d ago

what square said in this interview actually made sense, it takes for ever to make an ingame engine alone, and if ur playin it on ps3 u can see this is one of the most impressive engines out, the game looks simply amazing, super crisp and runs smooth, now they have the tools, so newer ff games wont take aslong since they have their engine

NexGen3177d ago

I think that any developer who takes 5+ years to create a game would have been past these issues. While I'm still picking up the game tomorrow, I find it hard to swallow SE's excuses about why they didn't do something with towns, minigames, or whatever.

I would find it a lot easier to digest if they simply said a) they didn't want to, b) they didn't know how to, or c) the multi plat status created concerns.

I don't see how 5 years isn't enough and their constant excuses don't help. Urgh, it is the FF series that I've loved for so long and it basically stinks to see them talk this way. I don't even care about towns, just their poor excuses lol.

reintype3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

certainly contributed to that. SE maybe a third party developer, but their titles have always been exclusive to one platform (at least on launch for some titles). This is also the first time, that they had to pull members from other teams, just to finish a game. That never happened before.

Remember, they also had to cut away a significant portion from the game, that's already been running on the PS3. And as much as I hate to drag around a dead horse to the mud again, but the Xbox's media proved to be another factor. It's either that, or they could not port it in time for launch.

Disccordia3176d ago

It kinda makes sense but then I wonder why they've never had any problems making engines for the previous games. I don't see how it being on an HD console makes any difference, especially when SE has been at the leading edge of graphically intensive games. I however, know nothing about games design.

CLOUD19833177d ago

I am very curious about FFvsXIII they say that towns on a HD console is very hard/time consuming to make so if I see towns on vsXIII then all this is bullsh1ts and something else is the reason.. (lazy devians,360..)
But if we dont see towns on vsXII either then fck HD I prefer to play JRPG with anime-style graphics like ToV for example 100 times than have a game with crazy graphics and no towns,NPC's,world map,shops and all that the previous FF's have and it was standard for the series FF w/o a huge world to explore and hundreds of NPC's to meet/talk with them also with no minigames is no FF it's just a failed-attempt-wannabe-FF the only common is the name and nothing else.

xxchicago33xx3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I think the overly critical reviews of FFXIII are very weak. This is a great game and people are just looking for something to bash in my opinion. I understand that a lot of the people who are new to the series may not completely understand what I'm saying but this opinion should resonate with long time players of the series:

1) When has a FF game not been linear?
Every single FF game since the beginning of time is extremely linear. You always had to progress the story by going to the next "town" or checkpoint to progress the story. Even in FFVII the first 10 hours (Midgar) was extremely linear and featured corridors. Just because you don't ride a Chocobo or wander to the next checkpoint etc. doesn't make this game anymore linear than in the past. In my opinion I'm extremely impressed that Square was able to pump out a 60+ hour game that is constantly pushing the pace. Think about GOWIII which is going to be an amazingly fast paced game will last you all of 10-15 hours. Now saying that the game doesn't have side missions as a negative is an appropriate argument.

2) The combat system is not completely turn based?
I actually agree with this, I like turn based RPGs. However, a turn based interface would not work with this games pacing. You feel very involved with combat system. You don't have to use auto attack....I would have liked to see the combat system open up a bit more early on but it truly is complex.

3) No towns/leveling.....again for anyone that has played Crisis Core this was true in that game as well and I think it works for this story and pacing. I like the personality of towns and looking for shops and side quests etc. But the slow down would not fit, this is not a grinding game. Which again in my opinion does not make an RPG fun, it makes it a chore. I like that they don't let you overly max out your characters by adds a bit of a challenge.

4) Cheesy dialogue....come on really. Have you played Japanese RPGs or watched Anime before....this is a staple. Awkward moments and cheesy dialogue add that personality. This is why I love these games.

My apologies for the rant but I just don't like how quickly people are writing off this game. It takes a lot of risks and makes a ton of changes to the FF model but they're very refreshing. This isn't Madden, we need evolution in RPGs. People should not be turned away from this game for any reason. It's an A game in my opinion the fact that anyone would rate this game lower than an 8.5 is flat out wrong.

This is a damned if you do damned if you don't outing for them. If they would have kept everything the same people would have complained. I applaud the efforts and don't think they should have to explain themselves in anyway. Stop being on the fence and buy this game because you're missing out on a great game.

almasy9193176d ago

You're pretty selective on what Square should keep the same. So it's fine that it has cheesy dialogue (which I don't know, they could have improved) or the super cliche overdone JRPG trope characters (coughVanillecough) but taking out other staples of the series is dandy?

1) But they actually made that linearity interesting and enjoyable. Corridors -> Cutscene -> Fight -> Cutscene = don't equal advancement. At least the downtimes and interactions in the towns added to the overall atmosphere of the game.

2)I really don't have much complaints about the battle system other than how long it takes to open up. What, are gamers now f'ing morons who's hand can't be let go? Give me a freaking break.

3)So what? Every other FF that has allowed players to advance a few levels above what they should at a certain point of the game is now a bore? Gee, I'd call that a bit of freedom.

4)towns gone? Awesome! Cheesy dialogue? Hey, it's a part of Final Fantasy! Accept it!

People who have been fans just as long as you are are complaining because instead of improving on certain RPG staples, they just took them away and the return we got was what? Boring level designs until you get to Pulse. Then back to the corridors of doom.

Yeah I know I'm focusing alot on towns/levels but what I really hate is how long you're actually able to customize your team.

Lionsguard3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

1.) FF7 was the REVERSE of FF13. FF7 was linear for the first several hours and then OPENED up for the rest of the game which was basically 90% of it.

2.) Combat I dont really have a problem with at the moment but Potions heal everyone and you get healed right after battle, it makes it feel cheap. Pricetag for offering fast gameplay.

3.) No towns and no leveling KILLS THE HEART AND SOUL of an RPG. Seriously if you dont like this then why are you playing an RPG? This is FUNDAMENTAL for an RPG.UNCHARTED 2 sounds more like your cup of tea. Hey in the next Uncharted (or Gears of War 3 if you're an xbox guy) Lets turn it into a turn-based RPG and lets see how you like that!

4.) Dialogue is cheesy, should let me mute them at times.

5.) Bring Back Materia.

FF13 has an identity crisis, it seems like it's trying to be something else that it can't be, which is a linear action game (UC2,GeO2) So far I am not impressed with this game, BUT I will continue playing this game with a somewhat open mind before I completely cast this game out.

Can you imagine though that if Naughty Dog had created this game with the same formula as Uncharted2? Instead of an RPG it was a linear action shooter? Man that would be pretty awesome.

xeromedia3176d ago

I'm 15+ hours into it and I have not missed towns and NPCs at all.

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