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MSN writes: "God Of War III sees cursed anti-hero Kratos, the fallen God Of War, finally getting his bloody revenge against the rest of the Greek gods. The last in the trilogy of action games is the first for the Sony PS3 - and lays out its key features early on.

Kratos opens the game ascending Mount Olympus on the back of a Titan; essentially a moving environment our anti-hero must cling to as he and it are assaulted by their mutual enemies. As opening sequences for games go, it doesn't get more ludicrously over-the-top than God Of War III. And from there, the game turns it up a notch..."

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Greywulf3199d ago

At this point, do you need reviews telling you a PS3 game is good?

3199d ago
Army_of_Darkness3199d ago

ohhh, ummm, wait a minute..hmmmm.. apparently, the score is actually good...
**scratches head** Fine, I'll accept your presents this time, but next time I'll have a close eye on you Micro.Soft.Networks.

CoderDunn3199d ago

Based on what I keep reading, I have to try this game. I never played the previous 2 though (bought a game cube instead of PS2 cuz it was cheap).

Can you just jump in, or should I play the previous 2 games first? I need to get a PS3 when I buy a HDTV ...

Immortal Kaim3199d ago

Don't know why you guys are stirring the pot, this is exactly why you get Sony Fanboys come into 360 threads and start sh*t, cause you guys are doing the same thing...

So what if they make moronic statements, let them be...

darthv723199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

seeing as you dont have the ps3, you should at least get the gow collection when you do. It is worth having the first two to understand where 3 is going. Not hard to tell but it just makes for a better experience in the story if you play the others first.

This is one of my favorite series to play. worth getting a ps3 for or at least getting a ps2 to try the originals.

Kurylo3d3199d ago

of course microsoft owns this site.

If you hadnt noticed throughout the entire article he spews negative after negative ... trying to bash it. One problem.. the negatives arent actually negatives to the rest of the world. lol... and he ranks it an 8/10 (4/5) .... lol.. this game is a solid 10. I cant find a single thing wrong with it. This reviewer was hunting for stuff to find wrong and when he couldnt he started making up trivial facts like the animation attacks might be a tad too slow cause a boss character can out pace u lol... are u serious!!?

rambi803199d ago

If you want to play GOW3 without any spoilers you need to stay out of the open zone on PS3 related articles

I personally don't care either way - but i just wanted to warn everyone

Some idiot is trolling and giving away the ending- lack of quality exclusives apparently frees up your schedule

Cold 20003199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Well Ive decided not to stay out of PS3 threads anymore.

PS3 fanboys dont stay out of 360 threads. Dont see why should 360 gamers do it either.

FamilyGuy3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

That equates to 80/100 which is "decent" or "worth playing".

The review itself IS good and the point drop isn't justified in this grading scale. MSN should NOT be reviewing PS3 exclusives. Period

"Well Ive decided not to stay out of PS3 threads anymore."

Cold, you're full of it, you have NEVER "stayed out of PS3 topics" to begin with so how are you going to act like it was some sort of recent decision, based on PS3 fanboys, to be in PS3 topics talking crap all the time?
You're one of the worst troll here because you honestly believe that you AREN'T a troll. No one EVER agrees with you and all you do is annoy everyone in any topic GTFO. This site would be better without you. I prefer Murderdolls to you and he's pretty bad.

Elimin83199d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

WTF.. Kratos hates women? Didn't know that. I mean, he had a wife and kid... not saying you can't be misogynistic just cause a guy has a wife and kids but....... hmmmn.. WTF does that have to do with the story anyway?

("What we don't like:
Little gameplay innovation since earlier games. Wildly varying difficulty levels."..

"God Of War III mostly does exactly what the previous games did - dish up huge arterial sprays of violence, fast-paced brutal combat and huge encounters - but bigger, bolder and better than before.")

And that's Bad? This article is full of donkey SHT. He/She doesn't like, well, what he or she likes..

My 2cents

CoderDunn3199d ago

Thanks for the info. Looks like I need to start saving up some money =)

Cold 20003199d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Oh man if only you knew how much I dont give a damn about what you think. You wouldnt bother answering to my posts :)

edit: How cute. I'll be sticking around just for you :)

edit: Oh so you erased your post ?! LOL.

FamilyGuy3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Anyways, look through my ENTIRE history of comments on this site (not seriously, obviously). Find how many times something I've written has been "deleted by mod".

Look at yourself and admit you're a troll, you add nothing to the "conversation" and are just here to annoy people.
You constantly claim "Ps3 fanboy were doing this", "Ps3 fanboy are always doing that" ect Yet you never look at yourself or realize you're worst than them all and simply make assumptions about how others will act.

edit: I erased nothing, just cleaned up what I had to say.

Immortal Kaim3198d ago

The whole 'they do it, so I will do it too' mentality is so childish, it is hard to comprehend why anyone older than 10 would bother... People are morons (especially the N4G community), why stoop to that level?

tda-danny3198d ago

Stoop to that level? I'm afraid he's been there for a long while...

BattleAxe3198d ago

If MSN could have given GoW3 a lower score without looking like complete morons, I'm sure they would have.

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MorganX3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Reviews will never die. Different strokes for different folks. Not everyone loves HALO or Uncharted.

Edit: This is actually one the most accurate reviews I've seen.

deadreckoning6663199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@MorganX- I was just about to say that. It distinctly states why the cons are actually cons. Btw, they said for action gamers, its a must buy despite the fact that the core gameplay hasn't changed much.

Jinxstar3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"its a must buy despite the fact that the core gameplay hasn't changed much." Statements like these get on my nerves... These reviewers don't say the same for Halo or Modern warfare(COD) even though the core gameplay hasn't changed at all and both of those franchises are older then GOW... "Con: It feels like an action game... -1 point" Is just dumb... Whatever though... Thats how the industry is...

SnuggleBandit3199d ago

I thought the same thing jinxstar...the lack of innovation CRAP is only brought up during the reviews of ps3 exclusives.

D4RkNIKON3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

@Jinxstar I agree completely. COD4 MW, COD WaW, COD MW2 all have the EXACT SAME GAMEPLAY. EXACT.. They add new maps guns and perks and it is a brand new game and no one complains about it.

The jump from GOW2 to GOW3 is more than enough to justify a new game, I can't say the same for COD4 to MW2.

darx3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

You's two need to get a life. Same with you raztad.

Max Power3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

who just took some time to write a useless comment. And to let you know, I am wasting my time writing this comment so don't bother replying.

D4RkNIKON3199d ago

Your point being? What are you doing right now with your life?

Jinxstar3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Glad you guys agree. Your right how much have the graphics, scale, story or whatever improved from MW1 to MW2... GOW has "similar" combat to the last iteration even though it's still more robust(Charging people and weapons that are actually good besides the blades... These are just 2 examples of improvements off the top of my head that I feel are great new innovative ways they pushed the combat variety not top mention numbers of enemies on screen... Levels that move as you fight on the... This to me is innovative in and of itself)

but this game pushes the envelope incredibly far and sets the bar incredibly high in every other way and it gets knocked... Graphics, Story, Pacing, Scale, Atmosphere, Variety and everything have improved but a combat system that is not broken in anyway is not "Innovated enough" and it gets knocked... I hate reviewers... Especially ones with "MS" in the title... They really shouldn't be reviewing PS3 exclusives...

Edit: Don't let the troll get to you guys. just report him and leave it be. Not worth it...

raztad3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )


You are the one needing a life. Unable to bring a decent argument. just came in with a stupid comment.

BTW, I'm taking a break from my work, so I felt it was a good time for a rant.

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raztad3199d ago

It pisses me off big time when the excuse of "lacking innovation" is used to knock points off an otherwise perfect game. It's absolutely understandable if you dont like the mechanics, or prefer certain style over the other, but come on let the innovation "blah blah" out of reviews. It's pretty clear not every game is required to be groundbreaking, more so if we are talking about sequels.

Talking about GoW3. Isnt the titanic moving levels, innovative enough? so far I know this is the first game having them.

MrBuffalo3199d ago

I agree to a certain extent as some games are so good innovation doesn't really matter because they do what they do so well for instance UC2 doesn't really innovate but is still excellent. But some games show their lack of innovation when they aren't so good. At the end of the day it only matters whether its fun or not. If its not so fun a reviewer may begin to think 'i've been here before' or 'this feels tired'. Personally in GOW3 I want more, bigger and better and that would be enough to make mw want it. Change is only good if its needed. The original Halo had the best campaign but has since felt watered down and more Multiplayer centric where as Assassins creed benefited alot from change. I'm deviating a bit but at the end of the day innovation should only be called for if its no longer fun.

Anorexorcist3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

What about presentational innovation? That should count for something.

The only thing stupider than that is the docking of points for no online multiplayer. Yes online gaming on consoles is bigger than it has ever been, but it should be viewed as a luxury and not a necessity for certain genres.

On second thought, I view it as a battle that cannot be won. If it stays true to its roots, it is docked for not having innovation. If it strays off, it is docked for not staying true to what made the earlier installments great (an example of this would be certain reviews against Bioshock 2.)

c64days3199d ago

It's not the first time nor the last time a reviewer uses faded exuse to take out scores.

Let me refer you too Gamespots R&C review.

raztad3199d ago


Just to add to your point. Let me recall MW2 and L4D2. The former got almost perfect scores all across the board, and what it did was just slight refinement to a formula that fans were extremely happy with. The latter came in less than a year after its prequel and still got an amazing reception, even having close to none innovation or improvements over the first. Good game is good. PERIOD.


True that. R&C series have been constantly criticized for its "lack" of innovations. Still the formula always improve in each iteration providing a lot of fun for fans of the genre.

The original GoW brought an incredible amount of innovation to H'n'S genre. GoW2 refined it and pushed the scale forward. Why GoW3 should depart from it? Game brought an unseen level of epicness, that is where GoW3 main contribution resides. Who really was expecting GoW3 combat to be changed? It would upset fans (me among them) if such a change would had happened.

N4BmpS3198d ago

It sort of grinds my gears as well when people say a game like GOW (which was a bit ahead of the hack n slash genre) isn't innovative it doesn't need anymore innovation there is a level of things you expect to stay familiar when you play this game in particular mechanics were always there they are heavy and kind of hulking. GOW3 isn't the only game that has moving levels though, there was Uncharted 2 with the train ride, it was a moving level with in a changing environment. GoW3 is based on scale, story, visuals and it's own gameplay, not the gameplay of other games(Darksiders, Bayonetta, DMC, etc.) GOW3 goes it's own route and I think it can only be compared to the other GOW titles and how much it has improved over those titles.

raztad3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )


You are right about UC2 moving level (train). I recalled it but I just feel GoW3 is a totally different scale. UC2 is a lot more intimate. No to mention that UC2 having it first was just a matter of timing, its not like SSM team saw it in UC2 and implemented in GoW3 later on.

@N4B bellow

As a result of this conversation, something popped in my mind. Do you think UC2 would had the same "WoW" factor if released later than GoW3? I really doubt it. GoW3 pushed the bar a lot.

N4BmpS3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Yeah I agree it was all about the timing; no matter how you look at it SSM had this planned and actually it was done before in GOW 1 when you were on Kronos. GoWIII has level movement on a greater scale and I think people over looked that fact, no one has done a moving level/boss battle like SSM.

EDIT: @ above yes and no, it would have had a WOW factor for the Action/Adventure/Platform genre but for games all around No honestly speaking. This isn't a knock to Uncharted 2, since I love that game but now when a PS3 owner looks at U2 they might say ND needs to step their game up. In pure visuals (can't believe I'm saying this) GoWIII has trumped U2.

MrBuffalo3198d ago

I agree with all points above just want to add another though. I think reviewers should place more emphasis on level design and storytellin. These are the things that I think should be addressed in a sequel. Take UC2, in UC3 I don't want them to f'up the game mechanic one bit because its fine as it is. Just take Drake on a different journey and the gameplay will speak for itself. Same goes for God of War 3, even Gears of War 3. To look at it another way I want Halo to return to the epicness of the first one. I can't remember a game I devoted so much of my time to mastering then that. The sequels have lost something for me (despite being emongst my favourite games) they kept the gameplay mechanic more or less but the levels didn't feel as 'epic' It became too scripted with too much dialogue. Alot of the beauty of Halo was how open ended it was which gave the levels alot of replayability. This is something that was lost in 2 and 3 to some extent, there was just something lost. Bungie made an online multiplayer beast and got sloppy with the story (dont kill me I still like it) I'm hopeful for Reach though. Innovation be damned just give us fun for funs sake and not innovation for innovations sake. Very much looking forward to this GOW3.

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JTX3199d ago

Apparently Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3 are the head honchos when it comes to innovation and presentation to sites like Ign. LMAO.

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