Microsoft yet to get on top of Forza 2 racism

From "Although it's one of the game's many outstanding features, certain elements of the Live community – be it to express general political views or merely to get some form of reaction – have been using the Forza 2 paintjob editor to create right wing and racially themed cars."

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TheMART-sucksdick4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Nazis Bastards!! (sorry i couldnt resist)

kevoncox4185d ago

The people who don't get involve.
I'm a West Indian American and I have been called a nigger online all the time. What bothers me isn't the guy doing it but the 6 other indiviuals that do nothing to stop it. It's almost like racisim is ok if it's not about your race. Alot of white guys online seem to feel like I'm not black so it doesn't bother me.

Personally, I stand up against people using the word [email protected], queer, chink, jap, spick and cracker online. Racisim should affect all. So the next time someone on you team goes off using these terms. Tell him or her to stop or report them.

Funny of all the words i used, only [email protected] is not allowed. Nigger seems to be just fine.

The Real Joker4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

and I am also suprised at the site not blocking out nigger. Does not make a lot of sense.

rain19714185d ago

Do you think he`ll win many races. As far as I know, Nazi`s don`t have a good track record for doing so.

Ooh! politics

Caxtus7504185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

yeah i do agree although I dont think its that people accept rasiscm but rather lack courage..

Sadly it is all types of discrimintation, from sexuality right through to gender and nationality differences in which discrimnation and predjudice occur.

I do not personally think it is because people see it as acceptable, afterall they do not all join in. I personally feel it is uncomfortablness, akwardness and perhaps embarssament -not knowing what to say back without being victimised that is often the problem. Perhaps lack of courage rather than aggreement.

Some people I have played with have stuck up for me (being UK i often some rasiscm from a minority of americans) but usually they dont and sadly this seems to be the case for all accounts of discrimation.

This is a very sad problem which i dont howver see dissaperaing until people overcome the alwardness and silence and stick up for one another and as i said, I do sadly feel this is a small minority of people who are not being silenced that gives the impression that discrimintation like racism is accepted.

we should all stand up and use the feedback systems but also as a party of 6, fight back against the 2 haters.

Just my thoughts and some goind points raised that need to be adressed. :)

(sorry for bad gramma + spelling, in a rush)

EDIT: the fact somone disagreed with your comment is slighly worrying too...hopefully they disagreed about the fact it appears no one defends rasicm rather than it is acceptable.

Blackfrican4185d ago

I would much rather see pride vehicles then nude Japanese anime children, even if these "pride vehicles" are demeaning to other races.

anime child porn mobiles to racism mobiles is like 100:1

daous4185d ago

Blackfrican is a naive user who seems to have forgotten his history lessons. If vehicles with "anime child porn" painted on them is worse than "pride a.k.a. racist" vehicles, then you are clearly not looking at the bigger picture. Tell me, which type of mindset is responsible for the death of millions of Africans, Chinese, South Americans, Native Americans, etc.? The ones with the racist mindset of course.

Of course, I'm also completely against child porn in ANY form, but you seriously need to get your priorities straight, unless you're purposely trying to attract angry responses.

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Retro-Virus4185d ago

That's just sad.

Wonder, what it must be for Dreamer61 et Co to be such failures in life.

PhinneousD4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

you funny racist gamers. might be time to send Dreamer61 an email.

BoneMagnus4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

And all liberal democrats are Communists...Give me a break. The outer fringes of both the right and the left are where the freaks live. For the rest of us, there can be heated, but respectful, debate. Sorry for the rant...

There's a solution to this...DON'T BID ON THESE CARS!!!!! Then the losers who make them can enjoy them alone in the privacy of their own homes, which is their right to do, and the rest of us won't have to look at it.

calderra4185d ago

1- Don't bid on these cars. Duh.
2- Send feedback against this player if they're on your recently played list. Microsoft takes bannination of people like this very seriously.
3- You can go to the developers' forums at and report people like this, at the form they creates just for these issues:

Sooo... what is Microsoft not doing here?

WANDA4185d ago

actually, the comparison is this:
hyper conservative=fascist
hyper liberal=socialist

ThaGeNeCySt4185d ago

I try not to let things like this bother me.. i've been called the N word numerous times on H2 and I just let it roll off my back... and really.. what can MS do? I don't think they'll waste any resources on sifting thru the auction house everyday for racially themed cars unless their hands are forced

Bullseye4185d ago

that you can 'just let it roll of my back' as you say,but no level of racism is acceptable and while you may be able to rise above it, that doesn't mean others can or should have to.Microsoft are very clear on their policy about such things,therefore Microsoft will have to back up their words with actions.Over to MS

drtysouf214185d ago

should be responsible enough to let people call in to customer service and give that persons gamertag and then have that 360 and account banned instantly.

uxo224185d ago

drtysouf21, so what happens when people get mad because they got smoke checked and call in and tell a lie on you. State something that isn't true. It's hard enough getting a good review from people when beating them on live.


I beat a guy in NBA 2K, and was very polite through out the game. However, the guy gave me a bad review saying I was being unsportsman like because I left my starters in the game. I see it like this, he never pulled his starters either. Perhaps he should compete against lower level opponents and sop being such a baby.

daous4185d ago

Furthermore, by just allowing the racist comments to "roll off your back", you are merely encouraging these racist gamers to continue making these comments to you and OTHER players. You are, unintentionally, making the situation worse for the rest of the online community by allowing these racists, naive kids (and unfortunately, some teens and adults too) to continue spreading hateful and negative comments.

This is a major issue for all companies supporting an online community, not just Microsoft in particular. However, Microsoft of all gaming companies must actually start enforcing their policies and zero tolerance of discriminatory comments, because they have the most robust and well-established online community.

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