GDC Sony Press Conference Coverage

For those interested, we will be covering the whole conference via CoveritLive. We invite you to take part in the polls, and to share your predictions, before the show starts. Remember the conference starts at 4:00 PST. Hit the break for the latest updates.

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omimasum3119d ago

dont know which one to watch it on

jack_burt0n3119d ago

wow must be big for sony to stream they dont even stream e3 on the blog >_<

xTruthx3119d ago

I know you can watch the 1 in G4TV on your ps3. I dk others

Noctis Aftermath3119d ago

I'd advise people who haven't played heavy rain that are watching the Sony stream not to read the chat on the side, retarded people keep posting spoilers.

Deputydon3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Sigh Sony. Sigh.

Playstation Move?

Arc was so much better sounding.

GoW3 = 35 gbs...

jwatt3118d ago

thanks! I actually have Heavy Rain on pause right now. Also Sony's motion controller is called "Move".

ikkeweer3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

and it's Move, I prefered Arc, though.

Don't really care about these normally, just curious bout one game.

EDIT: can we choose the colours on those wii-controllers?

Alvadr3118d ago

Playstation Move. Oh dear.. Its precision, Its precise, its accurate, its true 1-1 tracking.. Ok we get it, and im still not interested or impressed.

Immortal Kaim3118d ago

Just started watching 2 min ago..What did I miss before?

'Move's' precision sounds awesome, being able to add spin to the ball (in table tennis game) sounds amazing.

Immortal Kaim3118d ago

$100 with eyetoy camera, control and game....Think that is a little too high, that will convert to like $160-200 Aus...


and forget about the dm motion controllers. I dont know you guys but Im really not interested in any motion controller for any console. Not the "move", the Natal or the whole Wii console. Im an old gamer and I prefer the old school Dual Shock 3 or the 360 controller over anything. Just my Two cents...BTW the shovelware will be abundant for both the 360 and PS3...


sashimi3118d ago

Its not like they're forcing you to buy it.Its also not going to be the only option in games.DS3 will always be the standard, i love how some people downplay sh*t, its not your thing? don't worry about it cause Sony isn't making it the standard. This will be another revenue stream for Sony and that is good!they'll have more money for hardcore games.

ikkeweer3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

exactly, I don't wanna get fit while risking throwing a bubble-torch at my tv either. I'll buy the damn thing, cause my cousins will love it (judging how they loved eyepet), but I have so many doubts on that how this will cause more attention for developers to get out the shovell-ware out instead of hardcore-games.

Noctis Aftermath3118d ago

I can see this being really good for sports games, mostly baseball, golf and tennis.

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Panthers3119d ago

Ill just choose N4G and just get a summary of each news story.

jjesso19933119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Irnbruguy cheers didnt know about that seems like best way watch it live video stream.

thinking about does seem odd them having a stream when they dont even do that for e3 is there massive anoucment coming we can only hope more ps3 exclusive the better would love getway and eight days to be shown and be back devlopment.

Irnbruguy3119d ago

No prob dude, was musterbuster who mentioned it on twitter :p

BannedForNineYears3119d ago

I'll most likely watch it on G4, or JTV....Or....I don't know! D=

simplyRealistic183119d ago

0I'll rather watch GDC on G4TV/HD instead on a website, plus i get to listen to the funny snarky comments Kevin Pereira, don't care less about Olivia Munn she's replaceable and not all that hott

jdktech20103119d ago

bite your tongue...she's one of the hot actual gaming girls (keyword being actual)

Anyway, can't wait to see what's on tap for tonight....doubt there will be anything mindblowing with E3 a couple months away but it's gotta be big for all this streaming and a conference in the first place at GDC. Will be watching while waiting to see if my Mavericks can make it 13 in a row (had to get that in there)

execution173119d ago

shes the hottest of the hotness :P but yea as far as gaming chicks go shes near the top in how hot she is

LittleBigSackBoy3119d ago

Cat (N4G mod) is 50 times better looking, imo.

Bilbo653119d ago

Lol at you guys considering her a gamer. Shes there just to be cute, plus she just used it to catapult acting career shes leaving for a tv show soon.

The blonde chick before her was hotter and cooler Olivia/Pereria try to hard

Btw G4 is super lame

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