Rumored PS Store Content for 03/11/10

PSLS writes:

This week's major highlight is Mega Man 10. Other than that, expect plenty of DLC along with the latest episodes of Qore and The Tester. Tonight is Sony's GDC press conference, so maybe something new will be announced last minute for tomorrow's update.

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Trexman893117d ago

The Tester Epidsode 4!!!!!!!!! :D

guitarded773117d ago

Yeah, I hate "reality" shows, but The Tester has become my guilty pleasure.

FamilyGuy3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I hate reality shows so I can't force myself to see if I might like this one. The only interest I have in it is one of the previews showing Jaffe on the show so I was curious but decided not to check it out in the end because of my hate toward reality tv.

On another note, can't wait for next weeks PS Store update for that Rockband DLC. Finally getting Lady Gaga hits (LOL right?) and especially for the Cartman version of Poker Face. Rockband DLC really needs more up to date, mainstream sounds. I understand it's "Rock"band but what could throwing a few more pop songs in the mix hurt?

execution173117d ago

but i'd like it even more if it had more then just 1 game, and make'm like those asian gameshows be awesome if they were like that

Bnet3433117d ago

Where for art thou MLB The Show 10 demo?

decimalator3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I'm surprised that there wasn't another famous Qore leak, or do they save those for E3?

Sony Always Wins3117d ago

Nice. I still lol at the xbots defending their system when it sux and they have to pay $50 a year for the sh*t service. RROD, DVD, No WiFi... add to the list people.

GiantEnemyCrab3117d ago

You've been here 1 day. Made a total of 8 comments and 1 was deleted by a mod and this is pretty much what you troll in the others.

How in the hell do you have 6 bubbles?

TheColbertinator3117d ago

Wow the Dragon Age DLC is not on the PS3 yet? lol

snaz273117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

didnt you used to be a giant enemy troll? you know before you bought a ps3? one of them aint it? lol... before i saw your comment i thought f**k it, its the open zone, its a ps3 article if xbox fans come in here its their own fault right? so i was gonna add, disk scratching, battery powered controllers, sounds like a chainsaw! disk tray,E74, no games lmao... people call me a fanboy or a loyalist, but i dont go into xbox articles trolling and never have! i used to have a 360 too... just gotta say it like you see it though aint it lol.... did give me a chuckle though you calling someone out for being a troll lol.

Edit: Sony Always Wins... bubs + for you dude keep up the good work lmao, hey GiantEnemyCrab maybe thats why? lol... here ill give you one too so your not feeling left out. ( A bub that is! lol)

Sony Always Wins3117d ago

This is a PS3 open zone. I get bubbles for supporting and loving my console.

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decimalator3117d ago

Qore isn't epic enough for GOW3. Kratos would make Veronica's eyes bleed and her head explode

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The story is too old to be commented.