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Wii isn't the biggest seller in Seventh Gen consoles. Xbox 360 holds that title with 10.4 million sold worldwide (and probably something like 4 million being repaired). Wii has sold roughly 8 million (including 2.8 million in the US), and the PS3 rounds it out with 3.6 million sold. But where those consoles seem to be tapering off, Wii is still going strong. Independent toy analyst Chris Byrne says, "I don't recall any game system more than six months after its launch still having this kind of demand." Nintendo claims to have increased production to meet worldwide demand, but just can't seem to keep up

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PS360WII4180d ago

Didn't it take 360 8 months to get the supply and demand thing fixed? Seems pretty normal for the console of choice to go on this long without being able to meet demand.

ScorpioKyle4180d ago

the 360 issue was more of a lack of supply drought. at my work last year, we did not get ANY 360s for close to 2 months (between feb and 1st of april). After that, they were stocked well and did not sell out that much.

But this year with the Wii, when we get them in they are gone instantly. shipments ranging between 20-40 every 1-2 weeks. there was only a 1 month gap of no restocking. And every day I get bombarded with people still asking about it, it is funny when they are shocked that we don't have any.

novaIS3504180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

Ok so they take the amount of xbox's/wii's sold to retail then compare that to the amount of PS3's sold to consumers? There are actually about 6 million PS3's sold to retail outlets compared to 11 million xbox's sold to retail and 9 mil Wii's sold to retail. As you can is slow today

Delive4180d ago

The retired folks are getting them as soon as they come in while the rest of us have to be at work. "Have any WiisInStock? Nope? Well, off to Bingo".

Apocalypse Shadow4180d ago

nintendo has created hype by not making enough on purpose.there is no excuse by now on why there are no wiis in stock unless it is generated by nintendo themselves.

but watch.somehow,millions of nintendo wiis will be all over the place this fall and before christmas.somehow,they will catch up and produce millions for every country when they say they are behind.

nintendo lies just like any other company.this is how they sold so misleading the public.

tplarkin74180d ago

MS sold 10.4 million by Jan 1, 2007 according to NPD.

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The story is too old to be commented.