What the Next Wii Zelda Title Needs

resumeplay writes: "Do we heap an unfair amount of expectations on Nintendo? Hmmm…Perhaps the best way to answer this is to consider the level of expectations you hold for a Nintendo-developed title…Yeah, poor Nintendo…So it'll be a difficult task, indeed, for Nintendo to build a new Zelda title that will please everybody.

So in the spirit of love for our friendly neighborhood big business, here are a few suggestions for the next Wii Zelda title."

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smashly3199d ago

Yes, I do agree boss fights have been getting easier through the years.

CheatsMcGee3199d ago

By this point, I would just be happy with another LoZ on the DS that doesn't use the touch controls. =P

Dukeoffl3199d ago

this article looks familiar...

talktosamson13199d ago


Sort of, but the content is pretty different.

SKGamer3199d ago

I think the music is fine as is, but everything else sounds good. Especially having some actual voice acting and the character development. It's not the N64 anymore, the silent characters stopped being cute.

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