Mafia II Is 15 Hours Long, 360 Version Ships On One Disc

CC: 2K Games have revealed that the Mafia II experience will last for fifteen hours, also adding that the Xbox 360 version of the game will ship on just one disc.

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FangBlade3119d ago

So is that mean the 360 version will be heavily compressed?

mjolliffe3119d ago

How long's this one been in development? Three years at least. I was expecting 20, but the quality of the game is brilliant from what I've seen.

Looking forward :)

SpaceSquirrel3119d ago

I hope that means we get plenty of side missions.

BYE3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )


Hopefully. Otherwise they'd have to dumb down the game itself to make it fit.

Jinxstar3119d ago

"360 Version Ships On One Disc" Kinda funny that they are prefacing games this way anymore...

Megaton3119d ago

15 hours for a sandbox-style game is pitiful. Devs/publishers always exaggerate game time, too.

van-essa3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I don't get it... that's the norm on X360 so it's expected. Oblivion and GTA also shipped on one disc didn't they?

Christopher3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Yes, the 360 version will likely be compressed and lower res than the PS3, but with the right people doing the compression you can make the game look almost identical, and at the same time it will tend to play better with regard to tearing and framerate. This has already happened with a few 360 games in the past, so don't know why it would be a surprise.

I'm not a fan of the compression used in FFXIII, that is a sign of poorly managed compression assets, but there is something to be said of someone who's able to make a game with half the pixels look barely different from the higher res, non-compressed graphics/audio.

I am very disappointed with the listed hours of gameplay. Typically the listed amount is about 20% over the norm, that means to expect closer to 12 hours. Though, this is inline with the length of the first game, which took between 10 and 15 hours to finish. I guess I just expect too much from these type of games. Don't know why I do.

@Shaman below: You said, "I will install it on the hard drive,so i dont care about compression."

Response Edited: Got ya. Just some miscommunication then. Game on.

EvilBlackCat3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

why blu ray?

CG and movies PERIOD

@ Morganfell

How you doing poser fake gamer?

Shaman3119d ago

Mafia 2 is not sandbox style as GTA,you follow the story whole time and you dont have the ability to do anything other then playing missions.

Mafia fit on single DVD,and was HUGE,I have no doubt this,with little more use of compression will be great experience.I will install it on the hard drive,so i dont care about compression.

pimpmaster3119d ago

15 hours? i remember mafia 1 was one of the best games ive ever played and i remember playing it for alot more than just 15 hours. pc version ftw

Shaman3119d ago

Naw i thought that when i install it i will not get those texture place holders,i miss wrote it :)

When i play GTA IV from the disk,i get longer loading and more texture and frame rate problem(when i drive fast through city textures are missing).Thats what i meant,even if they could do that(to un compress,same like PC) when installed but that would not be fair to arcade owners.

Blaze9293119d ago

Why you guys acting like this is FF13? Mafia 2 is lead development on the Xbox 360 not PS3. So there was no "compromising". It's on once disc like it's supposed to be because thats all they needed. Dunno why @cgoodno is talking about lower res for...let's now forget this is just another multi-platform game and what system are most of those games better on? Exactly.

He says, "that's all we needed." Plain and simple. Not, "we had to throw some things out etc because we didn't have enough room for our initial game."

KiRBY30003119d ago

i was expecting somethng around 30... what the hell?

Christopher3119d ago

More than a handful of games on the 360 have been lower rez than their PS3 counterpart... and still won the video comparisons for a multiude of reasons. As things continue forward and developers are finding ways to do magic with both systems, 360 games that are sticking to a single disc tend to have lower resolutions but utilize 360-capable methodologies that match up and even surpass the PS3 in many areas.

Army_of_Darkness3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

My BOOM stick is 25" of power baby!... But gawd dammit, it gets annoying reloading after every two shots:(
maybe I should upgrade to a "Rat-ta-tat-tat" stick?! you know, more ammo capacity;)

StanLee3119d ago

Mafia II is a very linear, story driven game; it isn't open world. It's not GTAIV and even that game fit on 1 DVD.

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happy_gilmore3119d ago

that means there aren't a lot of content on this one

no towns FTL

EvilBlackCat3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Maybe because this game dont depend of huge CG cut scenes and is more ingame content gameplay than those famous rpgs?


Tell me loyalists how huge cg cut scenes evolution the gameplay experience on games this days?

TheXgamerLive3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

you seriously suck. but, everyone already knows that. How does it feel to be all alone? You must be to, be so miserable 24/7.

beavis4play3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

that last trailer was excellent. the action was what i'd hoped GTA4 would have had.

day one for me.

and i can't help but wonder: has this game been made to fit on a standard dvd? and if so......would it have been even bigger if not for the dvd limitations and not wanting multiple discs for the 360 verison?

raztad3119d ago


You better forget about those questions. They will remain unanswered and this is not a friendly place to pose them.

morganfell3119d ago

Maybe some publisher finally had the balls to say it isn't necessary for the 360 and PS3 versions to have the same content.

That will be the first question out of my mouth when we see those guys this week. We have a pretty full schedule with a lot of conferences and discussion panels but I certainly want to make the rounds.

van-essa3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Why would any publisher (that isn't Sony or Nintendo related) want to piss off Microsoft? This game (like almost every other game) is going to sell better on Microsoft's platform anyway, so pissing them off would be pretty dumb buisiness wise.

morganfell3119d ago

I seem to have upset some people that lack 'capacity'.

What's the difference between a publisher making versions of a game different - like they do with the Wii, like they did last gen with PS2/Xbox and providing exclusive DLC to one console. Anyone? Bueller?

No difference really. Except PS3 owners and their next gen console wouldn't be getting shafted.

Like I said earlier, the PS3 and the PC are the fast, lean people in the movie that get eaten by the dinosaur because they are shackled to the fat kid that can't keep up.

van-essa3119d ago

I think people disagreed with you because your comment lacked "capacity" or, maybe because obvious trolling is obvious.

Shaman3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

You know what your and your fellow Sony fanboy problem?You constantly keep putting ps3 in PC ballpark,but ps3 is far cry from PC,its real competition is 360,console with highest software attach rate and one of the most dev friendly consoles ever released.Why would devs want to intentionally make it inferior because of ps3?Mafia 2 was made like this from beginning(fans know what im talking about),same city,same missions,same EVERYTHING.Mafia original was maybe 18 hrs,not more,so this cant be consider a 360 fault,its how they made it.As far as i care,devs could put 2 disks in all games and there would be no downgrade for any console,and as a matter of fact its hard to put 20-30 GB of uncompressed data on blu ray,and i mean about game assets because NO 3rd party dev have funds for those kind of assets,only few Sony 1st party.

Stop whining and acting like devs should be honored to work for ps3 and their "premium" owners and put 50% more time and money to fill blu ray.Play god damn games and enjoy it.

You know what,give me as much as disagrees you want.But that wont change the fact that neither UC1,UC2,GOW III,KZ2 etc lasted for more then 15 hrs.You guys are so pathetic,why didnt GOW III last more then GOW II even with 10 times more space?

[email protected]

You dont understand anything.Why would it be bad to put some games on 2 disks?Its not like you "premium" gamers will have to get up from couch for 10 sec and replace disk,but i would and i will.Second thing,assets COST,you cant simply make 50 hr game with 5 hours of cut scenes in cgi and then expect to end up the same as making game 20 hrs,normal cut scenes and not cgi etc...
The most important thing about "holding back" is that,one of the most famous hold backs,GTA IV,had HUGE map,looong story and gameplay so nothing was hold back.Maybe you would argue about texture quality or gfx but ps3 version wasnt even stable 30 neither was HD,neither do textures have anything to do with disk space.

Consoles hold PC technology back,i dont really care that much.Games look amazing but they sure would look even more if PC was lead and then downgraded to eternity for consoles,but hey piracy is a bi*** isnt she? :)

morganfell3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Oh there is someone whining in this thread and I am responding to them. Need some cheese with that? I sense another console hating PC gamer that wants to blame consoles for all of their problems. Oh woe is me.

And devs do not have to intentionally make the 360 version inferior. All they have to do is push each console as far as it will go, take advantage of what each has to offer and the the 360 just comes out on the bottom.

I don't say they should make an inferior version for the 360 but rather they should cease hobbling the PS3 to match the limits and restrictions of the 360. The internet is a tough place and the truth hurts some people.

And you are another one of those people that think you can just say "Throw it on two discs"...and suddenly the disc fairly shows up in her tutu waving her sparkling wand. Sorry, neither the developmental nor financial side works like that for games. Every extra disc cost money and it requires a great deal of engineering as well as changes to the game design itself.

But why am I taking to someone that fails to grasp the most basic issues in this matter.

beavis4play3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

shaman, i did NOT pose those questions as a jab at the 360.....i'm simply stating what i'm reading from different devs over the past several months. examples? id with "rage"; SE with FF13; capcom with the new lost planet; team bondi with LA Noire. stop being so defensive and enjoy the - on to the more interesting thoughts.
van-essa - i don't see why devs shouldn't be trying to make the very best game possible with the tools available to them. games like gears and ME2 show that the 360 is capable of some great content. however, it's becoming more apparent by the week that the dvd format is becoming a constraint that is forcing devs to make tough choices.'
i also don't see why MS would be "pissed" at any dev for aspiring to make the best game possible on the ps3. one of my biggest disappointments this gen (besides RE5 and overall lack of single-player dlc) is how 3rd party devs are wasting their time and resources to make average,identical multi-plat games for the 360 and ps3. when you look at what has been shown to be possible on the ps3 from sony 1st party and other independant devs (kojima, insomniac games) when they strive to use the ps3 to it's highest capabilites - i don't think what i posed in the post above is unreasonable to consider.

and shaman......get a grip. total hours played for a game vary from gamer to gamer. i beat "heavenly sword" and the first gears in about 8 hours each - and i consider both to be outstanding games. i also took 15-20 hours on UC, UC2, KZ2, MGS4, and the ratchet games - which were all excellent too! (i'm hoping for ME2 to come to ps3 so i can play).
it isn't necessarily about the length of the game - it's about the experience.

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Nathan Drake23119d ago

now with every x360 game released is gonna be question is it on one disc?

PirateThom3119d ago

Yep, "does the PS3 version have an install?" vs "Does the 360 version come on one disc?"

themyk3119d ago

it's funny how they put a disclaimer on these things nao about how many discs the 360 version will come with. lol

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