The Darkness - Banned in Singapore

For those not in the know, Singapore have got a uber (sometimes stupid) censorship system. The latest videogame victim happens to be The Darkness. The Darkness is officially banned in Singapore for what the local censorship have dubbed excessive violence.

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MK_Red3733d ago

I guess they haven't seen Manhunt 1/2. Its bad news that such a great game like Darkness is banned /censored.

gaffyh3733d ago

True, I don't think The Darkness is that bad, it really doesn't deserved to be banned.

Extra Guy3733d ago

It is a real shame to see almost any game banned (note almost). I personly think that if a game is too extreme then just slap a higher rating on it, by doing that many publishers will think twice about publishing it (e.g. Manhunt 2) and thus sort out the problem themselves.

sfinXters3733d ago

Kinda pwn3d.

Its a shame, really.

I wonder if there are any penalties for possessing a banned game?

sony4life3733d ago

cant they just import it if there arent any prison terms for having the game?

AcidRhain3733d ago

sucks to live in singapore.

The Real Joker3733d ago

especially with the whole caining thing

Tsalagi3733d ago

You onry get cained if you rack-a disaprine!!!

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